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  • I accidentally became a meme.

  • And this is that story.

  • My name is Andras Arato.

  • But people might know me as Hide the Pain Harold.

  • Before taking stock photos, I was working as an electric (electrical) engineer.

  • My specialty was lighting technologies.

  • The stock photos began when a photographer contacted me, when he saw my selfies on the social media.

  • And he was saying that he was seeking a character like me and invited me to shoot some images.

  • This happened almost 10 years ago.

  • After the first photo shoots, the photographer really liked the pictures.

  • So he invited me back several times.

  • I was for instance, a doctor, a university professor, a husband, a painter, and many others.

  • I first realized when I had become a meme several months after the first photo shoots.

  • I was curious what my pictures were used for.

  • So I made a reverse image search.

  • And I discovered myself in different advertisements as a professor or a doctor.

  • But some months later, when I repeated that search, I discovered the first meme.

  • And that was the point when I realized that I had became a meme.

  • At first, it was horrifying when I encountered the first memes.

  • Because there were some really rude or disgusting jokes with me.

  • So I wanted to restore all the pictures and close down all the websites that they appeared.

  • But that was not a real solution.

  • It took several years til (until) I could accept the situation.

  • But it has brought me several new opportunities.

  • At first, people didn't believe that I am a real, living person.

  • They thought the memes were kind of a Photoshop creation.

  • When I embraced this, I revealed my identity on a Russian social media site.

  • And after that, I can say that all the bad or rude or disgusting memes disappeared.

  • At first, I did not consider myself as famous.

  • But later, more and more people stopped me on the street asking for a selfie.

  • I do this always willingly because I see the joy in the eyes of these people.

  • And it's so good to make other people happy.

  • I had the opportunity to cooperate with the biggest brands, like Coca Cola.

  • They invited me for a shooting when I had to fly in a wind tunnel.

  • It was very, very exciting.

  • I enjoyed it very much.

  • Now there is a much bigger challenge in sight.

  • A comedy movie about the Hide the Pain story.

  • My management is planning and talking with potential investors.

  • Surprisingly, I got lots of messages each day on my Facebook and Instagram channels from people asking for help in their everyday life.

  • I try to show to my fans that they should be happy even during the difficult times in their lives.

  • And I guess memes can helps (help) in this (these) periods to overcome the everyday annoyances.

  • Even though this unexpected event happened, I still consider myself the same old guy, Andras Arato.

I accidentally became a meme.

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I Accidentally Became A Meme: Hide The Pain Harold

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    Estelle posted on 2020/07/13
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