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Hello my name is Andy from Tenba and today we're going to talk about the
Tenba Axis if you're looking for a camera bag or a backpack that is
versatile but hard wearing this is an ideal bag for you so in terms of access
points we can get in from the top as you can see, there you go your camera can
drop through there, you can get through the side as you can see and of course with
most backpacks you can get through the back. see it's plenty of space in there for
a couple of SLR's and maybe three or four lenses now the reason why I choose
this backpack amongst many Tenba backpacks it's because this has been
designed with the rugged photographer in mind shall we say so if you like to go
climbing in your in situations where you might get wet it does come with a rain
cover or need extra space on the outside of the bag we've got your tripod straps
we've also got these MOLLE straps so you can attach extra cases to the outside of
the bag the actual strap system is completely adjustable so not only have
you got harnesses for the waist you've also got the shoulder harness and you
can also increase the height of the harness as well so you've got full
adjustability when it comes to the harness but the major selling point is
just how strong this bag is so right on the floor imagine how your camera gear
in there I'm quite a heavy guy and as you can see it's taking my weight and
the way achieves that is quite simple but divides
you can't see this obviously but they have a plastic strip inside them that
gives the bag its strength when it comes to anything that might put pressure on top
of the bag so if you get told to put it in the Hold then you
can know that the camera is going to be safe if it's inside one of these Tenba
Axis now this is a 20 litre we also do a 24 litre and 32 litre so get on to the SRS website
have a look at the specs some great prices thank you
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Tenba Axis backpack

5 Folder Collection
Henry 楊 published on June 20, 2020
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