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In this video I'm going to do a honest comparison and review, non sponsored
Spotify vs YouTube Music. Let's get an honest comparison based on a few
different sections of the video. If you're new here please punch the
subscribe button I do weekly videos, comparison, reviews, and I have my own
music, I'm a singer-songwriter myself so you can check some of that music I'll
leave a couple links in the description. It's all on YouTube Music and Spotify, Tidal,
whatever you want. Let's get into this comparison and review video I'm going to
structure it through four different sections music music discovery pricing
and features and I want to go through each of those four sections looking at
YouTube Music looking at Spotify which one is better in each of those areas
let's start with the first section of music and I want to start with YouTube
music and then we'll get into Spotify now YouTube music has more or less the
exact same music catalog as Spotify over you know 60 million songs on each
platform a key difference when it comes to YouTube music is they have Taylor
Swift Kanye West jay-z some of the big artists that aren't on Spotify Spotify
is taking some really bad press when it comes to songwriter royalties and some
big artists like Kanye West Taylor Swift and jay-z are not on Spotify because
they pay artists their songwriting royalties very poorly compared to some
of the other streaming platforms when it comes to YouTube music YouTube music has
all this music because well they have the music videos so you can just listen
right there to the music videos and you have the music which is great and
something Spotify just doesn't have so big up right away for YouTube music so
what's the music catalog when it comes to Spotify well Spotify has also an
enormous music catalog over 60 million songs when it comes to both catalogs
you're gonna likely find the song you want on each catalogue but Spotify is
missing some of these independent artists who had their music on YouTube
or who had their music on SoundCloud but not on Spotify as a songwriter and a
musician you need a distributor to put your music on Spotify whereas if you are
a musician or a songwriter and you just want to put your music on YouTube while
you can up to YouTube for free you can't just go
and upload to Spotify that's not how it works you need to pay a distributor to
get your music on Spotify because of that YouTube music has much more music
from independent artists who are just uploading for free to YouTube music so
you get more music so for the section of music I'm going to crown YouTube's music
as the winner here just because it has more variety of music not to mention all
the music videos attached those songs which we'll get into a bit later next
section music discovery now let's start with YouTube music again YouTube music
has been I think the biggest competitor when it comes to Spotify for finding new
music and here's why well YouTube is owned by Google and Google has all your
information especially if you have a gmail account you use Google Drive and
they're gonna have a lot of data on you so they can recommend music that is
really in line with your interests and I noticed that right away when I signed up
for YouTube music and YouTube music premium I already had really solid
recommendations just because of how I use YouTube and what music videos I
searched for on YouTube and who I subscribed to on YouTube already right
away I was recommended music that I like that didn't happen on Spotify right away
it took a while for the algorithm to kick in because their data is really in
the box in Spotify and they can only use what you're doing on Spotify I'll give
you an example you can see here that when I'm in YouTube just on my profile
at library I have the videos that I liked and who I subscribed to on YouTube
I have liked songs already but you can see that I already have things going on
in my youtube music account but I just signed up for YouTube music so so it's
really valuable that they have all that data and history of you on YouTube and
Google that they can leverage and use inside YouTube music now for the section
of music discovery when it comes to Spotify Spotify just happens to be
really really strong their underlying algorithm that is built into their
platform that helps you recommend new music that are in line with your
interests through most specifically their discover weekly and taste breaker
playlists which are looking at artists you like and then
commanding new artists is you've never heard before that you hopefully will I
now YouTube music kind of has something similar to the discover weekly playlist
which is this your mixtape your endless personalized music where you can just go
ahead you know and play that and right here it's like oh great
it probably thinks I like sting which I actually do like sting
how did it know that likely because it has my data app history on YouTube and
then you you see here on the right side you have all the songs that you
potentially could like so very much almost the exact same to the discover
weekly playlist however the only big difference is the discover weekly
playlist updates weekly and this playlist I don't know how much it
updates I know it has been updated but it doesn't specifically say on a weekly
bi-weekly or monthly basis so for the section of music discovery this is tough
I'm going to crown spotify as the winner for new music discovery let's get into
the section of features and I want to touch on the design a little bit of the
apps as well both have web apps where you can use in like Chrome or Safari
both have native applications to where you can download and use them your
desktop or use on your phone you can really tell that YouTube music is new to
streaming services and that Spotify has a lot more thought out features and this
is not a surprise to me because YouTube music is not just YouTube music as a
company it's Google and they have a lot of priorities at the company level where
they're pushing whereas Spotify is a streaming service and they are only in
streaming services so their priority is to make the best streaming service in
the world so they're pushing a lot more ideas and features in the product as
opposed to YouTube music where it's very much more of a slimmed-down
streaming service than Spotify a few of those features I want to mention are
like the crossfade where you can blend songs to playback and there's no awkward
pause in the middle the integration with social platforms where you can share
songs on Instagram for example the integration with podcast big one there
that Spotify has up on YouTube music YouTube music doesn't have podcasts yet
I mean a lot of the podcasts have YouTube music videos so you can find
those but there's no real Podcast system built into YouTube music
yet and also radio Spotify has radio something that YouTube music doesn't
have where you can get continuous radio and Spotify a new music and music that
you like I have not seen this on YouTube music yet and I'm going to have to pick
modify at the crown winner there way more thought-out been around the market
long enough so they know what listeners want not to say that YouTube music won't
get there but right down crown winner and Spotify last section pricing you
don't have to argue about anything overpriced because it's the same they
have $9.99 a month where you get ad free listening and then there's a family plan
at $4.99 a month and then there's a student plan at $5.99 a month
the only small difference there are on the family accounts where Spotify gives
you six family members and YouTube music gives you five so YouTube Music offers a
30-day free trial on their premium package and both offer a free for life
ad listening platform so to crowd winners there are YouTube music and
spotify they're the exact same price but if you have six people on your family
well audis choice is to go with Spotify overall I'm going to crown Spotify as
the better platform right now when it comes to streaming services however in a
year from now I think I will judge very differently and I'm gonna say that
YouTube music will eventually be better let's have a debate in the comments let
me know if you use YouTube music or Spotify which one you like better punch
the subscribe button if you're new here and feel free to check out some of my
own music it's on YouTube music and spotify
and i hope to see you in the next video
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Spotify vs Youtube Music - An Honest Comparison

34 Folder Collection
Wenwen Chang published on June 22, 2020
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