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[EP.12 When Walking The Dark Night Road]
[MANILA 2020.02.07 PM 02:00]
Walk more slowly~
Slowly look this way! Good.
I'm actually very different depending on who I'm with.
I talk pretty directly to people that I'm close with, like our members and my family.
But some of them feel uncomfortable with my way of talking.
THE 8 also told me about this once.
I don't mean to hurt people with my words,
But THE 8 told me that he feels uncomfortable with what I say sometimes,
So these days I try not to be so direct.
[SEATTLE 2020.01.23 PM 00:30]
How do you feel?
I feel okay.
I woke up and ate a while ago.
I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.
I don't think there's anything to film here!
If you film me like this 24/7...
I feel a bit uncomfortable when there's a camera filming me 24/7
Like filming a documentary.
I feel pressured when the real me is different from
What other people think.
I think that could be because of the language.
I sometimes stay quiet when talking in Korean
Because when speaking Korean, I don't really know how to
Express my thoughts in a more clever way
Like SeungKwan, DK and Hoshi.
I can't go any lower.
I can't go lower.
Ah! I can't.
Jun, you have to tell us if you feel sick.
- Ah I'm sick! - You don't need to feel embarrassed!
I'm sick!
Even though I joke around
And talk a lot,
I think you can say I have a strong sense of pride.
I don't want to show my weaknesses to other people.
But when I'm having a really hard time, I do tell other people about it.
[ODE TO YOU IN SAN JOSE 2020.01.21 PM 10:40 SAP CENTER] So we've finished the San Jose concert.
- Although Jun couldn't be with us today, - Right.
- We tried to fill in for Jun and S.COUPS' parts as well. - We really worked hard.
I feel very sorry for the CARATs who came today
Because I should have taken care of myself well and gone on stage.
I think I'll be okay soon.
I feel much better after I got the shot,
So I think I'll be fine by the next city.
[SEATTLE 2020.01.23 PM 11:40] This is delicious.
Most foreigners don't really like the taste of soybean paste stew, but I like it!
It's good, right?
THE 8 used to like gimbap a lot.
- I used to like... - You really liked gimbap!
- I could eat one pack of ramen noodles, with 2 gimbap rolls. - That's a good combination.
- I took my mom to “Kimbab Cheongug” when she came to Korea. - You did? What did she say?
When I told our manager that I'm taking my mom there, he was like
"She came all the way to Korea and you're going THERE?"
Yeah, because we used to go there a lot.
"You should take her to a better restaurant!"
I think the only hard part when I was a trainee was the language.
I learn much better at language schools.
Since my Korean wouldn't improve if I didn't go to language schools, I trained in the afternoon
And learned Korean at night. So I had to sleep less, that was tough.
There used to be live broadcast shoots,
And I used to get really stressed by them.
Because I didn't speak Korean so well back then and I could only say hi in Korean, but I was going on a show!
Understanding the tasks was hard,
And communicating with the members was also hard. That was when I was the most stressed out.
This is good!
Whatever I found delicious, you found it delicious too.
Then this time I'll find it not delicious.
It's good, right?
It's good.
It's good.
Don't drink it. I'll drink it instead.
I think I was with Joshua the most often when we were trainees.
Everyone helped me out a lot but
THE 8 wasn't in Korea back then, and Joshua used to come every morning,
Learn Korean together, have lunch, then practice together.
Ever since then, SEVENTEEN have been more like a family, instead of just friends.
We're of similar ages, and we live together,
Work hard, practice together, and we all share similar dreams.
I feel very proud with them. Just being with them makes me feel proud.
That's what SEVENTEEN is to me.
The color really is different from other cameras.
It hasn't been that long since then, but why does the video look so old?
Ah, this part could've been better!
We weren't in sync back then.
I know.
This would've looked really nice.
It would've looked nice if we did this at the end.
I wasn't a fast learner when it came to choreography.
I usually need some time to learn the dance.
I wanted to do each movement accurately,
So I had a hard time with that.
Kind of like a perfectionist?
Oh, yeah.. I think I'm a perfectionist in a way.
After filming videos, the members tell me that I did good and looked nice,
But I don't like it.
You know when you hear your own voice in a video, you don't like it.
That was also something that stressed me out,
But I think I was ultimately able to improve from that.
I tend to learn by looking at other people, instead of learning from myself.
So I don't think I'd be like this today if it weren't for SEVENTEEN.
I learned a lot about confidence from Hoshi.
Like how I should think of myself when performing.
Even now I can't do it perfectly, but when I think of Hoshi
I think it gives me confidence
And before, I also wanted to learn how to be more easygoing like Vernon.
I envied Vernon in that way because
I would always rush things ever since I was a trainee.
I think these things come out better when you're relaxed.
And SeungKwan's emotion when he sings, is something special.
So I learned from that, and also his confidence when making jokes?
And making funny comments.
I learned these from SeungKwan, and they helped me a lot
When I appeared in TV shows in China.
I think I was able to improve so much thanks to SEVENTEEN
Both in terms of how I do on stage, and in general.
When I think of Jun, I think of a tree!
He's really honest and firm.
He's also loyal.
He stays on the middle ground for us.
I think I became more relaxed after going on this tour
And I also learned a lot of new things.
Some people could become careless
If they do the same thing over and over again.
But whenever I do the same performances, I try to maintain the passion.
I think 'Oh, I could do this differently like this.'
Even recently, instead of taking a rest on our days off,
We get lessons, and the first thing I hear when I go to the dorm is the members singing.
What I want to tell our fans is that there are so many things that we want to show you.
We'll keep working harder.
[Don't worry]
[You will be the galaxy that lights up the darkness]
I need to shower before packing.
DK, you shower often, right?
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EP. 12 어두운 밤길을 걸을 때 | SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD

20 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 10, 2020
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