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Today almost all the newspapers and magazines have written about the phenomenon of Elon
He is not just a successful businessman, he is an inventor, engineer, and just a talented
person with extraordinary way of thinking.
Some people call Elon a genius of nowadays.
Well, let's have a look at his family and closest people, as partially his success is
a result of their influence and support.
Maye Musk gave birth to her eldest son Elon in 1971 in Pretoria.
Actually, Maye settled in South Africa together with her parents and twin-sister in the 1950s.
She took part in different beauty contests, until she met her future husband and gave
birth to three kids.
Her marriage didn't last long.
Maye divorced her spouse after nine years of being together.
She achieved the top of fame as a model and dietician after moving to Canada together
with her kids.
Errol Graham Musk is the father of the alive tech legend.
He worked as an engineer, but also spent a lot of time travelling around the world with
his kids.
Kimbal Musk is the entrepreneur's young brother.
He now is a famous restaurateur, who has found the restaurant chain The Kitchen.
Moreover, Kimbal is widely engaged in charity and non-profit activities.
Tosca Musk is the youngest Maye's kid.
She is a successful moviemaker, and even has her own film studio in LA.
As for her personal life, we know for sure, that Tosca is a mother of twins.
The innovative businessman Elon has two half-sisters from his father's side – Alexandra Musk
and Asha Rose Musk.
As for Elon's personal life, he first got married in 2000 to Justine Wilson.
They got to know each other while being students at university.
Unfortunately, their first son Nevada Musk died at the age of only ten weeks because
of sudden infant death syndrome.
Later, the couple welcomed five sons.
All kids appeared through in-vitro fertilization.
Despite their divorce, the former spouses are on good terms and both bring up their
Talulah Riley, who is a popular British actress, was the second billionaire's wife.
Their relationship was really complicated, as they tied the knot twice – first in 2010;
then, in two years, Elon announced their split-up.
Nevertheless, the couple renewed their vows in 2013.
They finally separated in 2016.
The famous businessman and innovator is a very proud father of five sons.
The twins – Griffin and Xavier Musk – were born in 2004.
The triplet – Damian, Saxon and Kai Musk – arrived two years later.
The SpaceX founder shares the custody of his sons, and spends approximately half a week
with them.
Moreover, Elon usually takes his heirs with him while traveling and going on trips.
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Elon Musk Family: Kids, Wife, Siblings, Parents

9 Folder Collection
Caurora published on June 13, 2020
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