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- That is awesomely good.
It is very tender and you can really taste that
really reduced red wine sauce.
Good morning everyone.
It's Mark Wiens with migrationology.com in New York City.
Last night I had a little bit of a dream
about that coffee in the fridge.
So I just woke up, I'm gonna start with the coffee.
I don't have a bottle opener, but I do have a spoon.
Let's see if I can do this, it's been a while.
Oh yeah. Alright, success.
I think it's a very light roast which I really like
because you can taste the full body,
the full flavor of the coffee
and it is kind of like a roasted caramel brown color to it,
and very aromatic as soon as I popped
that lid on that bottle.
Smells kind of like, a little bit fruity.
Oh that tastes good.
It's kind of earthy actually, rather than fruity.
The more I sit here and keep drinking this coffee,
it just keeps getting better and better.
The complexity and I keep tasting new flavors.
It's amazing, and it's so smooth
and it really is just like coffee juice,
the nectar, this cold brew.
Wow it's good.
Goodbye New York City, this is an awesome view.
And thank you very much to Courtyard Marriott Chelsea.
We've had a fantastic stay, staff are awesome here
and this is literally a prime location,
right around the corner from Penn Station.
A great place to stay when you're in New York City.
It's time to move on to the next destination.
We have come to my final bite in New York City.
I'm gonna make it happen right over there
on the street corner just outside of Pennsylvania Station.
I just came to thinking, I have not had a hot dog yet
in New York City.
I ordered a hot dog, got everything on it,
and this a halal cart so it's a 100% beef hot dog,
and I got all the toppings, put on some sauerkraut,
some ketchup and mustard.
And it's a boiled hot dog as well.
I saw him pull it out of the hot water.
Simple and classic.
Hot dog, the bread, the little bit of spicy mustard,
and then that sauerkraut to give it
a little bit of a fresh crispness.
The hot dog is okay, but what I love is this atmosphere,
right here in Madison Square Garden, buildings surrounding.
There are lots of people and what I love so much
about New York City is just the incredible diversity.
People from all walks of life.
From every culture to the farthest corners of the globe.
You hear different languages standing here,
you see different cultural traditions standing here.
I think that's really what sums up New York City.
We bought our tickets and again we are flying out of
Newark International Airport.
Have about a 20 minute wait until the next train leaves.
We made it to the airport.
We are flying with United from Newark to Hong Kong.
This is gonna be by far the longest flight
on this entire round the world trip for food.
I think it's about 16 hours on this flight.
And if you're just joining me on this video
I wanted to just really quickly fill you in.
Right now my wife Ying and I are on a trip
with Star Alliance,
a round the world trip for food.
We are traveling to a total of nine different destinations.
We started in Bangkok, so that's 10 destination
if you count our home base in Bangkok,
and we're traveling around with the specific purpose
of eating delicious food.
So this is, it's hard to believe actually
that we're coming to the end of the trip right now.
We are gonna fly to Hong Kong
and then be in Hong Kong for a couple of days,
then we'll fly back to Bangkok
and that will complete the entire circle,
the entire trip around the world with Star Alliance.
If you haven't already watched the entire video series
they will be in a full playlist
which I will leave the link in the description box below.
You can watch all of the videos in consecutive order
and follow this entire trip round the world for food.
On our way to Hong Kong, and again
we're flying business class.
Starting off with a welcome champagne.
And this is one flight that I am looking forward
to all 16 hours of, are you looking at the menu?
Hello. No thank you.
What's on the menu Ying?
- Beef, stir fry noodle,
salmon. - Oh short rib.
Short rib or salmon.
The short rib sounds fantastic.
(pilot speaking on intercom)
We are about 30 minutes into this flight
and it is time for lunch.
On the menu this says this is Balik style salmon
with remoulade sauce.
And wow that is a pretty thick, hearty slice of salmon
and there are maybe sun dried tomatoes in the middle?
Is that one slice of salmon?
Oh that is huge.
Oh it's so soft and tender and buttery, just creamy, oily.
And there's also some kind of a sauce here.
It's like a little bit of a horseradish kind of sauce.
And that is just such a huge chunk of salmon.
That salmon is so tender, you can cut it with your fork.
The meal is served course by course
so it is salad course now,
and I got the balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Thank you. - And for you anything else?
Ma'am, anything else? - We're good, thank you.
For main course I got the short rib with red wine sauce,
and then it came with mashed potatoes, and carrots,
and green beans, and a tomato.
Oh that's so tender.
Get a close-up look at that.
That is awesomely good.
It is very tender and you can really taste
that really reduced red wine sauce.
That is seriously good.
What I will do is take the pepper
and sprinkle it on generously.
Next up, this is the pre-dessert snacks.
Cheese and grapes and crackers.
Okay, let me start off with this cheese here.
Oh that is a very crumbly, oh thank you.
That is a very crumbly, dry cheese.
I think it's a goat cheese.
It does have a very kind of animaly taste to it.
It's like cream cheese, though.
That has to be followed by a grape.
The immediate juicy sweetness of that grape.
And finally, the last course of this meal is dessert,
and it is gelato.
And Ying and I decided to share one,
and Jean really hooked up the chocolate sauce, the fudge.
She just poured it all over the ice cream.
That is sweet, and then I also got a cup of tea here.
And that completes this gourmet meal.
I just woke up, it's about an hour and a half
until we land in Hong Kong and it's time for breakfast now,
starting with a coffee.
And sorry about the bed head.
Actually I'm not really sorry.
And for my main course for breakfast I chose the omelette.
Came with some herbed sausage,
and you can really see all of the spices
within that sausage.
There's potatoes here and also maybe some kind of,
what's the orange thing?
Pumpkin or squash or something?
I'll go with the spoon for this.
All of a sudden there's a bunch of turbulence.
I gotta start with that herb sausage.
Whoa, this is a shaky camera.
Full of like, herbs and tastes like apple as well.
And omelette.
Is that cheese and also maybe some black beans in here.
I think that's like a creamy, cheesy sauce
actually underneath that omelette.
[Pilot Speaking On Intercom] Ladies and gentlemen
United and our Star Alliance partners and our
international flight crew welcome you
to Hong Kong International Airport.
The local time is approximately 7:18pm
- [Flight Attendant] Where do you go from here?
- Bangkok. That's where we're from.
My wife is from. Congratulations, bye.
Two meals, three movies,
and about six hours of on and off sleep,
and we have arrived in Hong Kong.
It's about 7:30 pm.
We're waiting for our bag now but I just wanted to say
thank you to United Airlines,
and especially to Jean and Anna and the captain
and the whole crew of that airline.
They really took care of us that flight.
- [Taxi Driver] Where are you going to?
- [Mark] JW Marriott.
- [Taxi Driver] Okay, hello.
- When you arrive in Hong Kong,
there's a very convenient train,
or I've also taken the bus before
from the airport to the town.
But Ying is not feeling very well right now
so we decided to take a taxi directly to our hotel.
But it's great to be in Hong Kong.
Okay thank you very much.
- [Hotel Attendee] Have a wonderful stay with us.
- Thank you.
- Ying is pretty happy to be at this hotel.
We're staying at JW Marriott.
We got all checked in,
and she was just going over our benefits.
We have breakfast, afternoon tea, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres,
evening snacks, and other refreshments all day long.
It's like all you can eat, all day long,
in this hotel, and we are going up to our room right now.
What floor are we on?
Oh I gotta clear my ears.
We're on the 35th floor.
This is a nice hotel.
On, oh is this the AC.
Let's take a quick tour of the room.
Have the bed right in the center there.
Oh Ying is already hanging out on that sofa chair.
Desk on the side here.
And this is like a corner, do we have the corner room?
Or we at least have a corner window.
There's a little bit of a glare on the window right now.
Oh yeah, but if you look close,
I'm not sure if you can see.
No, probably not picking up on the camera,
oh there we go.
You can see that view.
I'm sure tomorrow morning we'll have
a better view in the daylight.
And now over to the bathroom.
Oh by the way, the drink station, water,
coffee maker, water boiler, and bathroom in here.
Every kind of bathroom thing you need.
Toilet is here.
And shower, both a shower, and a tub.
And that completes the tour of the room.
This is a really nice room.
I've been to Hong Kong a number of times
so this isn't my first time to Hong Kong but
Hong Kong remains one of my favorite cities in the world.
It's just an amazing city.
The buildings, the architecture, the food is awesome
and so for the next four days we're gonna be in Hong Kong.
It's hard to believe that this is our final destination
on this round the world trip for food with Star Alliance.
But happy to be in Hong Kong.
It's been a long day.
Ying and I are both a little disoriented right now
but it is around 9 pm in Hong Kong so
I don't think we'll do anything for tonight.
We're gonna go to bed pretty soon.
I'm gonna end the vlog for today right now.
Thank you all very much for watching this vlog,
traveling all the way from New York to Hong Kong,
and please remember to give this video
a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.
Also click subscribe for lots more food and travel videos.
See you on the next video.
Thank you again for watching.
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Hot Dog at Penn Station and Flying from NYC to Hong Kong on United Airlines (16 Hour Flight!)

47 Folder Collection
John Yu published on June 19, 2020
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