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Hi everybody, welcome
I am so excited today
Because my family has come to visit me
For the first time ever
This is my brother Jonathan who came from the U.S.
He is 2 years older than me
Are you ?
I'm 2 years older
2 years smarter
Behind me is my cousin Nati
Who came all the way from Israel
Hi everybody
This is my editor A(@£ùé
I cannot pronounce your name
This is Aurélien from France
He's behind the camera
You can't even see him
No you don't see me
He's invisible
What is your impression of Taiwan so far ?
I really love it, especially the food
I'm sending pictures of all of the soups and fruit home
To my wife Megan, to make her jealous
That she didn't get to come
So basically, we've been eating non-stop
Because it's been raining non-stop
But finally, today is a beautiful day
And we're finally going out to travel
The theme of today's video is actually
Ecological tourism and different ways
That we can reduce our carbon footprint
And the pollution we make while we're travelling
So you guys are not off to a good start
As flying really uses a lot of emissions
I considered coming by boat
You would have come halfway across
And then you would have had to turn back
I'm not doing so well neither
I'm driving quite an old car
We do have 4 people in here
Which is a little bit better
But all the things I added on the side
The large mirrors
And the lights I've put on
All those things reduce aerodynamic efficiency
Anyways that was too long and drown out
That's why we have an editor
In my head, I'm already editing you all out
Traveling less far consumes less carbon
So do the slower forms of transportation
Like your feet
Which makes hiking and outdoor sports
A great low impact form of tourism
Suspension bridges like this
Are very common all over Taiwan
There are really amazing bridges
I know you're a bridge guy
I love bridges
You like bridges and trains
That's a good combination
Yeah, you'll feel really at home in Taiwan
Wow ! Look at that
The scenary is really amazing
It feels prehistoric
You could put a dinosaur here
And it would look in context
It wouldn't be out of place
These are Aboriginal costumes ?
Yes, these are the Aboriginal clothing
Be careful, these rocks are slippery, okay ?
小飛嗎? Are you Xiao Fei ?
欸,你好 Oh hello
你是哪裡人? Where do you come from ?
美國 America
哪裡? Where in America ?
北卡羅來納 North Carolina
How come you don't have a Red Neck accent ?
Whacha talkin' bout ?
Aw Man
You can go around this way
This way ?
Your hair is so interesting in the green forest
I wear it for camouflage
You were very excited
About the garbage trucks here in Taiwan
I was, they sound like ice cream trucks in the U.S.
When I first got to Taiwan
I was just hungry for ice cream all the time
It's like a background feeling
You just hear it and you want ice cream
In Taiwan, there is quite high levels of recycling
I'm was thinking about that actually
Because the quality of recyclable materials
In the U.S.
Is quite low
Because Americans just won't separate it
A lot of things that should be recycled
Can't be recycled
Because of the contamination within the recycling bin
You're saying they have a recycling bin
And a trash bin
And they put everything in both of them
The recycling in Israel isn't done very well
Because Israel is a very dry country
We try to be very smart about our water
Either by the way use it or how we do irrigation
For agriculture
We use the dripping system
But also for public awareness
About not leaving your tap open all the time
Yes, I think it's quite impressive
The way they do it in Israel
We need to do it all over the world
Because the more water we use
It's not just about water
The treatment of that water takes a lot of energy
How do they get people to conserve water in Israel?
How did that come around?
There's a lot of advertising on television
We really don't have anything like that in the U.S.
But it sounds like a good idea
Actually they are doing stuffs like that here
This video was actually commissioned by the E.P.A.
To call attention to their new app
Green Points
Green Points is a way to keep track
Of the products that you buy
And which ones are certified by the E.P.A.
As taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint
And that way, you can also earn discounts
And save money
It's a pretty cool app
There's a link in the description
And we'll get to the details
About how to use Green Points
In a minute
But first
It's time to cool off
At Triangle Lake Water Slide
We're in Miaoli now
This is Miaoli County
We were already in Miaoli before
But now we're in the south part of Miaoli
Near Taichung
And we're going to a resort
That is one of the few resorts in Taiwan
That has 4 certifications
From the E.P.A.
For low energy consumption
And low waste consumption
high recycling
All of this stuffs
So it's pretty cool
I've never been to it, I heard a lot about it
Lots of things are made out of recyclable materials
That sounds pretty cool
Beautiful, beautiful weather today
Miaoli weather
Nice and sunny Miaoli
While we checked in, the rain finally stopped
And we were able to go check out the park
Please, walk on the grass
I think what they did here was pretty nice
They just took this whole area behind me
That forest there
And they just closed it to human entry
And made it sort of an ecological park
Then, during firefly season
Because that area is relatively undisturbed
The fireflies will just come out
And you can view them here
They turn on the special lights
You can see all the fireflies here from April to May
So in order to increase the ecological awareness
And encourage people to use less CO2
And buy greener products
The E.P.A. has created a new app
Called Green Points
I'll put a link to where you can find it
Down below
With this app, you can keep track of the products you buy
And then, you can get reward points for them
Which you can then redeem at convenience stores
For discounts
And free products
To participate
Just look for this logo
For the ecological footprint
And this logo
For Green Levels
Which you can find on the back
Of any product in Taiwan
Here is a list of the stores that are participating
In this program
In order for companies to participate in this program
What they have to do
Is measure the entire ecological footprint
Of their product
From manufacture to use of transportation
And then, finally, disposal
And then, they have to take steps
To reduce that amount
You can find all these informations
On the E.P.A. website
Where they have a list of which product
Did what to reduce their ecological footprint
This process has to be repeated every 2 years
So it's important that when we purchase products
We choose products
That have taken he steps to reduce their footprint
To encourage more companies
To reduce the waste that they create
And to also reduce our impact
On the environment in general
As humans
In addition to products with these labels
The points are also accumulated
By public transportation
Just swipe your Easy Card or MRT Card
And the points will automatically be accumulated
In your account
Another way to reduce your ecological footprint
Is to eat at restaurants
That use locally sourced food
So now, let's check it out
We're gonna go to the West Lake Restaurant
And eat food from local farms
It was so great to have my family here in Taiwan
For the very 1st time
We took the long way around
And my brother identified
All the plants in the forest for us
So they have educational programs ?
Yes, they have educational programs here
Yesterday it was full of kids
They take them around
And basically give them the tour
That you, as a non-Taiwanese person
Are somehow giving me
Because you could recognise all the flowers
And plants, and stuffs
This is Blood Flower
This is an annual milkweed
Plant from the milkweed family from South America
It's not native to Taiwan
It's native to South America
Look at this guy
Look at him, just look at him
This is wisteria
Which I knew
I definitely didn't need Jonathan to say it first
Before I knew what it was
But he's very good with the plants
Because he is a firefighter
I'm not sure why it makes him good with plants
The guy here from the hotel was telling me
That the white flowers over there
Attract different kind of butterflies
The purple butterflies really like this flower
I think you're the only person I know
Who could ever say
"Oh look at all these butterflies"
"Oh it makes perfect sense, those are eupatoriums"
I'm very impressed
With how much of the Taiwanese food
Is locally produced
By local, I mean on the island
Yes, basically all the vegetables
And I'm quite looking forward to a meal
Prepared from local ingredients
And I think that's one area
Where the U.S. can really improve a lot
Americans always want to have everything all the time
Oh right !
That's why things don't taste fresh in my opinion
It's because everything is shipped such long distances
So you can get a tomato or an orange
All year around
But it doesn't taste
Like a tomato or an orange should taste
So before, I said the jungle here
The scenery looks like you could put a dinosaur into it
And it wouldn't look out of place
You can see what I mean
This is where the locally sourced omelette comes from
But do be careful because the mother is right there
You hold chopsticks differently
Depending on what you eat
So if we're just eating salad
We do it like this
But if you're eating meat
Generally you do it like this
You can do like that and then
Also with corn
When we eat corn in a cob
We stab it like this, and you can go
Like that, probably
Don't worry, you're not going to offend anybody
If you do anything wrong with chopsticks
Except for that !
It's what I... Argh...
What they were saying is that these are from local farms
There is a sign out front
Which shows which farm they are from
They're all around this area
This is Miaoli
So it's all from Miaoli County
All the food is from Miaoli ?
Yes, Miaoli pumpkin
Tourists !
We can see you've been here for a few years
It's also why I don't own any white shirt
It's very good
No you're doing it wrong
It doesn't want to be eaten
It's fresh you know !
This is really good
I don't know what it is but it's really good
Eggs and Scallion
There's something good about it and I can't place it
There is some ingredient I'm missing
Yes it's good right ?
But I can't figure out what's in it
Some broth
That's broth, that's what it is
It's like soup
They put some chicken broth in there
Maybe from that chicken there
They cooked chicken
And they put the broth in there
We're just speculating here
The chicken is wonderful
Very tender
As good as it was
We couldn't eat it all
So the hotel staff vacuum packed it for us
We'll take it on the road
And eat it on our next adventure
So when you're travelling in Taiwan
Be sure to look for these logos
To help you choose which places have taken more steps
To lower their ecological footprint
Thanks for watching everybody
And also thank you
For being ecologically conscious
And helping to reduce your CO2
And plastic use
And also a big thanks to the E.P.A.
For providing ressources and tools
For us to track our carbon footprint
And reduce our consumption
You'll find more information
In the link below
Let me know what you think in the coments
And also I put a link to the E.P.A. Green Points app
You can install it from there
Thanks again and see you next time
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Family visits me for the FIRST TIME ever

140 Folder Collection
Rich Kuo published on June 24, 2020
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