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- And lamb chop.. - 'Ooh, lamb chop.'
How old is that sock?
If I had a sock on my hand for thirty years
it'd be talking too.
Okay, I think it's time to change
somebody's nicotine patch.
Hey! Where's Joey?
Joey ate my last stick of gum, so I killed him.
Do you think that was wrong?
I think he's across the hall.
There you go.
Ooh, I'm alive with pleasure now.
Hey, Pheebs, you gonna have the rest of that Pop-Tart?
Does anyone want the rest of this Pop-Tart?
Hey, I might.
You know, those stupid soda people gave me
seven thousand dollars for the thumb.
- Oh, my God! - Seven thousand dollars?
And on my way over here, I stepped in gum.
What is up with the universe?
- What's goin' on? - Nothing.
I just think it's nice when
we're all here together.
Even nicer when everyone gets
to wear their underwear.
- Uh, Joey. - Oh, God!
- Oh, come on. - That was lamb chop!
Please, guys, we have to talk.
Wait, wait, I'm getting a Deja Vu.
No, I'm not.
Alright, we have to talk.
There it is!
Okay. It's, it's about Alan.
There's something that you should know.
[sighs] Oh, man, there's really no easy way to say this, uh.
I've decided to break up with Alan.
[all sighs]
Is there somebody else?
No, no, no. It's just..
You know, things change.
People change.
We didn't change.
So that's it? It's over?
Just like that?
You know, you let your guard down.
You know, you start to really care about someone.
And I just.. I..
Look, I, I could go on pretending--
- Okay. - 'No!'
But that wouldn't be fair to me. It wouldn't be fair to Alan.
- It wouldn't be fair to you. - Yeah, well, who wants fair?
I mean, I just want things back. You know, the way they were.
- I'm sorry. - Oh, she's sorry!
I feel better.
I just can't believe this.
I mean, with the holidays coming up..
...I wanted him to meet my family.
I'll meet someone else.
There'll be other Alans.
- No! - Oh, yeah, right.
- Are you guys gonna be okay? - Hey, hey, we'll be fine.
We're just gonna need a little time.
I understand.
[sighs] Wow!
I'm, I'm really sorry.
Yeah, I mean, I'm sorry too.
But, I gotta tell you, I'm a little relieved.
Yeah, well, I mean
I had a great time with you.
I just can't stand your friends.
[instrumental music]
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Friends: Monica Breaks Up with Alan (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

12 Folder Collection
JessieW published on June 12, 2020
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