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- Do you like my set up?
I think it's not bad.
Obviously it's the same back drop but
I'm still kinda toying with this idea.
See, I wanted to get a standing desk
and I certainly do not have the funds for that
at the moment.
So, this is actually my kitchen island bench
which has wheels, my partner made it and I love it
and I think it's beautiful.
It's at a good height and I think this will be suitable
right now, until I can afford a standing desk,
and then I can be all fancy like the fancy YouTubers.
I'm just not there yet.
So, you all know I have a bag problem,
which actually isn't really a problem to start with,
'cause you always have a bag for every situation.
Well today, I'm actually gonna fix one gap
that I do have in my collection,
and that is the messenger bag.
I've decided to do a review on the Tenba DNA 13.
Yes, you've seen me review messenger bags
like the Messenger 13 from the Peak Design,
but I decided to go down a little bit of a different route
because I didn't quite have the funds to get
a Peak Design bag considering how expensive they are.
And I kinda wanted to see what more
budget friendly options were out there,
and that's where the Tenba DNA 13 came in.
But here's what I was looking for in my research,
and hopefully maybe you were
also thinking of the same thing and this might help you.
I'm getting into more photography these days
and I was looking for more ease of access
so that I don't have to keep opening the bag completely
to get one thing out.
I just want to be able to quickly be able to
get in to the main compartment of the bag
and take out what I need
without revealing everything else to the world.
I also wanted it to at least be able to
hold my Bronica GS1,
which is quite a beefy camera, it's very wide,
and it's not often you find compartments
that will fit it correctly.
Often times they're just bulge outwards and it isn't
quite a suitable fit.
I wanted to find something that was wide enough to hold it
and heavy duty enough to hold it
but also hold other things in there as well.
I also wanted it to have pockets galore,
I wanted things to be really easy to find
so that I wasn't fumbling around too much
when it comes to getting out the smallest little item
like a battery or a card.
I also wanted a sleeve for my iPad
because I not only wanted to use the bag
to take out on photo shoots or film shoots,
I also really wanted to use it as an everyday messenger bag
so I can convert it and put an iPad in the back
and take it to a meeting,
or just take it out anywhere really.
I also wanted something that wasn't too big
or overkill for my boney shoulders and my slight frame,
but I also wanted it to be big enough to be able to carry
everything that I needed and the necessities for a day.
So, I did all that research beforehand
and I landed on the Tenba DNA 13.
I did go in blind though,
I haven't actually seen the bag in real life,
I've only seen reviews on YouTube, and I've seen
that it has a lot of different sizes in the range
so, I knew that there were options there,
if I did like the style of the bag
I could get a different size.
However, it is really difficult to know if something is
suitable for you if you haven't actually seen it in person.
And that's where these reviews kinda come in handy,
and I know they come in handy for you all
because you get to see the item.
I know it's not in person so it is a little bit subjective
and a bit hard to tell still but it is a step forward.
So, hopefully this video helps you.
So, I bought it just in time to take on a shoot
with some friends in the Dandenong Ranges
(camera clicking)
and I thought that that would be a perfect opportunity
to run it through it's paces considering the terrain type
that we were going to be wandering through,
it was gonna be quite wet that day as well so,
it's perfect conditions to check the durability
and the usability of something that is supposedly
really durable and highly functional.
So, let's start off with the features of the Tenba DNA 13.
It goes for 159.95 USD retail price,
you can actually find it cheaper at a number of places.
It also comes in a variety of colors including
graphite, cobalt blue, which is this one here.
There's also a copper color
and there's a special edition black.
There's also a selection of sizes in the range as well.
So, you've got the Tenba DNA 8
which is the smallest of the lot,
and then you've got the 11, the 13, and the 15.
The Tenba DNA 13 will hold a mirror less camera
and four to five standard size lenses
or a DSLR and two to three standard size lenses.
Using that sort of terminology though
in the specs of the bag,
I don't think that really helps, as a consumer,
as to whether that bag is gonna work for me.
It does a little bit, kinda gives you a little bit
of a guideline, but then again,
everybody's camera is different,
and it's all gonna fit differently in different bags,
so it's not a standard to go by.
If that makes any sense.
On top of that it can also hold accessories
like a flash or a microphone, a 13 inch laptop.
And an iPad.
The weight of the bag without gear is 1.3 kilos.
The exterior of the bag is made out of a
600 denier helix material which is water resistant.
I wouldn't have it in a torrential downpour
but it is rather water resistant.
It also has these nifty little flaps
on the inside of the bag also attached to the lid of the bag
which kind of protect it a little bit more from the weather.
Sort of an attempt at avoiding water dripping into the bag.
For anytime when the back is being used in heavy rain
you do have a rain protector in the bag as well.
A little bit of a bummer here is
it's not actually connected to the bag in any way
so it is a completely separate item that you'll have to
strap to the side or put in another pocket
and it will just end up taking space in the bag.
What I would have liked to see with this
is maybe a pocket on the bag itself
where it can flip out of.
Much like on the Lowepro bags
which usually come out of the bottom
and you can flip them up and around the top
to protect your bag from any rain.
You can also turn this inside out
and it can become a sun reflector to reflect any heat.
I managed to find a carabiner clip that I had at home
and I was able to hook it onto
the inside of the bag quite easily.
So, it is out of the way for me
and that was my solution to the problem but again,
it would have been nice to not have it taking up space.
It's also got a heavy duty base as well,
so it is scratch, tear and water resistant.
There's heavy duty straps and clips,
and there's also a luggage strap at the back which means
you can just put it on top of your rolling suitcase.
They also have clips on the front of the bag
called Fidlock Clips.
They're magnetic, they're really sturdy,
and all it is is a simple push to the side to undo it,
and then when you're putting it back on,
it's a magnetic clip,
so it's just gonna slide back on very easily.
However, it is really hard to undo any other way but that,
which makes it rather safe.
A quick access zipper.
This bag has a quick access zipper on the top
which means you can very easily reach into the bag,
find what you need, without having to open up the straps,
undo the Velcro, open the bag to the world
so that everybody can see what's inside your bag,
and then fumble around for a while.
So, having that quick access zipper makes things
a lot more streamlined and very, very simple on set.
If you're somebody who is constantly changing cameras
or constantly changing filters
that is a really good feature to have.
One of the coolest features, I reckon,
is the quiet Velcro, it's not silent
but it is very, very quiet.
(Velcro ripping)
Need I say more?
Well actually I do have to say more.
The interior of the bag,
it's made of a soft tricot material
and it has those regular Velcro dividers
that you usually see in bags of this type.
The interior compartment of the bag,
the part that actually makes it a camera bag,
is also completely removable
so you can just turn it into an every day bag.
There's also heaps of pockets
for almost every need you can think of.
There was, however, one thing
that I feel was missing from the bag
and that would be a clear or a mesh pocket
that your could put batteries or cards into
and you can see what's inside very quickly.
I mean, it is a really minor thing
but I feel like cards and batteries
are something that I want to keep on top of,
be able to access easily,
and be able to see immediately in the bag.
Now, I was able to fit almost everything I needed
in the bag and I will show you on screen now
what I was able to fit in the bag on the day.
And I could have put more in there but the reality is
it would have just been way too heavy for me
and I feel like this is a good size to weight ratio
for my body type and for my usage.
It can fit a lot but it's not overkill.
And that's the think with messenger bags,
it can very quickly become overkill
depending on how much you put in the bag.
Because of the design of the bag
and the way that it fits on anybody's body
it can be a fine line between
having a really nice, comfortable bag
and having a really bad experience.
So, when I was carrying this around all day,
yes it was heavy and yes it did get uncomfortable,
but because I was doing photography
I was able to take the bag off, sit it at my feet,
take the photos, put it back on.
I mean, if it was lighter
I could have just kept it on my back the whole time
but the reality was that I was carrying enough
to make it uncomfortable throughout the day.
And with a female figure things can get in the way,
especially when you're using a messenger
or a sling style bag that has a strap over the front,
it can be rather uncomfortable.
Now, I am not the largest chested woman in the world,
but as far as comfort goes with this bag
I found it more comfortable than some of the other bags
and the cheaper brands that I have tried out in the past.
In short, the padding is supportive and I do love
the non-slip feature on the shoulder pad.
All in all the Tenba DNA 13 messenger bag
meets my expectations and more
and I'm really impressed with it,
I'm really impressed with the quality
and I can't wait to use it more in the future.
It's what I expect from a messenger sling bag.
It's super durable for any condition,
it's a great price, and it's just worth it.
So, do I recommend it? Yes.
Do I think it's right for everybody? No.
I would definitely recommend, like with anything,
going to find the item first,
having a play around with it in a store
or whether you borrow it from a friend,
and then seeing if it's suitable for you.
Because watching these reviews online, yes it does help,
but they're not perfect.
Everybody has their own unique situation,
or ideal bag, or ideal camera, or ideal lens.
It's worth going out and trying it for yourself if possible.
And if you do have to rely on these sort of videos,
I hope I was able to bring you
some valuable information on this.
I was just lucky that after doing the research,
having a look at some videos,
and then thinking that this was the one,
that when I got it delivered it actually was the one.
That was just a fluke.
And it's so rare that that sort of thing happens.
That might be the case with you too, but it might not.
But I do hope that this review kinda helped you
in your decision making.
Whether you're gonna get the Tenba DNA 13
or you're gonna get a completely different bag,
that's completely up to you.
So, thank you very much for watching,
I hope you enjoyed the video.
If you did enjoy the video please remember to give it
a big, fat thumbs up.
And if you would like to see more of my face
and learn a little bit more about filmmaking in the process
remember to subscribe, and I'll see you next Sunday.
Well, actually no.
My schedule has changed.
I don't know if you've noticed this but I am now posting
on Australia's Monday mornings and for all of you in the US
it'll be on your Sunday evenings.
I think that works better.
Let me know if you're happy with that schedule change.
I think it kinda works a little bit better for people,
especially in the US,
because I was posting on your Saturday evenings
and you guys should just go out
and enjoy your Saturday evenings.
Unless you're like me and you just sit on the couch
with a cup of tea, but anyway, I'll see you later.
(upbeat music)
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ANOTHER Camera Bag?! - Tenba DNA 13 First Impressions

15 Folder Collection
Henry 楊 published on June 20, 2020
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