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Hello guys!
Today we will be playing...
“Who Wants to be a Classical Millionaire.”
We have a very special guest in the hot seat...
Joel from RoomieOfficial!
What's up! Oh my god, I'm excited!
Who Wants to be a Classical Millionaire.
This is gonna be very humiliating...
Or I'm gonna be the best.
I'll probably be the best ever.
Like the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,”
you have three lifelines.
One is 50:50.
Call a friend, so feel free to call one of your friends.
The last one is an audience poll.
In normal "Who Wants to be a Millionaire,"
phone-a-friend is a really good lifeline.
I feel like in this game, phone-a-friend is the worst.
It's - It's not gonna help me at all.
Uh... Audience poll almost seems the best
because your audience, I feel,
is really knowledgeable and good at this stuff. So...
- Oh wow, he's already analyzing his game plan. - Yeah.
- I love this. - He's already...
I love this.
I gotta win, guys.
Can he also use his audience poll?
Oh, that's...
That's worthless.
They don't know anything about classical music.
We have a prize list.
It's the TwoSet budget Edition.
- Yeah, budget. - Unfortunately.
If you get it all right, we can't wire you a million dollars.
Real - What am I even doing here?
- Well, this is classical, right? So, no one really... - Classical millionaire doesn't really exist.
The first question...
If you get this question right, Brett gets to play
a pop song on the violin of your choice.
Yes, that's what I'm talking about.
If I can play it.
Don't mind the copyright free soundtrack
that we will provide.
Oh, string instrument.
The most superior?
I know none of you guys play double bass at least.
Okay, I'm gonna say violin.
Violin is the most superior instrument surely.
- Ooo. - Ooo.
- You lock it in? Are you sure? - Are you sure?
I know...
One of you guys play the viola, right?
- Oh! - Oh!
I mean our channel is TwoSet Viola, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, okay. I'll say violin.
- Violin. Lock it in. Okay. - Lock it in.
It's the violin!
- It's the violin! Woo! - Wow!
All right, the prize.
I think the worst, most annoying pop song
in existence is probably Pharrell's "Happy".
It's just - I despise it.
So, I want you to play it.
Do you know it?
What song is that one?
I'm not helping. I'm not telling you what the notes are.
Wait, I know this one.
Yeah, that's "Happy" right?
Yeah, that's totally "Happy", totally.
Close enough.
By the way, we're also doing a pop music quiz,
where these guys are gonna be on my channel.
- Urgh, I'm gonna be so screwed. - Yeah.
We're gonna be screwed there, right?
Speaking of viola...
The next question we will serenade you
on the beautiful viola.
If you get it correct.
I feel like viola is like the baritone of string instruments.
It's like baritone is the type of singer
that no one cares about, it's viola.
Did Roomie just roast all our baritone fans?
I'm gonna go ahead and say viola.
- Duh-duh-dun. - Oh!
Ding, ding, ding.
- You got it right, you got it right. - That is correct.
Oh, I did! Okay.
You did like a downwards motion melody.
- It sounded like it was wrong. Dun-dun... - Yeah, buh-bam...
Brett: Dude...
It's beautiful, guys.
I feel so serenaded right now.
The next prize is...
TwoSet is gonna strip off
one piece of clothing, on camera, for you.
Did you say this was a prize?
What? These are not note values.
Are they not note values?
He's probably using the other...
You mean like quarter notes,
- you know like normal people talk. - Yeah...
- Or like sixteenth note or... - Oh...
I guess I'm gonna say minim,
because it sounds like mini which is usually tiny.
Are you sure?
Yes, I gotta say I'm sure.
What's the answer?
- No! - It is C.
- It is C. - Demisemiquaver.
How long is that note?
What does that look like in a notation?
- Demisemiquaver? - That's the...
- Demisemiquaver, it has three little... - Oh yeah...
Yeah, I googled it now.
In normal people language, it's a 32nd note.
I'm so disappointed.
I was looking forward to this stripping so much.
He actually just did it on purpose.
He's like, "oh no, I missed out on the stripping."
For this one, if you play it correctly...
I mean, not play it correctly, what am I talking about?
If you answer correctly...
I will wear my trademark blonde wig
and turn into Edwina for the rest of this video.
This is what I'm talking about.
It definitely feels interrupted for me
because it doesn't resolve.
So, I'm gonna say interrupted.
- Are you sure? - Lock it in?
Yes, I'm gonna - I'm gonna lock it in.
- What! - It is A.
- Perfect cadence. - Perfect. - What?!
What? Is this - Did you make these up?
Or is this things people actually say?
- It is legit, I mean... - It's legit.
- Perfect cadence. - What would you call a V to I?
What I heard was...
Oh, right. He's listening to the fact that it was broken.
- Oh... - Because it's on the violin.
Let me strum it like a guitar.
It's basically a G major chord going into C major chord.
What would you call that?
Oh, that I would probably call perfect.
It didn't sound like that at all.
- Eddy just played out of tune. - I think I did mess it up.
All right, next one.
If you get this question correct...
Everyone watching this video has to hit the like button.
That sounds good.
I mean, honestly, I don't know.
I'm gonna have to...
I want to start out with 50:50.
- Ooo. Nice, nice. Good use. - Ooo. Okay.
Okay, I'll cut out uh...
20th century.
No! That's the one I knew it wasn't.
And romantic.
That's either A or B.
I'm gonna do the poll as well.
- Oh!! - Oh!!
He's going all out.
I want that like!
Imagine the fans are troll.
Oh no!
It looks like it's classical so far for me.
74% of classical.
This is your audience,
shouldn't everyone in your audience know this?
Tss, tss, tss, tss.
Let us know in the comments if you voted wrong.
I know this is super easy,
that's why I used two lifelines on it.
Some of the people voting on this...
Need to get more education.
Okay, guys.
I feel comfortable with like hundreds of votes here.
I'm gonna lock in on classical, guys.
- Ding-ding-ding! - Ding-ding-ding! Correct!
- It's correct! Woah! - Woo!
Oh, I did it. I'm so talented.
Now, everyone has to like this video
because I was so good.
For the next one,
Brett will serenade you with his famous Tchaikovsky.
- Oh... - Key signature.
- So not accidentals. - Yeah, key -
It's definitely not zero.
Yeah. F# minor...
Yeah. Dude, zero...
I haven't done this in so long. Uh...
- I think it's... - You can still call a friend.
Ah, no, no, no, no, no. I'm gonna go with D.
- Ooo. - Lock it in?
Lock it in.
Three sharps.
- Da-dah~ - Da-dah~ - Woo!
I remember this like little memory thing
we learned at musical for this.
It's in Swedish so you guys won't get it but...
And Alla is the third one and that's the A.
That's how I knew it.
So you went to the relative major, right?
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah.
So here you go.
I'll play it to you in F minor, no, I'm just kidding.
That's it.
Haven't warmed up.
Haven't practiced.
Got any more excuses for us?
So for the next one, the prize...
We will play at a super fast, 15 notes a second for you.
Finish the sentence.
So I think this is actually
how I found your channel, through this spam.
A bunch of people who watch me,
who also watch you guys,
would write this in my comments all the time,
- until I had to look up what it was. - Oh, really?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, it is if you can play it slowly...
You will break the Guinness - Nah, I'm kidding.
You play it quickly.
That's the one. C. Lock it in.
- Ding-ding-ding. - Woah!
That's so stupid, I love it.
- All right, Brett. - TwoSet plays 15 notes a second.
Do it.
Yes! It's like in the video.
That's it.
Man, I feel, these prizes are so rewarding.
Next one. Do you know what a Tim Tam is?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's the Australian candy, right?
Yes. The prize will be a Tim Tam.
Have you been to an orchestra concert?
I have, yeah, yeah. I've played actually in orchestras.
So I played percussion.
I think we were in the back. So I'm gonna say B.
And that is correct.
That is the funniest answer I've ever heard.
- "I think I was..." - "I think..."
"But I didn't notice anyone else behind me, right?"
Guys, I'm an old man, okay. This is like 20 years ago.
- Where's my Tim Tam? - All right.
I'm gonna send you the Tim Tam.
Oh wait, you're not in Australia. Damn it.
- Urgh! - I guess we'll have to eat one on camera for you.
Show me on the camera. I will need to see the Tim Tam.
- Ay! - Mmm...
Okay, stop it. I'm very jealous.
Dude, the health star rating is 0.5 out of 5.
That's horrible.
I'm glad I didn't eat it.
So what you gave me was basically
I didn't have to eat it.
Yeah, that was your prize.
For the next question, the prize is a
TwoSet Apparel giveaway of your choice.
That's what I'm talking about.
And the question is...
I promise it's a legit technique.
It's not pizzicato or if that's how you even say pizzicato.
I don't think it's hit the wood.
I don't think it's stick bang bang either.
I'm gonna say it's col legno.
- That's my final answer. - Ooo, lock it in?
Pretty sure, pretty sure.
The answer is actually stick bang bang.
Eddy: Nah, I'm just kidding.
You're right, col legno.
That was a really good deduction.
Well, there were two awful, awful ones.
Hey, it could have been hit the wood.
It's called what it is.
They both sound so suggestive.
Wow, okay. Well, there you go.
You can go pick on your own time.
I'm actually running out of t-shirts.
All right, the next one.
We'll play the violin while giving you
a sexy dance on camera.
This is not even like a classical music question.
This is more of just like a question.
- That is true. - It's a question.
I only have call a friend left, right?
All of my friends are like asleep.
Oh wait, I could call my friend Daniel Thrasher.
He makes skits about piano stuff.
Hey, Daniel, I gotta be quick.
How many keys are there on a standard piano, Daniel?
- Help me. - 88. 88.
- 88. 88. Thank you so much, man. - Ooo.
I'll speak to you later.
Thanks so much. I gotta go, okay, bye.
- Ooo. - That was quick.
I'm impressed.
If Daniel is wrong about this, I will be angry.
It's all staged actually.
We told Daniel to like rig the question.
- He's right. 88. - 88 is the answer.
- Woo! Yes! - Da-dah~
All right. I guess we gotta turn on our...
- Webcam again. - Webcam again. Okay, sexy cam time.
- How is this gonna work? - My leg's out. I'm gonna put my legs up.
Just gonna...
...Go ahead and unzip.
Yay! That was beautiful.
- He smashed the chair into the wall. - Yeah, I ruined your wall.
If you get this correct,
we will shout out subscribe to Roomie.
Oh really?
Would you really do that for me?
But only if you get it right.
Oh my god.
This is so important.
You used up all your lifelines.
- Yeah. - All right.
I haven't actually decided which one I wanna play.
Nah, I'm just kidding.
It's like you rig it.
Could you hear that?
Yeah, I heard it.
I heard it.
I'll play it one more time.
Yeah, do it.
I'm gonna say that it is an A.
Lock it in, are you sure?
I am locking it in 100%.
- A! - Woo!
- Woah, that's right guys! - Yay!
Subscribe to Roomie right now.
Go to his channel, subscribe to Roomie.
Perfect pitch gang.
You did not hesitate at all.
Yeah, that was a quick one. He was like "A".
- Yeah. - Straight up.
Last one.
If you get this correct...
You get to tell us what to tweet and we have to tweet it.
These are some good, good ones.
Please, please be nice to us.
I think I know this meme.
It's another one that
people kept spamming on my channel,
so I've seen it a lot.
Part of me thinks that it might be 40
and there's like 40 hours a day
and that the joke is not like the 69 joke per se,
it's just that it's like more than 24.
I'm gonna go with 40.
Lock it in?
Yeah, let's lock it in.
- Okay, the answer is 40! - Yay!
- Yay! Woo! - Whoa!
Okay, what should you tweet?
Should have made this last one harder.
Okay, I want you guys to...
Do your - Seriously...
Your prettiest smiles and your prettiest poses together,
- post it and... - Oh no...
This is something we would never do.
Actually feeling a bit handsome today, any ladies like?
What was it, actually feeling a bit handsome today and?
Any ladies like, question mark.
Oh no! That's the worst!
Oh wait, just -
Both of us or just Eddy?
No! What the -
I'm looking forward to this. I'm gonna retweet this.
All right, let's take it.
- Let's just get this over and done with. End the pain. - All right, we're gonna take it right now.
I need like a serious... Like it can't look meme-y.
Urgh. I gotta post this.
- I'd rather perform in front of 20,000 people right now... - Yeah, me too.
Than post this.
I'd rather do a whole live concert right now.
You guys have no idea
how hard I'm refreshing my Twitter right now.
I'm very excited.
Tweeted! Urgh, I can't even look at my phone.
I love it.
You got one reply so far, Kali says, "I love you".
- Urgh... - Urgh...
We love you too, Kali.
Dude, you are not even smiling, Brett.
You look like you are held at gunpoint.
I like the person that's like, I'm a lesbian, heart, no.
This was one of the best prizes ever.
I'm really enjoying it.
All right, that was fun, that was fun.
Thank you guys so much.
What was my total score and
how many questions were there?
You got 10 out of 12 correct.
That's not too bad.
What percentile is that?
You're in the top 100%
cause no one has ever done this quiz.
I'm glad. I'm glad.
All right, guys.
Go check out Roomie's channel.
And again, if you like this stuff, please...
Accent the like button.
I'm so traumatized by this tweet.
Head on over to my channel, we did another video there.
I'm gonna quiz these guys on pop music
and it's gonna be...
I assume similar to this, embarrassing.
You'll like it a lot.
- Thank you, guys. - All right, cool.
- Thanks for having me. - Bye, guys.
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Who Wants to Be a Classical Millionaire (ft. RoomieOfficial)

14 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on June 13, 2020
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