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I'll stop being a good kid.
Go, Norman!
Shh..you're going to be okay. It doesn't hurt you. So, don't cry.
Oh, poor thing
My adorable Emma.
This is why I told you to give up.
but I'm glad you hugged me for the first time in a while
and you realized it quickly Norman. I'm impressed.
Yes, I'll control all of you until the very end.
Because you're different to the most of the other children.
You're special food that only a special one is able to eat.
The highest quality of children I've ever raised.
So then?
That's why I have to protect you all no matter the cost.
I was forced to do this because it was clear you weren't going to give up.
Oh, no! what happened to emma!? Does she get hurt?
Look !.
You won't be able to move for a while which means I'll have no worries for tomorrow.
Tomorrow? That's right.
You can stay and celebrate Emma.
There was a notice from headquarters, so congrats Norman the time for you to be shipped has come.
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The promised neverland | Isabella Breaks Emma's Knee | English dub

16 Folder Collection
Seina published on June 15, 2020
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