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  • Hey, everyone, [and] welcome back to Trend Central

  • Person now what I have for you in today's video is basically a test to determine how normal you actually are in

  • comparison to the majority of people have Gathered by recent studies

  • Now we all are unique individuals however some things are considered more normal than others

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  • Now when it comes to image perception many people would see a rabbit in this picture at first glance

  • However only a few people will actually see the duck due to the way our eyes perceive images

  • Or else take a look at this picture. What do you see first?

  • if you see the back view of a woman

  • Then you're normal as the majority see that first

  • However, if you saw the old man [than] you are truly unique as it's less commonly seen

  • however, when it comes to the human body

  • 90% of people are actually right-handed and only 10% of the world are actually

  • Left-Handed in fact even if your parents are both left-handed there is still a bigger chance of you being born right-handed rather than left

  • [wear] glasses well that's normal too since more than 6 and 10 people wear glasses, but if you can't roll your tongue

  • Then you're not normal as 60 to [70] [1%] can

  • Can't raise one eyebrow, then that's normal as only a few people can are you one of the few give it a try?

  • Have Dark hair

  • Well if you do then that's normal as only 0.5% are actually born red hair

  • Have that white semicircle at the base of your fingernails well that's normal to as 90% of people develop it after childbirth in

  • Fact if it's not there

  • It could be a signal [that] you're not sleeping enough now from the list of colors which is [your] favorite?

  • well if you said yellow

  • Then you're not normal as a recent study found that only 5%

  • prefer yellow in comparison to blue which is the most liked followed by red and Green

  • Have brown eyes. Well that's normal as over 55% of the population have brown eyes

  • Now take a look at some of these easy riddles most normal people will get them at first Glance however

  • There are some people who may overthink them and need more time to figure them out

  • Try to solve them yourself in the given time however positive necessary

  • Mary's Father has five daughters Nana nene Ninny. No. No, what is the fifth daughter's name?

  • no, look if you answer nunu then you're wrong as its mary if

  • An electric train is traveling South which way is it going?

  • There's no smoke. It's an electric train. Did that one get you?

  • We see it once in a year twice in a week and never in a day. What is it?

  • the Letter E

  • Anyway that has been it for today's video

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  • Thanks for watching and I hope to see you next time

Hey, everyone, [and] welcome back to Trend Central

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