B1 Intermediate US 41 Folder Collection
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i need a wee wee daddy
Corner here, thanks, Steph
Hey, Mr.. Murphy, how are you? Is that frank at right? Hey Frank? How are you? How's the knee you wanna reach you right now
take care, okay, Brian I
Bought my back come on call this a pen-and-ink manicotti of paper angry with Jim. Kelly. I can't go with you carl
Just keep your eyes open. Do you chew off the Bible could you move on?
It's all right ma'am, FBI.
Come out of the bathroom.
Hands on your head
No, that's a new ibm. Selectric put your hands on your head print type and five-second shot off out the ball what your hands?
Okay, you know it's got over 200 checks your head in on your hair drastic
See that little payroll envelo to gas so put it down
You're late, all right
my name is Alan Barry Allen Mattad States secret service your boy just tried to
Jump out the window my partner has them in custody. I don't know what you're talking about
What you think the FBI are the only ones on this guy? I mean come on come on
He's dabbling in government checks here and following a secret trail in the special month left
You mind taking that gun out of my face, please really makes me nervous. We see some credentials
Yeah, sure
Take my whole wallet you want my gun too. Come over here. Take my gun
Hey, hey look just do me a favor. Take a look outside
Look look out the window my partner's walking into the car as we speak look
Old Graham was pissed in his pants when I came to the door. He jumped right through the window onto the hood of my car
Hey, Murph yeah, call the lapd again. I don't want people walking through my crime scene I
Didn't expect the secret service on it
Don't worry about it. Well. What's your name?
Laughs I see some identification
Never can be too careful these days oh
Tough luck carl five minutes earlier, you would have landed yourself a pretty good collar turn ten seconds late, and you'd have been shot
Mind if I come downstairs where the I got to take a look at this guy?
Sure thing just do me a favor and sit tight for a second while I get this evidence downstairs
You know I don't want some maid walking through here and making the bed lapd should be here any sec wait
Wallet you hang on to it for a minute? I trust you oh
ah oh
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Catch me if you can

41 Folder Collection
auganapu published on June 24, 2020
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