B2 High-Intermediate US 13 Folder Collection
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Hey, how's it going?
Welcome back to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
Today, we are rating instruments.
It's very subjective,
and we don't really mean everything.
Please don't take offense.
Ling Ling Insurance.
Ling Ling Insurance.
Now that we've done the disclaimer,
time to uh, roast—
I mean,
rate, on the tier list,
all the musical instruments.
- Some musical instruments. - Yeah.
- Some musical instruments. - Because we probably will have left some out.
Alright, piano.
I knew you're gonna put that there...!
Uh, no, I was dragging, my...my mouse slipped.
See, here's the thing with piano, right?
- If you look at repertoire, that's a S, right? - It's S, yeah.
But then you look at the fact that
you can't carry it anywhere.
Oh, that's an F.
- And then it's like, "oh, it's down to an F." - For sure.
Every time I want to rehearse with a pianist,
- I'll have to book a practice room. - Yeah...yeah, yeah.
If it's just a duet we can just rehearse wherever,
in a hotel room.
But then it's like oh,
but you get to play the melody
- and the harmony at the same time! - Ohh...!
But then it's like oh, oh...
But you can't crescendo!
(both) Oh...!
- Oh, you can't vibrato! Oh! - You can't vibrato!
And you've got Chopin...
- Nah, just kidding, just kidding, just kidding! - Just kidding!
- Chopin's the ultimate best composer for pianists... - Chopin's a great composer...
- A, because I know... - Okay, A.
Yeah, okay. I agree, A.
Piano gang.
- If I was serious, I do think it's S or A. - Yeah.
- It's a pretty top tier instrument. - I...would put it in A, I thought S and A, yeah.
I thought S but then you mentioned all the bad points,
- so I was like, - Yeah.
"That's true."
Next one!
- We're gonna start everything in C 'cause it's neutral. - Uh-huh.
- To be fair— - I do enjoy playing guzheng.
- I think it's cool, and it sounds amazing. - It's pretty fun.
I don't know enough about the instrument,
but, from our one hour...
- I'll say it's a B. - ...exposure,
- it seemed like such a hassle to set up. - Yeah.
Every bridge...
- Ohh...! - To tune...
- And you gotta put the nails, ohh, - The nails...
that's annoying!
It does seem like a bit of a hassle
of an instrument to set up.
I'm feeling like a C or B.
Well, it depends.
Do you wanna please our Chinese fans?
Okay, S!
(both) B.
- B, okay, yeah. - It's pretty cool.
C for cello.
No, cello's got cool music.
- But it's just... - Not as much.
It's still a bit too big.
- It's too heavy. - Yeah.
- But cellos do sound beautiful. - I'll say B or A.
B. I'll like B, I think B.
- B, yeah? - Yep.
Next one!
F for fagott.
- Guys again, this is just a fun video, we don't mean— - Oh yeah—
- Ling Ling Insurance. - Yeah.
It's nice, it's beautiful, it's got stuff.
But I don't know about repertoire.
Yeah, not much.
Not much, right?
I mean, I know harp concertos exist, but...
- Do they? - Who really listens to them?
- I feel like harp is just like... - C.
I want it...
I want to hear it when I'm dead, and I see angels.
Well, I will say one thing though,
the pedal, looks so...
- Oh...oh yeah it's hectic. - ...hectic.
To just change a semitone, you gotta...
And also your fingers will start hurting.
- Yeah, and then like tuning... - Like calluses, yeah.
- You have to go before every rehearsal and tune. - Yeah, yeah.
- Guys, C is clearly the best tier, 'cause it's yellow. - Yeah, it is.
- And.. - And it's the middle!
- Yeah, it's the middle, symmetry! - You're neutral!
Yeah, its symme—beautiful!
I think tuba should be below bassoon.
What does tuba have?
Okay, F.
They've got some nice moments.
Yeah, but it starts with an F.
Okay, lets put it in C for now.
- In symphonic works that I know of, - Mm-hmm.
- French horn has really...epic part. - Epic part.
And when it's played well it goes...
When it just plays...speaks really nicely.
This is what I think.
When French horn,
- like especially for them or like a solo, - Plays well.
- it's played how it's meant to be, it sounds like this. - Oh that's like an S. Yes.
But realistically, in performances, what I hear...
Broken notes is like f***ing this.
You know what, C.
- Yeah...C. - I think...they could be an S, they could be an F, like...
- C. - Yeah.
Next one!
What is this?
Next one!
It's...it's like...
...Wii music.
- Um... - Let's give it a D.
Yeah, 'cause D needs a bit of space there.
Yeah, we just need some of it.
- Alright, next one, obviously... - Alright.
Wait, no, that's not it.
That's a viola.
Is it?
Oh, this is a viola!
We almost put the viola on S.
- Yeah, that's was definite...yeah. - Just for that one second.
- You guys had your one second of glory, - Yeah.
in S tier.
- Clearly S tier. - Okay.
Yeah, next.
Dude, I don't even think as a triangle player,
you can be offended at that.
People that play triangle also play
- a lot of percussion instruments. - Yes.
And there's never usually...
- Not that I know of, like just one triangle job. - Yeah.
Next one, flute!
Lets start with C.
I have no comment on flutes.
I'm starting to think maybe piano should be S tier, like...
- Yeah, I'm looking at it... - There's nothing at S tier right now.
You know what? Let's just move piano up.
- Yeah. - They can deserve to be S.
- Just didn't want you guys to get too arrogant too early. - Yeah guys.
Let's be real, guys.
Recorder gang, we love you, but...
"But recorder's already...being made fun of,
and the instrumental community doesn't respect us."
Fine, okay.
Bass is uh,
- E, you know why? - Why?
E for...
I don't know, man.
Trombone to me is like...
Why is that thing sliding around, it's like a hazard.
Alright, F.
- Nah...I think E. - I think trombone's...E.
I think trumpet has nice moments.
- B, or C, or A even, maybe. - If they do it well, B or C.
I'm feeling C or B.
Let's do B.
You got it!
When the trumpets nail that part,
- Yeah...so epic. - it is so grandioso,
it's just "Bang!", it's like trumpets, you guys rock!
Yeah, oboe.
As much as I think...
...logically, oboe's like an "Ehh.",
I have a special like for oboe.
- I like oboe though, what do you think? - Ahh!
- Put in A? I mean... - Yeah, let's go.
We gotta have one woodwind instrument up there,
- Yeah. - just to keep them happy.
D, for drums.
Discount violin what—
No, just kidding!
I think my main issue with erhu is it doesn't project.
And I think also the versatility is not as much as a string,
like cello, violin.
- I agree. - C.
Bass! D for double bass!
The real bass is better than electric bass.
(both) Ohhhhhh!!!!
Double bass is nice, but you just can't project.
- You feel vibration... - You can feel it.
- Yeah. - But you don't like...
- Really hear it. - ...hear it, yeah.
Lots of repertoire,
showy, can sound nice, can play it like, beautifully.
Change my mind.
Classical guitar's like, pretty cool,
but then, it doesn't project.
Which brings it down here.
- I feel like it's so overplayed. - But yeah, it's like then...
That every second dude singing Wonderwall.
Yeah, it kinda ruins it.
I think C.
Alright, saxophone!
I'm sorry, guys.
At the conservatory, with personal experience,
when you're trying to practice, all you hear...
...is down the corridor, in the room, saxophone.
- It's actually worse than opera singers sometimes, - Yeah.
'cause opera singers go...
This is like...
I don't know why,
like I used to like saxophone, until I studied uni
at the con—uh,
music at the university.
And there's practice rooms, from two miles down
the frickin' hallway, or chamber of secrets...
You just hear "Ehhhhhhh!!!!"
- Straight away, I think. - B or A, yeah.
- Let's put it in A. - Yeah.
- Dude, is that—that's not even an instrument. - It's environmentally friendly.
- Okay, keep it there! - E!
And there's kazoo, yeah! E!
Kazoo, E.
- Oh, yeah. - Clearly an S tier instrument.
Alright guys, that's it.
- Ohh... - Let's review it.
- Okay, so chicken no.1, violin and piano, cool. - Yeah.
Ooh, oboe clarinet.
It can sound amazing,
- but I'm thinking about...repertoire. - Repertoire-wise.
Dude, then cello should be in A.
- Yeah, cello's got all the Haydn, Dvorak, Elgar... - Yeah...
I think cello should be A.
- I have a feeling guzheng should be A too. - Yeah, me too.
- I'm not sure if I feel like flute is less than clarinet. - Flute?
I'll put flute in A.
- But I don't like having three woodwinds in A. - Woodwinds...
It offends me.
Alright, okay, here's the question.
Flute, oboe, clarinet. How would you rank them?
I'll go oboe, flute, clarinet.
Actually no, flute has some nice stuff.
- I think I want flute higher, intuitively. - Flute, flute.
See, oboe is like...
- Hit or miss, yeah. Yeah, I know what you mean. - ...hit or miss, it's like it can be really good,
- or it can be...yeah. - Flute's more consistently good.
Alright, flute first.
Then oboe and clarinet.
- Yeah...clarinet can be C. - I think that's pretty good.
- Oh, I mean not C, B. - Yeah, okay.
- Ooh, that's a bit rough. - Sorry, clarinet friends.
Here's a legit reason.
Clarinet's a freaking transposing instrument!
- Ohh!!! - You want us to all transpose the score while reading?
Conductors have to transpose in their minds?
So selfish!
- I'll put cello higher. - Put cello a bit higher.
I'll put...
- Yeah, okay. - Yeah, I like the symmetry.
And then if you put the trumpet here
then you make a diamond.
(both) Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Okay, so B...
Erhu, trumpet and cla...oh.
- I like the square. - Trumpet over clarinet?
Yeah, I do like the square.
If you include jazz trumpet...
That's a whole...
You don't really have jazz clarinet.
Nah, let's leave that, I think that's good.
I think French horn's better than harp.
I agree.
bit more than harp.
For orchestra purposes, obviously harp's better.
- Yeah. - But then...
- ...you know, there's so much stuff...yeah. - On guitar, right?
I think drums should be higher than xylophone,
drum kit, 'cause all the rock...
- I agree, I agree. - ...stuff, you know.
In fact, I wonder if drum kit should be C,
after harp.
- I think so. - Yeah.
- I was thinking about that, - Yeah.
- 'cause drum kit's a lot more versatile... - Yeah.
Ooh, I'll put double bass...
...higher than the recorder.
- Yeah. - We've been proven recorder's okay.
- Yeah. - Like, we know, but...
...it's just not chicken level.
I feel like bass can actually be higher.
Yeah, bass can be epic,
but there is also like the stereotype in every...
- ...band, like the bass guitarist is like the lame one. - And you guys always use amplifications, like...
I'll say C.
Just put C last, yeah.
- Nah, leaf should be F. - Yeah, leaf should be F,
that's...dude, come on.
- That's offensive to all the instruments. - Yeah...
Should anything go up to E?
- Which one are we gonna spare? Saxophone? - You know, like realistically speaking,
- nah, I was thinking viola. Viola. - Viola?
Viola actually has...
...some okay repertoire.
A little bit.
Nah, I mean it's just...
- If a string quartet doesn't have a violist... - I knew you're gonna say that.
- It'll sound empty. - Yes.
- Yes, yeah. - But, if the tuba was missing...
I'm okay.
- I...yeah. - I'm okay, yeah.
Tambourine or triangle?
- Tambourine. - Yeah, tambourine.
Triangle is a bit "ding-ding".
I think that's legit, right?
S I K E ! ! !
Again, Ling Ling Insurance!
- Ling Ling Insurance! Please don't cancel us! - We're just having fun with it.
We're not discouraging anyone,
I think we all should, you know,
respect each instrument,
but just have fun if you're learning it.
And also, keep in mind like every instrument...
- ...exists for a reason. - Yeah.
They have their own unique value
that they bring to the musical world.
Or they wouldn't exist!
Please accent the like button,
and also legato the subscribe button.
Thank you so much for the support,
and we'll see you guys next time.
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Musical Instrument Tier List

13 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on June 16, 2020
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