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A couple of years ago, Fujifilm announced and release the XT3. I really like
this camera for the ordinary filmmaker. This camera is filled with tons and tons
of features. I would say it's very equivalent to... or sorry it poor grammar...
it is equivalent to the Panasonic gh4 but it beats it in one key area: the
autofocus is face detech and produces much more reliable and better results, but the
GH five has much better embody image stabilization well when I say much
better I would say that the Panasonic g85 is class-leading when it comes to
embody image stabilization and it's better than the XC three because the XC
3 didn't have it whatsoever but the XC 3 is loaded with features I
almost bought this camera last year but what held me back with the lack of Ibis
because when I looked at the lenses there were very few that had image
stabilization and because I do a lot of run and gun work outside of YouTube that
provided me with far too few or sorry that limited me far too much so I held
off I looked at a lot of cameras at last year and one of the main reasons I held
off and I have to this day and I'm still shooting with a Canon 70d is because I
knew that come the first quarter of 2020 we were going to see a lot of cameras
coming out we've already had the announcement of the Canon 1dx mark 3 and
we we've received rumors that the Canon EOS our mark 2 will be announced next
month before cp+
today I have an update on the XT for first won't let me give you the quick
highlights the XE force coming with Ibis so it solves that problem it's gonna
have 6k 60 and it's gonna be announced with all its specifications on February
the 4th and it'll be available for sale in March 2020
let's you just say March shouldn't I gonna be available for sale in March you
might even be able to pre-order it starting February the 4th Ibis is really
really a wonderful tool the nice thing about ibises no matter what lens you put
on the camera it's gonna provide stabilization so even if you look at
getting Sigma or other lenses to adapt onto the body this gives you
stabilization now generally I like to stick with the lenses produced by the
manufacturer there's usually caveats involved if you've got five axis image
stabilization but you you use another manufacturers lens you might be limited
three axis stabilization and sometimes there are issues with compatibility or
issues with autofocus so instead of having to waste all my time researching
and figure out if there any issues I usually just stick to the
manufacturers lenses the other big thing that I just talked about is 6k 60 think
about that for a minute we were just excited to see 4k 60 just a couple of
years ago if you're producing content in 4k this gives you an expanded area that
you can punch into without losing any detail in 4k we don't know if 6k 60 is
going to provide us provide us with 10 bit for to to internal now the X III did
provide us with 10 bit 4 to 2 but that was through external recording otherwise
you got 10 bit 4 to 0 internal so with the XD 4 we're gonna get we're going
we're going to have 10 bit 4 to 2 internal recording up to 4k I'm just I
just don't have any information about what 6k 60 is going to be but we're just
a couple of weeks away and once that camera is released I'll do a full video
comparing the xt 3 to the X g4 and I'll also look at the competition should you
get the XC 4 or should you look at other cameras it's really tough to compare the
XC 4 two other cameras in the market the xc4
has the same level of features as a lot of full-frame cameras and in the case of
canon they don't even offer 6k with Panasonic
you have to go to the $4,000 s1h so if 6k is a big deal to you you're kind of
limited now the gh 5 is as I mentioned is it's a very close relative to the so
I'd say it's a close relative to the XE for just in terms of the number of
features panasonic has loaded a lot of features into that camera
should you get the xg4 if you've waited this long wait a few more weeks wait a
few more months see what Sony comes out with we haven't
heard anything about the sony a7s 3 but we do know that Sony's gonna be
announcing it within the first three months of this year Panasonic's gonna be
announcing their gh6 I did a video on the g8 six just a little while ago but I
don't believe Panasonic's gonna move away from their debt from D focus
contrast II tact autofocus system boy that's a mouthful no not when they
release the Panasonic s1h just a little while ago and guess what it still had
that same focus system yes it's better but it's still not reliable it's still
not trustworthy so the GH six will be better if
autofocus is important to you if you do a lot of run and gun work they the GH
six is not for you but if you're doing a lot of YouTube work or event work that
yes the gh six produces really good results but then again so does the XC
four I think these two cameras are gonna keep compete head-to-head against each
other a whole lot more if you guys have any questions about this video drop me a
comment or question down below I usually get back to you guys within 24 hours if
you would like to receive notifications of new videos as they come out go ahead
and punch that subscribe button then click on that little bell icon and
choose all then you'll get notifications of new videos as they come out thank you
so much for watching I look forward to seeing you again soon Cheers
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Fuji XT4 Announcement Date, 6K and IBIS

15 Folder Collection
Henry 楊 published on June 18, 2020
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