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No, really. Come on. You're smart. You're sexy
- Oh, right. - Listen to me, kiddo.
You're going to be fine. Believe me.
I'll just pee in the street.
[knock on door]
- Hey, is Chandler here? - Yeah.
Okay, come here.
Okay, uh, about last night.
You know. Chandler. You didn't tell..
Okay, 'cause I'm thinking we don't need to tell Chandler
I mean, it was just a kiss right?
One kiss, no big deal. Right?
- Right, no big deal. - Okay.
In bizarro world!
- You broke the code. - What code?
You don't kiss your friend's mom.
Sisters are okay..
...maybe a hot-lookin' aunt, but not a mom.
Never a mom!
What are you guys doing out here?
Uh, well, Joey and I had discussed
getting in an early-morning racquetball game.
But, um, apparently, somebody overslept.
Yeah, well, you don't have your racquet.
No, no, I don't because it's being restrung.
Somebody was supposed to bring me one.
Yeah. Well, you didn't call and leave your grip size.
You guys spend a way too much time together.
Okay, I'm scum. I'm scum!
Ross, how could you let this happen?
I don't know. God, I..
Well, it's not like she's a regular mom, y'know?
She's-she's sexy. She's...
You don't think my mom's sexy?
- Well, not in the same way. - Hey!
I'll have you know that Gloria Tribbiani
was a handsome woman in her day, alright?
You think it's easy giving birth to seven children?
Okay, I think we're getting into a weird area here.
- Hey. - Hey.
What are you guys doing out here?
Well, n-not playing racquetball!
He forgot to leave his grip size.
- He didn't get the goggles. - Oh.
Well...sounds like you two have issues.
- Bye, baby. - Ciao, bella.■
Do they wait for me to do this?
- So are you gonna tell? - No, I'm not going to tell him.
Why would I tell him?
How about 'cause if you, his mother might.
- Oh. - What are you guys doing here?
Uh...he's not even wearing a jock strap.
What did I ask?
- Oh, my God. - You're my friend.
I, I had to tell you.
I can't believe it.
Paolo kissed my mom?
Yeah, I mean, uh, I-I dont know
if you noticed but he had a lot to drink.
You know, I mean, you kknow how he gets when he's druu--
I can't do this. I did it.
It was me. I'm sorry.
- I kissed your mom. - What?
I...I was really upset about Rachel and Paolo
and I think I had too much tequila and Nora, um..
Mrs. Mom, your Bing, was uh...
She was just being nice, you know, and-and..
But nothing happened. Nothing. Ask Joey.
- Joey, uh, he came in.. - You knew about this?
Uh, you know, knowledge is a tricky thing, uhh..
I spent the entire day with you. Why didn't you tell me?
Hey, hey, hey, you're lucky I caught them
when I did, or else who knows what would have happened?
Thanks, man. Big help.
I can't believe this. What the hell were you thinking?
I wasn't. I-I don't know.
You know, of all my friends, no one knows the crap
I go through with my mom more than you.
- I know. I-- - I can't believe you did this!
- Chandler.. - Me neither, you know--
I'm still mad at you for not telling me.
- Chandler.. - Why you mad at me?
Let me slam the door!
Chandler, well, I didn't kiss her. He did!
See what happens when you break the code?
- Joey. - Ah. Uh.
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Friends: Ross Kisses Chandler's Mom (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

26 Folder Collection
劉惠玲 published on June 10, 2020
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