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Hello, this is SEVENTEEN!
Now today is very..
[Confused] - But what kind of lineup is this today? - What is this?
We don't feel awkward at all when all of us are together
but why does it feel so awkward for just us four to be together like this?
- I for one, don't feel awkward at all. - I do.
- I feel awkward. - You do?
Then leave SeungKwan out, the three of us can..
[Grumbles] I'm going to do it by myself...
[Just out] Today we are going to
do an unboxing of our seventh mini album, Heng : garae
But this is no ordinary unboxing.
[Perfect teamwork] - There's also album decorating - Album decorating?
- Yes, you've heard of it before, right? - Yes I have.
- This album came out in a format that can be decorated - Yes, that's right.
You can decorate it in your own style
so we will also try and decorate the album with our own styles.
[Teacher Bbu, born to decorate albums] DIY, what's DIY, Joshua?
You do it.
Make your album.
'You do it' is a bit much, isn't it?
- I went for the literal translation, kind of like Papago. - Oh really?
We've never seen the album ourselves yet.
[Time to first check out the four varieties!] - Great, we are the members who get to see this first. - I know.
One, two, three!
The title of the album, Heng : garae, is pure Korean as well
Albums one, two, three, and four.
It feels like we should be using Korean right now.
Then Joshua, let's start with you, show us your album version first.
Yes, so I'm holding version number one
Version number one, that's nice.
It isn't in a completed package
Instead, things like these screws are also included separately in the set.
Each member has one of these covers each, with their name on them.
- Mixed units. - It's not completely random mixed units though,
there are also groups of two and three on one cover and so on.
Wait my photo card is on the bottom
- Who is it? - Oh, THE 8!
[Got the lucky THE 8] Wow THE 8?
We really put a lot of effort into the photo cards this time as well.
There are many varieties of these as well so you can trade them if you want
and the great thing is that these albums are not the cookie-cutter variety
Each person can customize their album to their liking, which I think is amazing.
- Oh here it is! It's Jun and SeungKwan. - Jun and SeugnKwan?
[When did I take this with Jun..?]
Oh I remember this one!
Wow I remember when we took this.
Our final photo shoot in LA.
Everyone this one is of Jun and myself
A three hour drive from LA.
And we were the last to take our photos among the group there.
I still remember this.
Jun is sleeping in this photo right?
He's really sleeping in this one.
It was really cold then, too.
And when you decorate your albums everyone
[Full of stickers specially prepared for today's album decorating] There's this sticker box.
I think these would really make the albums pretty.
[The ultimate tool for album decorating, the punching machine] Take what you want.
We took this many photos, huh?
- It's so fun. - But I'm so bad at this sort of thing.
Oh I think this sort of sticker would look good next to the photos.
This sort of thing will be really pretty, I think.
[The decorating expert looks quite placid] I know, right?
[Serious] Why do I feel so nervous about this?
[Finds that it's difficult to get started] I think I would do better with a pen
A pen would be fun to decorate with.
[I'm known to be the expert at this sort of thing] Everyone there's no need to make it all fancy
[SeungKwan says to SeungKwan..] There's no need to feel pressured about it
I summon a picture with my name on it.
[Please take me..] You can turn it into a card game like this.
[Failed to trade] - SeungKwan I used yours. - Really?
- Yeah, I made a vocal team. - Then this
- I'll trade it for an album that Jun is holding.. - I used yours too.
[Sigh..] I'll trade..
this one for something from Wonwoo's set.
[('Wonwoo' looking for a cover) I don't have it though] But why give S. COUPS, Joshua, and Dino to me?
[The wrong card] Ah.. sorry..
What are you holding?
These are bookmarks.
I think there's a lot of ways to use them.
['Heng : garae' photo cards & bookmarks] You can use them as bookmarks when you're reading
and I think they'd also be great for decorating the album as well.
The sizes are all very nice, all of them.
- You done? - Oh that's good.
[Take a look]
When it's hot in summer, you could use these as a fan..
- Oh wow! - You could cool yourself like this..
- Really! - The interesting thing about this album is that you can really show off your personality
You can see Jun's personality right here.
- Jun, you're pretty good at this sort of thing. - He's got talent.
I made mine this way.
I attached the Heng : garae sticker like this
so that even if I have it closed, I can find my favorite member right away.
- Is Joshua your favorite member? - Oh Joshua..
Show us.
[Tada~ Introducing Joshua's favorite member / Joshua (26 SEVENTEEN)] Joshua.
That's a great method.
This is really helpful in increasing your focus as well.
Oh I agree.
[Fidget fidget] The screws are not as easy as they look.
Not only the screws, but
I think doing something like this will be really helpful, for your focus and other things.
I'll just stop right here, though I'm not completely happy with it
I'll give you some tips about using the stickers.
The moment you have regrets about using a certain sticker and take it off, that's the end right there.
Just leave it be.
[A useful tip from an experienced album decorator] You may think something's a bit off, but as humans we're not perfect, otherwise we'd be robots.
[Creased] The moment you try to remove it, it'll leave its mark, so be careful.
If you test it out and you feel it really isn't what you want
- there could be stickers that come off easily. - You could also overlay a different sticker
For me, ever since I was young
I always loved entire groups instead of specific members
so I'll try plastering a bunch of SVT stickers on here.
The way I see it, using a string instead of screws here should also be pretty.
- A colored one. - Oh yeah, using a colored string
[A second useful tip from an experienced album decorator] - So I don't think you need to worry even if you lose the screws. - That's right.
- You can also make this very pretty by using strings - Shoe strings would be a good choice, I think
Another personal recommendation is
If you're using our Heng : garae cover for this
[A third useful tip from an experienced album decorator] Using a thick piece of paper
to make an album all your own might be great too.
- Sounds good. - You could use group SEVENTEEN stickers if you have them
There are people like that too.
- Those that are good at calligraphy and things like that. - That's right, there are people like that.
You could decorate it that way too
You could also just leave out the lyrics pages
and write them out yourself in a pretty font
Now then, shall we wrap things up now?
[I need time..] - One minute! Just one final minute, you're supposed to do give one final minute. - The final minute~
Now then, let's start to wrap things up
[(Full of personality) Time to check out the varied albums of the SEVENTEEN members] First we'll take turns introducing our albums.
I received album variety number one and I decorated it this way.
I wrote 'vocal' on the top
and attached a bunch of CARAT stickers
Josh, that's my English name.
And I punched holes in the photo card and attached it to the front.
I made a vocal team album
and attached the stickers with the names of the vocal members on top.
Since I have a favorite, I adorned my sticker with another sticker.
- Joshua's album concept is sort of like 'my favorite member.' - That's right.
I mean, you could have a hard time finding where your favorite member is, right?
So I stuck this right here, so it's easy to find.
[There you are, my favorite member]
This was a photo shoot we did outside.
[The story behind the album cover shoot] We were on a street with a lot of passersby
There were so many cameras and staff
And to stand in the phone booth
and pose like this
[A public phone booth] was really awkward and embarrassing.
I remember that
but the pedestrians weren't even interested.
That's what I found even more intriguing.
It'd be fun to take photos in our respective neighborhoods.
I don't have much to take pictures of though.
[Waiting for 'Shenzhen'] - Jun you've always talked about Shenzhen. - Still waiting?
Now album variety number two.
Album variety number two.
I first went with the original feel of the album and used fruit stickers
On top I added 'happy day' and my name.
What kind of concept is it?
[Interviewer Hong] - He's like a reporter - That's very detailed
[Confused] It's like you're doing a job interview
The interesting thing is that you can see each of the members that you like once you open it like this.
And if you open it this way, SEVENTEEN..
[Used both the 'individual member pages' and the 'unit pages' together] - That's a very thick album. - You can open it this way.
And in summer you can also utilize this as a fan.
I think it's got a unique sort of format.
And the thing about stuff I decorate
[Stickers that go well with the album cover] On the front you might think that it looks pretty good in general
[Shocking] But the back I make according to my taste, I'm not sure if you guys will like it..
[A carrot farm with 610% harvest rate..?] - That's very peculiar. - You should start a carrot farm someday.
[A 1+1 effect, an album that creates(?) value] Jun's album is sort of a value-creating type. He's created some entirely new object with his album.
[Jun's favorite photo] Actually when we took this photo, even though we looked good in them as well
the scenery was what really dazzled.
The scenery was wonderful.
We were high up on a mountain and we could see the sea
[A photo shoot made more memorable because of the wonderful scenery] It was that sort of scenery you see on your desktop background.
That's a memory I have.
Mine is album variety number three.
Before I begin, I'd like to point out that I'm actually very bad at decorating things
And if I have stickers, I tend to want to use all of them regardless of how suitable they are
- I've really literally used every sticker. - Kind of like this?
[Sticker addict] Well, it's not that bad really.
It's good, if you don't have scissors around, you could..
use these as scissors
[Couldn't even imagine] I'm sorry..
It felt like I was playing with a 3 year old cousin.
I was so surprised.
[Satisfied / Surprised] -He said scissors so I was like 'I never made scissors?' -You handled it well.
Also this is a bookmark and I punched a hole to stick it in here.
I can take it out and use this bookmark when I read books in the future.
I'm done with putting stickers on here.
[Wonwoo's sticker usage makes us proud that we prepared enough] I didn't even decorate, I just stuck them on here.
Only the four of us
[Best photo chosen by Wonwoo] went for a shoot with this background
This place is called 'Yucca Valley'
and it looked like a desert and it was really pretty.
I took my international driver's license to help Mingyu with his music video shooting.
So I tried driving it a bit and it was so charming.
[Wonwoo's concept: (Album decoration that's full of stickers) The album of a 'sticker addict'] It has a similar feeling to an ATV.
I think that's why it's memorable to me.
-Four albums? -Four albums.
-SeungKwan's album should be super pretty since he's been decorating until now. -I'm so excited for it.
[Feeling pressured +116%]
That's good.
And this part isn't on the original album but SeungKwan made
SEVENTEEN 7th mini album with the alphabet stickers.
[Seungkwan's concept: An album of a 'SVT fanboy'] I tried to express everything that I could with stickers
and I replaced the 'ㅇ's with diamond heart stickers.
I thought that it would be a good idea to make each of our member's album cover on a piece of paper with nothing on it.
Or after this cover, the one that we made on here.
So that we can flip it back and forth.
There are so many ways to decorate this.
But ours ..
[Time to finish SEVENTEEN's album decorating time while expecting CARAT's endless creativity!] -weren't creative enough. -Ours weren't creative enough but you guys should maximize your creativity.
In 'Heng : garæ.'
[SEVENTEEN completed their album decorations] How was it to have a DIY album decorating session today?
It was something new and really fun to do.
It's fun because this is our first time doing this.
I'm also excited to see how CARAT's will decorate our album
and the video gets released before our album gets released
so CARATs can look at our decorations before our album gets released
and plan out how you wanna decorate the album.
SEVENTEEN's 7th mini album, all 13 of us worked hard for it.
[CARAT's let's decorate the 'Heng : garæ' album together~] -Please love our album -And we'll come back with different content.
Joshua, please say something to finish up.
Thank you!
-There should be a lot of CARATs that are good at decorating right? -Of course, tons of them.
I'm so curious of how our CARAT's will decorate our album..
I'm so curious, so if you upload it on your social media,
-we'll check it... -and Joshua will sponsor the random giveaway event!
Wow! Joshua's sponsoring it!
I'll pay for a cup of coffee.
-Really? -I'll buy a cup of coffee to one person
-#Heng:garæ_AlbumDecoration -It sounds like you want me to buy it so bad, you're talking so much.
#Heng:garæ_AlbumDecoration, #Heng:garæ_DIY, #Joshua'sCupofCoffee
Sounds good.
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39 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 24, 2020
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