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- Ah, I believe that the month in which
you're born, aligned with the stars
and everything has a lot to do with how you act.
- If somebody came up to you
and was like, I'm a mind reader,
this is who you are, would you give them money?
- Um, maybe.
- Maybe?
- Maybe.
- Okay.
If they were right.
- Right?
You know what, there's a lot of tests out there.
There's astrology tests, there's personality tests,
there's some BuzzFeed tests.
Are these tests really analyzing us?
Or are they just telling us sentences
that we can all relate to?
Let's figure it out.
Have you ever read anything about
your own personality based on your birthday
and you were like, oh my god, this is so me?
Well, chances are anyone else who read it
probably thought the same thing,
regardless of when their birthday is.
So, we made our own personality test,
and we went out to the streets.
But what they didn't know,
is that we gave them all the same result.
Let's see what they think.
All right, we're just testing out,
it's from Foyer University.
♫ Da dah, da duh da da da duh.
Fake music to await the response.
- I'm a DWT.
- All right.
Uh, do you mind reading the description
and letting me know if anything pops out?
- You have the need for other people
to like and admire you.
That's true.
- You also pride yourself as an--
- Independent thinker and do not accept--
- Other's statements without satisfactory proof.
- At times you are extroverted, affordable,
and sociable, and other times you are
introverted, wary, and reserved.
Some of your aspirations tend to be unrealistic.
- Very.
- What are--
- Very same.
- That's very same?
- Incredibly, yeah.
- Okay.
- That sounds like me.
- Okay.
So if I'd go any of these sentences,
you'd relate to,
you have serious doubts in which
you've made the right decision,
or done the right thing, yeah?
- Yes, sometimes, yes.
- Okay, sometimes?
Like, do you have any points here that are like,
yes, that is me?
- I would say that I'm very,
I have a battle on the inside.
I'm constantly battling with the reality
of everything going on, as opposed to
what I'm thinking on the inside.
I kind of live in a dream world.
As a Pisces, I believe that that's a popular thing.
- On like a scale from like zero being like nope,
to like ten being like oh my god, so me,
hashtag same, what would it be?
- I would probably say like a eight.
- I'd give it a eight.
- I say a eight.
- Seven point five.
- Yeah, I would say like a nine or a 10.
- Nine point nine nine nine.
- Oh, wow. Nine point nine nine nine.
- Like almost there.
- Would you consider yourself
a skeptical person then?
- Yes.
- If I told you that this test was actually
the same for everyone, would that shock you?
- The same for everyone,
that everybody has that same result?
- Yeah, everyone, whoever takes this test
has the same result.
- I would not believe that.
- You wouldn't believe that?
- No.
- So?
- (laughs) Um, that just messed me up right there.
- I'm so sorry.
Okay, so yeah.
Okay, sure.
All right, cool.
Well then, I think we're, are we done?
We're good?
I think we're good.
I'm sorry for lying to you.
- It's okay, I get it.
- I feel kind of dumb, like, (laughs).
- Overall people rated the test extremely high.
They were like, oh my god, me all over the place.
Now it could be because it's the psychology term
called the Barnum effect.
The Barnum effect is when you believe
certain information about your personality
because you think it comes from some sort
of process, like your birthday, or favorite color,
or your blood type, or your favorite
Taylor Swift song, any of that.
It's okay to believe whatever you want to believe
if it's true to you, as long as you know why.
(jazzy music)
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Can We Guess Your Personality? Street Tested

20 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on June 16, 2020
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