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  • brain.

  • Hi, Sally Brown.

  • Are you watching television?

  • Don't you have to write a school report?

  • You'll do it later.

  • If you say so.

  • Sally Brown, what's your school report on Sally Brown Oceans.

  • Have you done any research on?

  • And are you going to give Snoopy some ice cream?

  • You do it later.

  • Good grief, Sally Brown.

  • Sally reports.

  • Do you tomorrow.

  • So when you going to start?

  • You'll start now on the school bus on the way to school.

  • You need someone on the bus to lend you paper and a pencil.

  • Good grief, Sally Brown.

  • Oh, no, Sally, you haven't done your report.

  • What will you do, Sally Sally?

  • Teachers calling for you.

  • Um, this is Sally Brown's report on oceans.

  • There are no oceans in Kansas.

  • There are no oceans in Nebraska.

  • There are no oceans in Nevada.

  • There are no oceans in Minnesota.

  • Who?

  • Uh I don't think that's what the teacher meant when she said the report should go into detail.

  • Hi, Sally.

  • You failed your report.

  • Well, I hope you learned your lesson.

  • Next time.

  • I'm sure you'll study hard.

  • Don't slack off on.

  • And good grief.

  • Sally Brown.


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