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- Is it turning brown from my phone?
- Might be a little dirt on there.
- Ahh.
(trumpet playing)
- I have no fucking clue why I'm here, but I'm here for it.
- I'm feeling very vulnerable right now.
- We are swabbing different employee's phones.
For germs.
(mystery music)
- oh no, oh no, is that what this is?
Oh no.
- Caroline, why do you have that lab coat?
Oh no.
- Oh God.
- Oh my gosh.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Here's my poop phone.
- Yeah, it's very scary.
I don't know why I'm so nervous.
- You look so scared.
- This reminds me, I have to get tested.
- There's no result that's gonna come back
where I'm gonna be like happy about it.
You know what I mean?
- Hopefully nothing comes back
and they link me to some murder.
- I'm gonna take the samples up to
the microbiology lab at Columbia University.
- I hope no one I ever try to date sees this video.
- This thing is gonna be a huge mess.
But I love it anyway.
(upbeat music)
- So, I spent all day yesterday at the lab,
looking at the petri dishes with the doctor.
We have a picture of what your petri dish looked like
three days later.
- I don't even wanna touch the picture.
- Woah, it looks like an eye is growing.
- I don't think it looks that bad.
- You're good.
Your phone is really fine.
- Weird, 'cause I feel like I'm a disgusting person.
- You had micrococcus, which is a normal...
You look so scared.
It's part of the normal skin for us,
which is from your skin.
- Okay.
- You, had MRSA.
- Oh no.
- Like it's normal.
It can actually colonize in your nose
and you just have it
on your body and it's just,
there's a lot of people that carry MRSA.
- Okay.
- We also found E. Coli.
- Yeah, that's not a surprise to me at all.
I ended up throwing up one night
and I ended up going to the doctor.
And they were like yeah, we tested you and you have E. Coli.
- I don't know why it's still on my phone.
I feel like I've cleaned it since I got sick.
- So today, we were supposed to film Grace
getting her results and she's actually home sick.
Maybe it's related, who knows?
But here petri dish did look really gross though.
- So my phone had Staph, glorious.
(grossed out laugh)
I had the bad Staph bacteria.
So, yeah.
I had one of the worst phones.
- I mean I had a cleaner phone than
the doctor right here.
So I feel really good about myself.
- So how should I really clean my phone?
- Yeah please clean my phone.
- This is a 50, 50.
Water and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution.
- Yeah, I'll definitely clean my phone more.
I don't want E. Coli all over everything that I touch.
- Wait, she's not a doctor?
- Oh no.
(orchestra music)
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We Tested Our Phones For Diseases

7 Folder Collection
Huang Yu-Fen published on June 15, 2020
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