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Hello again, Izzy at Digital Goja showrooms.
This is a messenger bag, it's from
Manfrotto. The MB NX series, comes in
different colors, this is a beautiful navy blue.
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And when Miami come say hello at Digital Goja showrooms.
Alright so, here it
is, the MB series NX, has a nice
shoulder strap that is adjustable, so you
can adjust this or they can hang really
low or you know put it really tight and
close to the body, but if you just want
to carry it
it does have a nice handle back here, so
that allows you to just pick it up and
take it with you.
Now, you have a nice pocket in the front
right here, where you can put stuff like
cleaning supplies, extra memory cards and
such. And then we have the flip section in
the front, flips open and notice how you
have your camera bag insert. Where with
this, this guy actually pulls out
completely if you choose to not have it
in there.
This way you can take this out and just
use this as a standard messenger bag but
the nice thing is that with this feature
you can now carry a DSLR here I happen
to have a small mirrorless because
that's what I like about the messenger
it works great for the smaller
mirrorless cameras like the new M5 and
and carry a small telephoto zoom the
But, if you choose to you could still work
with a standard DSLR camera with a small
zoom that will fit in there like so and
then you have another section in this
divider so that maybe you can fit like a
small pancake lens or such. And then
notice how, here I have room for a flash,
so I brought along my Altura 958x, very
popular flash, that fits in there you can
also put maybe another additional lens
in a separate lens pouch to give you
extra protection and you have another
little what they call pixie pocket over
here in the corner. So it holds my pistol
grip / mini tripod from Altura, they call
it a pixie pocket, so it goes right in
there and the mesh holds it perfectly in
place there. Now of course being a
messenger bag, you have to be able to
take other stuff other than just your
camera equipment a connected world you
can now fit a 15-inch laptop in there
of course you don't have to take a
laptop you can put a tablet you can put
you know an ipad pro you can put a
surface whatever it has plenty of room
and as I stated before if you don't want
to take this equipment along you can
take all this out and now this becomes a
standard messenger bag which you can use
for everyday use
but one of the features i love for the
imaging part of it is that you can click
this shut so I now have it closed here
so that I don't have to lift it up
anymore because I can be wearing this on
the side and i can very easily access it
by opening up in the top here course
don't have this zippered have this open
and you can reach in and quickly move
your DSLR and shoot and then
hey so right back in again and slip it
right back up
so this is a really nice added benefit
of having a design like this in a
messenger design this makes life so much
easier to be able to access all your
equipment without having to flip this
open and have it accessible to the whole
world plus it doesn't screen camera
equipment it looks very contemporary in
the bags were so used to seeing all the
time when we're traveling to and from
the office and such so there you have it
this is a closer look at the manfrotto
mb + x series messenger camera bag in
happy shooting
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Camera Messenger Bag: Manfrotto NX Camera Messenger Bag | For DSLR,15" laptop & Tripod (MB NX-M-IBU)

9 Folder Collection
Henry 楊 published on June 20, 2020
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