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The roles have reversed!
You guys asked for it in the comments.
The opposite combo of...
Where I won't be able to play the piece properly,
or sound really off,
and Eddy will have to guess based on
what he thinks I'm trying to do.
It's alright, it's alright. It's a team effort.
Alright, and for those of you that didn't see our last video,
Brett doesn't listen to pop music.
I would play pop music on the piano and Brett'd try to guess it.
But this time you guys asked for the reverse,
so Brett's going to play.
Do I just YouTube "pop music"?
I don't know man, you do you.
Yeah, okay. I'll go—
- I'll look for over 100 million views at least. - Okay.
But I'm just gonna go to YouTube and type in like "pop music",
because I don't know any like, pop music.
There's 1.6 billion views.
Doesn't matter.
I know this.
Oh wait.
It's got rap, right?
Oh I know! Uhh...
(singing) "You're such a duh-duh-duh. I love it."
- Uhh... - Yeah. "I Love It".
Kanye West and...
...the ones where they look like freaking Minecraft things. Um...
Um, the guy from "Gucci Gang", Lil Pump.
Yeah...! *laughs*
And the song is called...
- "I Love It". - "I Love It". Yeah yeah...
Oh, that's so funny.
Alright, next one.
Dude, I'm surprised we could get that.
- Because it had like, no notes. - Good combos.
I'm actually kind of embarrassed that I know these songs.
I need to like, guess wrong so that—
To hide the fact that I know pop music...!
Is that actually how it goes?
- Huh? - Is that actually how it goes?
Oh! Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, okay, that helped. Uh...
It's a girl, for sure. Right?
- *humming* - Well, there's two people.
This is literally just..
Bro, is that—
The whole thing is in one chord, it's E minor.
Ah!!! I know! I know! I know it!
Ohh no, I—
I can hear it in my head, but I just don't know the song name.
I know song, but I don't know song name.
Ohh, I don't know...
Actually it's just this. *chuckles*
- *chuckles* - It's like...
- Nah, don't add a second chord into it man. - *chuckles*
I don't know man. Like—
Oh, okay, is the guy Khalid?
- Ohh!!!!! - How do you know [it's] Khalid?
I don't know the girl though, who's the girl?
Billie Eilish.
Oh really?
Yeah yeah yeah...
Dude that was so hard, because, literally it was one chord.
- *laughs* Yeah... - I was like "Bro.."
It's got one chord.
Okay, you don't have to play it, I get the point.
- You keep playing the same thing I was like, "It's not...I can't..." - That's literally how it goes.
I'm getting like, cheerleader vibes.
Na na na na, na na...
Bro, it sounds like a...
...like a beginner class piano thing...
Is there a bass or like an accompaniment? Like harmony?
- *snickers* - I have no idea. What is it?
Shawn Mendes.
"If I Can't Have You."
I actually don't know that song.
Oh no, this is getting hard now.
- You're picking harder ones. - Yeah.
I know how you felt last time now.
Ohh, BTS "Idol".
- Yeah, okay. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, nah, I don't...listen to pop music.
What are you on about...?
- I'm strictly classical... - Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh I don't think you'll know this one.
Try me.
Thomas the Tank Engine...?
Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swi—
Oh, it starts with T, close enough.
- What song was it? - "Me."
Oh, I don't know that song.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
- Yeah yeah, ah, okay. Yeah, yeah. - Yeah. I should've play that.
You're doing pretty well.
*hums along*
Sounds slightly familiar.
God's Plan.
- Yeah! *laughs* - Drake. Yeah...
- I actually need to get something. - Yeah.
Like, give me something.
*sings along*
Practice 40 hours a day!
- Blackpink, um... - Yeah...!
The song is...
- "DDU-DU DDU-DU". Yeah yeah yeah yeah... - Yeah!
How many have you got so far?
- I don't know. - I'm running out of pop songs.
I don't know any pop songs, guys.
Oh, yeah. *chuckles*
I'm so confused...
I can't get the pitch. But that's the bit—
Is there a pitch?
If it's rap I'm just going to go with Drake.
Is it Drake?
It's "B**** Lasagna".
*evil laughter*
"B**** Lasagna, b****—"
Dude, that was way off!
Oh yeah, I got the wrong note.
What was this one?
Yours sounded like pentatonic.
Wait, wait.
Oh I know, I know you were doing...
Yeah that part.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Close enough.
Close enough.
(both) B****, Lasagne!
- Oh, that was pretty funny. - Here you go.
Dude, 200 million!
Wow, PewDiePie's a pop star!
He's actually a pop star.
You know, Charlie Puth was a...
A YouTuber?
Who's Charlie Puth?
I mean...I mean, yeah-
Next thing we're gonna do is become pop stars.
Alright guys, TwoSet's going to become pop stars.
Just abandon everything we've ever done.
- Betray everything. - Just betray our symphonies, do four chords.
No more of a...
The only piece I can play is...
Ah, so much nicer!
- It is so much nicer, actually. - Yeah...
Wow, that was actually legit.
That's what happens when you practice.
Ready guys?
That's my knowledge of pop music.
- Dude I think we did alright. We got 4 out of...8? - I think it was like—yeah.
There you guys have it.
Did you guys guess what I was trying to play?
Hit a like below if you like this kind of video.
We'll um, maybe do some more?
Subscribe and see you guys next time.
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Classical Musicians Try (desperately) to Name Pop Songs Correctly

23 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on June 18, 2020
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