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can't quite remember who I took the X-T4 off of
owh it's you
return to me please
this is Fujifilm brand new X-T4
at first I just want to do a simple unbox video in
lens library
but that fella took this outdoor
so is forced me to do an outdoor review today
this X-T4 has a very good video feature
so this whole episode just about
how good the X-T4 video is
let's get some roll
we're wearing safety jackets
where do we go
just to try out this camera only
now I'm gonna try some 120p footage shot to full HD
we just came back from the
crazy eager feedings and all that
and ZY is shooting on this gigantic
and I'm rolling on this 50-140mm
lens bigger but it's alright
how many birds there
how many eagles there
way too many
and I'm not sure what I get
I have to go back and check
I'm not sure what I got also
so let's go back to the lens library
and do check him out on this
200-600mm review with a
A9 Mark II
thanks Fujifilm Malaysia for the fast action
it allow us to get early access on this
little beast X-T4
after reviewing all these footages
all I can say the F log is
so great
when it's combined with a 10-bit 4:2:0 internal recording
on this one
the footage is look so crisp and clean
in some extend
it even looks cleaner than
its big big brother GFX 100
the noise floor of GFX 100
is just not as clean as this
now talk about the 4k 60p
the full HD 120p
and the full HD 240p
the 4k 60p is as excellent as it should be
beside a little bit of crop in that not really bother me
and the full HD 120p
to my eyes totally usable for daily use
my only problem is the full HD 240p
the footages look moiré and low in resolutions
especially when you shoot something wide and scenery
so when I come back to lens library I quickly do a quick test
we show something small and close-up
then the footage look crisp and nice
so my suggestion is
don't shoot something big
shoot small
now let's not something what I like about this camera
and what it can be improved
first thing this dedicated movie button
is so convenient
then the second thing in-body stabilization
it's a yes and no
sometimes it works really well
when you are on the static mode
that works really good
but when you slowly do some panning
sometime would drag you back correct you back
and we encounter another problems is
when we use ultra wide-angle like 8-16mm
so when it's on the ultra wide the corner tend to wobble a lot
but we glad to see that
from this
to this
autofocus is a similar case to the IBIS
sometimes good sometime bad
but I am impressed especially when we shoot the bird scene
there's few hundred birds in the scene
sometime I think the autofocus can read my mind
you know
know which bird I want
so now let's talk about what this camera
can be improved in my opinions
first thing is the screen
you must be curious it's already improved
tilt-up screen to this
tilty flippy screen
but I hope
it can be like the X-T200
which is you will have a few flip back screen
at the same time you had a tilt up one
this is suitable for the vlogger and
one-man-show which is you have to see for yourself
but as a documentary videographer
it's not that convenient
every time I have to flip out and turn up
so it's a choice right
second thing
battery life is a big improvement on the paper
over the X-T3
2200 mAh vs 1260 mAh
in the real life I would say like 50 to 70 percent improvement
one big problem we encountered during our outdoor shooting trip
is the overheat
this little beast
takes up a lots of juice
and is create a lot of heat also
5 min of outdoor recording
is already start warning you overheating
and then if you keep rolling for a minute
it will shut down
and here come one good thing about the screen
when you flip up the screen
it releases the heat
one last thing that bother me a bit
is the playback button
why is have to be on the left hand side
that's forced me to use another hand
every time
clearly we can see the Fujifilm's intention this round
is to perfect the X-T3
and I totally agree with it
X-T4 is a wonderful camera
but there still a little minor issue that stand between
this and a perfect camera
if you liked this episode give us a big thumbs up
and do comment below
let us know what's your thought on this X-T4
and not forget to mention
we are currently shooting on this FE 20mm 1.8 G
from Sony
I do review this lens during the same trip
so click here if you want to see more
subscribe us
like us
and support us
I should see you on the next one
vlogging on the X-T4
we are in Kuala Selangor
not too sure where this is headed to
we bought a ticket
we just hopped up
and we are off
this is not a train
it's not a tram
we're being pulled by an actual tractor
definitely my first time traveling by tractor but okay
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Fujifilm X-T4 = Perfect Mirrorless Camera ?!

8 Folder Collection
jhyang0529 published on June 17, 2020
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