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Hello, we're SEVENTEEN!
It's been a long time.
- It's been a really long time. - It's been a long time since the three of us did an interview together.
It's been a very long time.
[Heng:garæ] Seventeen's 7th mini album "Heng:garæ" is
an album that encourages the people in their youth who work hard to achieve their dreams.
We got out of the feeling of fear that we showed in our 3rd album "An Ode,"
and tried to express youth admiration through a familiar term, Heng:garæ.
We have lots of good songs included in this album.
The first song is called "Fearless."
"Fearless" is a song that portrays SEVENTEEN that got out of their fears
in a profound and a perfect way.
We're expressing the times that we couldn't count
while we were living in fear as "youth."
So this song marks the strong beginning of this album
by showing how we overcome the fear defiantly and bravely.
Hoshi likes this song, right?
Personally, it's my favorite song.
The title song of the 3rd album "An Ode" was "Fear," right?
So I like this song because I feel like it's a very powerful beginning of this album that makes all the fear go away.
The second song, "Left & Right" is
the title song of this album.
It portrays the people in their youth who constantly challenge themselves and work towards their futures.
You can feel lots of positive energies of SEVENTEEN through this song.
It's a song where we encourage
the people who are working hard and are surviving through their lives
by saying "you don't need to run"
and that they're not alone because we're here for them.
I also thought of another thing when I heard this song.
Left & Right. People think a lot when they make decisions, right?
I wanted the people who are in the situation to make a really important decision
to enjoy that moment of decision.
[I wish] Let's go for the third one.
The third song is called "I wish."
"I wish" is a song that talks about
my feelings, which were the only things that were NOT bright in the bright Spring.
It's a song that portrays the difference between
my feelings and the feelings of the person that I like
by saying "I wish" to that person, as she became couples with whom she liked, while I couldn't do the same.
That should be added to the list of songs that end with "da."
"Akinda(Adore U)," "Komapda(Thanks)," and "Joketda(I wish)."
I never thought they would be in the same "list," but I guess so.
They all end in "da."
I didn't know that.
There's also "Yepeuda(Pretty U)."
You forgot that one?
The fourth song is called "My My."
It's a song that conveys an autobiographical story that portrays the journey towards my dream.
It's not a heavy song. You could listen to this song comfortably.
I think that this song can encourage the people in their youth
who are starting their journeys of which they don't know where the end is,
by saying that their journeys start from themselves.
[Kidult] The fifth song is called "Kidult."
It's our song trying to give comfort for all the kidults in the world
who might want to cry like kids sometimes
but have to laugh those matters off because they're adults.
Instead of just comforting them superficially, we wanted to give comforts by forming a consensus and by truly understanding them.
Even now, when I listen to this song..
I feel like..
I'm still immature and young,
but if you only look at my age, I'm an adult.
But inside me, there are still pure and innocent minds of a kid.
And I felt like I was experiencing growing pains.
And I'm pretty sure everyone feels the same.
It's a song that everyone can understand.
I understand both of you.
[Together] The sixth song is called "Together."
Where do we go together?
- Where are we going? - We go anywhere, together.
Let's go together, wherever that might be.
It must be tough for you today because we both keep on blocking your comments.
"Together" is my favorite song in this album, excluding the
title song.
This is actually the first song that was made
- when we made this album. - Right.
We're saying "let's go together" to the people who are surviving through
their lives that are not working out as they planned.
Through the easy yet powerful lyrics,
It's a song that
really captures what SEVENTEEN's ode to youth is.
I think many will be touched when they listen to this song.
a heart warming vibe to it.
(For me) It felt like someone was reaching out their hand to me.
And I felt like I wanted to hold that hand.
Even at time when the world is chaotic
we will never lose our way.
That is the essence of the lyrics.
It's awesome.
[Do you have any behind the scenes moment you'd like to share?] All the songs on the album were great but,
it was another level when I first heard "Left & Right".
It was a genre that SEVENTEEN had never tried before.
Or at least it wasn't what we normally did for our title song.
It was an interesting choice of genre.
It sounds like the kind of music that was popular in the early 2000s.
I guess it could be considered as Newtro.
It's hard to define the exact genre of music but
it's SEVENTEEN's own reinterpretation with a splash of our own color.
When I listened to this song for the first time in the recording studio
I couldn't decide whether I liked it or not.
It was weird but
after listening it a second time
I was blown away.
I instantly thought that
this would be our title song.
In my case, when I was writing 'Kidult'
I wanted to create something so difficult
that could make the two main vocalists, DK and SeungKwan, suffer.
WOOZI and BUMZU had done a terrific job on that!
DK had a really hard time recording the guide.
But I appreciate everyone for putting their all
to make such a great song.
Expectations for the album were higher than usual and
WOOZI wanted to write a good song.
I think that's how "Left & Right" came to be.
The truth is that no one wants to do the same thing repetitively and
presenting an element of surprise is something that we strive for...
Commentary on the album
is actually about praising WOOZI.
WOOZI put in a lot of hard work.
He really did, for real!
It takes a long time to produce an album.
I got a head start working on the album so I would have enough time to think through everything.
That's how much I was dedicated to working on the album...
But still I felt a bit rushed at times.
In the end I think I was able to present a lot of good results.
It's a good album.
[Everyone is looking forward to the choreography of "Left & Right"]
The main point of the choreography
is that it's easy for everyone to follow and enjoy.
It's going to be a performance where you can see SEVENTEEN's great chemistry
while smiling and laughing all the way through.
I agree that it's a combination of fun music and dance.
I know I'm lit.
[Is there anything you'd like to say to the listeners of SEVENTEEN's ode to youth?] I'm sure many young people are at a crossroad in deciding what to do in life.
I hope that when you listen to our album
you will find strength
and believe that you can do it.
Have confidence in the choices you make
and blaze your own path.
I want to tell you all that dreams do come true.
That's why I always dream big.
I've achieved dreams and goals that I thought I would never when I was young.
I've become a person that I always aspired to be
and now I hope that people can look up to me.
I am grateful that I am in a position where I can root for someone's dreams.
Even people like me make it.
I hope our youth will believe that they can make it too.
You have my support.
It's an album filled with messages to our youth.
Candid stories about being young are included in this album.
Our listeners will be able to resonate with the album
and feel good energy from it.
We put a lot of thought and effort into it
so please go ahead and check it out.
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21 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 24, 2020
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