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The actual DNA of it is very traditional English tailoring
Hello my name is David Reeves
I'm the owner of Reeves which is a bespoke tailoring house here in New York
Today amongst other things we are doing a fitting for a new client for a
three-piece bespoke suit and we're going to be doing a basted fitting for him and
see how his suit goes
There's different definitions of what a bespoke suit is, depending on who you ask
I used to work on Savile Row for a couple of companies and the definition
which I kind of pretty much hold true is that we make an individual pattern or
template for every client so we have an individual blueprint for every suit
so they're all individual we also have an awful lot of handwork in our suits
it takes about 50 hours to make every suit that we're doing in terms of man-hours
not a lot of people are making suits like that these days
I think the house style is actually very traditional English really
with more modern stuff that we do it's a little bit more kind of sharper
a little bit more kind of fitted and we may kind of put more unusual fabrics in there
or more kind of leading-edge more like fashion based luxury fabrics which a
Savile Row house might not do in the same way
but when you really get down to it
I actually really quite like quite traditional English tailoring but just
executed very well. In fact a lot of the time my favorite kind of suit is
something like a navy suit in a really beautiful fabric
A basted fitting we actually have the pattern done
and we've assembled the suit up to a fashion
but it's not like a half finished kind of suit and we're not
kind of just pinning it and altering it we're going to pin it and mark it, what we
want to do with it and convey to the tailors but what they do is they get
that basted fitting and they take it apart to its component pieces and then
they recut it according to the alterations that we need to do and then
they put it back together for the final fitting so it's it's probably more
involved in people think is.
The next step up after that is we usually go to...
straight to the final fitting. The gentlemen might want like his trouser a
bit shorter or or longer a little bit of a nip and tuck but usually on the third
visit the client can walk away with it.
and then hopefully we could do another suit for that gentleman down the line
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Fujifilm X-T4 sample video highlights the process of bespoke suit making

9 Folder Collection
jhyang0529 published on June 17, 2020
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