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Ling Ling 40 Hours.
♪ Duh—Duh-luh-luh-luh! ♪
Quick announcement.
This sold out in 4 hours.
You guys are absolutely amazing.
I think it should be restocked by the time this video is out.
- Yeah. - If not, keep an eye out.
Put your email on our website:
- And- Or, follow our @TwoSetApparel Instagram. - Yeah.
Anyway guys, thank you so much for the support.
We're really proud of this design,
and all the designs that came out, so
(The most talented subreddit ever!)
(Ling Ling 40 Hours, unite!)
(Ling Ling wannabes!)
(Practice, practice!)
(Did you practice today?)
Why the bassoon?
I guess it's just torture.
- I'm just joking! Bass- - Just kidding!
- Just kidding! - Bassoon players, we love you!
- It's a very hard instrument to play. - I would- Yeah.
The double reed.
- Yeah. - It requires a lot of effort.
But please, guys, just put your phone on silent.
That's not true.
Alright? That's not true.
If actors actually played,
- Yes. - we would be nice to them.
- Actors actually were honest about their playing, - Yeah.
- and not trying to fake it. - Yes.
Then we will be nice to them.
I was watching a YouTube video the other day
- that had nothing to do with classical music. - Okay.
In the comments, there's someone like...
"People watching this for 4 minutes:"
"I n T e R e S t I n G."
And the replies were like...
- "TwoSet!" "40 Hours" - Really?
Yeah, it was like, not even a classical music video.
- You guys are everywhere. - I was like "Wow..."
That's so great.
Spreading the love of classical music.
You guys are all around the Internet.
- I love it. - We see you.
- We see you in the comments. - We see you.
Aw, Lisa Simpson.
I support that.
- Yeah! - I second that.
Yeah, just...
Memes about music, guys!
We need more content.
That is especially relatable if you're doing a recording.
- You know what I mean, right? - Oh, that just hurt!
- That just hit. - 'Cause-
'Cause if it's a live concert, it sucks.
But people kind of forgive that one slip.
But for recording, it's like...
All over again now...!
From the top!
- Like all the violins just start levitating. - Yeah.
"Violin ov-" Ha ha ha...!
Violin Overlord is a bit more like meme-worthy.
That is true.
You know?
That is true.
First chair is just more professional.
Leader is just generic.
Yeah, leader is too generic.
First chair's like ugh...
Nobody follows the concertmaster anyway.
That's so good.
- Oh my god, even the Dr. Strange cape! - Wow...
- No more memes about how cute- - Yeah...!
Guys, it's about the music. It's not about us.
"Change my mind!"
Dude, 2020-
Maybe that would be the official 2020 playlist.
Guys, keep an eye out.
Dude, imagine 2020 as a movie...
and the trailer was just your Lo-fi.
Guys, coming some-
coming very soon on Spotify!
That's right.
Brett: You know it.
Every... what?
Every day?
Every say.
- Dude! - How long is that? Like 2 hours?
Yeah, something like that.
A ha ha ha! The speakers!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
You guys are so funny and...
- weird. - That's so weird.
I'm so confused!
- That's funny. You guys are funny. - You guys are freaking creative.
You guys are so creative!
Dude, that's cool though.
I like that!
I like the design.
- I like this, like, Picasso type of- - Whoa, that Pop art. Yeah...
Nice work, u/lilycalico!
I feel like...
I've seen her name.
- Yeah, u/lilycalico. - Yeah. Nice one!
- Yeah. Nice. I remember that name. - I like it.
The balloon!
- What the- - It's like "Uh-ah!"
I go against everything.
Ling Ling's like "What?"
Dude, I wanna savour that again.
Wait, is this a photo of you though?
Or did they photoshop your face onto a girl?
- It's so convincing. I can't tell. - Yeah, I think so.
- It's like "It's out of tune!" - Oh yeah.
"Out of tune!"
You look [censored].
Yeah, yeah! Ha ha ha...!
You know what I mean, right?
I mean-
That was too much.
I'm done.
See, ducks appreciate music as well.
That is the most random question.
They did not need the first two sentences.
- They just needed to go - Yeah.
- "What is the decimal equivalent of 4/10?" - "What is the decimal-" Yeah!
What does the orchestra have anything to do with it?
(both) OHH...!
That's so funny!
Why is there a guitar?
- I mean, occasionally, there'll be guitar, but unusual. - But not always.
- Mhm. - Unusual.
Violas are still not coming out.
They're like "Nah, we're used to it."
- Yeah. Yeah. - We're fine.
Not like the recorders, you know.
Dude, one day there's gonna be a viola revolution.
- Yeah! Everyone- - And it's gonna revolve.
- Everyone's like "VIOLA!!" - "I've had enough!"
- "Even the maths teacher forgot about us!" - Yeah.
Oh, dude, that's-
Dude, how do you even do that?
I haven't seen an acorn in ages.
- Dude, isn't that stuff squirrels eat? - Yeah.
- The "t" just got photoshopped out. - Yeah, "Pain—t."
- That's pretty cool! - That's so cool...
Can someone draw...
Tchaikovsky, but anime style?
- Yeah, that would be awesome! - I've always wanted to see what-
...Tchaikovsky looks like in anime style.
- Yeah. - Yeah, that would be so cool.
I'd love to see that.
- Yeah, you guys are talented. Let us know. - Please.
Whoop- Bang!
*sings Brett's Lo-fi*
It does kinda hit you somehow, right?
- Yeah. - So when it starts, "Doosh!" You're like...
Just that dissonance comes in, and you're like...
I'm gonna make history.
No way!
The effort!
Who is this?
This person must be a professional examiner.
They actually listened to which notes were played.
Dude, look all the crosses!
"Duh-luh" the first- third- the-
From the third note onwards is "dklshddrgdrgsh..."
Dude, they even noticed at bar 25,
- he missed one A. Drrrr! - The A's, yeah. 'Cause he did skip a few A's.
"Drr...miss, miss...drr...miss, miss, miss, drr..."
- No way... That's so cool! - Dude, congrats!
- I wonder if this is legit, or they just randomly went- - Yeah.
- But that's pretty funny. - Pretty amazing.
I like the concept. This is like modern art.
I would love to see this in the TwoSet Museum.
Yeah! Yeah, it's like...
"Guys, this was history."
That's so cool!
That is amazing for a first post.
And look at that jacket.
And it says "practice" in the middle.
Dude, that's so nice.
Guys, the jacket will be restocked soon as well,
so please be a bit more patient.
We're working on it.
- I love the colour, red to blue. - Mhm.
- Beautiful. - Alright, guys.
That's it for today.
Please like and subsc-
Please accent the like button,
and legato the subscribe button.
And once again, keep practicing.
Because you guys are the most talented people on the reddit.
On the reddit.
Alright, enough.
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5 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on June 15, 2020
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