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  • No, no, no.

  • They say it's the same as the distance

  • from the tip of a guy's thumb

  • the the tip of his index finger.

  • That's ridiculous.

  • Can I use either thumb?

  • Alright. Don't tell me. Don't tell me.

  • Decaf cappuccino for Joey.

  • Coffee, black.

  • Latte.

  • And an iced tea.

  • I'm getting pretty good at this.

  • - Excellent. - Good job.

  • Good for me.

  • [mumbling]

  • - You okay, Phoebe? - Yeah. No, I'm just, it's, uh..

  • It's not even worth. It's my bank.

  • And what did they do to you?

  • It's not, it's just.. Okay.

  • I'm goin' through my mail, and I open

  • up their monthly, you know, statement--

  • - Easy, easy. - And, yeah..

  • And there's $500 extra in my account.

  • Oh! Satan's minions at work again.

  • Yes, 'cause now I have to go down there and deal with them.

  • What are you talkin' about? Keep it.

  • It's not mine. I didn't earned it.

  • If I kept it, it would be like stealing.

  • Yeah, but if you spent it, it would be like shopping.

  • Okay. Okay.

  • Let's say I bought a really great pair of shoes.

  • Do you know what I'd hear with every step I took?

  • Not mine. Not mine. Not mine.

  • And even if I was happy, okay, and, and skipping.

  • I'd hear, not-not mine. Not-not mine.

  • We're with you. We got it

  • Okay. I just, I'd never be able to enjoy it.

  • It would be like this giant karmic debt.

  • (Monica) 'Chandler, what are you doin'?'

  • Hey, what are you doing?

  • - Oh, whoa! - Oh, gross.

  • - What are you doing? - What is this?

  • I'm smoking. I'm smoking I'm smoking.

  • Oh, I can't believe you.

  • You've been so good for three years.

  • And my reward.

  • Hold on a second, alright.

  • Just think about what you went

  • through the last time you quit.

  • Okay, so this time I won't quit.

  • - No! Put it down. - Alright! I'm putting it out.

  • I'm putting it out.

  • Oh, no! I, uh.. I can't drink this now.

  • Alright, I'm gonna go change. I've got a date.

  • Is this Alan again? How's it goin'?

  • It's going pretty good, you know.

  • It's nice and we're having fun.

  • So, when do we get to meet the guy?

  • - 'Yeah?' - Let's see, today's Monday.

  • - Never. - Come on!

  • No, no, not after what happened with Steve.

  • What are you talking about? We love Steve.

  • Steve was sexy!

  • - Sorry. - Yeah.

  • Look, I don't even know how I feel about him yet.

  • Just give me a chance to figure that out.

  • Well, then can we meet him?

  • No. Sorry.

No, no, no.

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Friends Caught Smoking (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

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