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Members! Members! Good job on the world tour,
And this final announcement will be out tomorrow at 1 o'clock.
So good job, everyone.
Good effort everyone!
- Well done, everyone! - Good job!
- Good job to our members! - Great job!
We did good!
There are some regions left to perform in, but
Especially because the Europe Tour would've been a first experience for SEVENTEEN, had we done it
So I'm very disheartened.
I hope there will be a day for us to go back.
I was sad because we didn't expect that to be the last,
And it was sad not being able to meet CARATs in the places we had planned to go to, but couldn't.
All the members were really sad,
There's nothing to really say.
The whole situation's just such a pity,
But we can't complain about it.
It was the right thing to do to end it, for the safety of people who would be coming
And we shouldn't risk any harm, so it was the right thing to do.
But at the same time, thinking about the fans who would have been waiting for us...
[EPILOGUE Us, Again]
When I was a trainee, the thought of a world tour wasn't really on my mind.
I actually didn't even know what a world tour was.
It was a bit overwhelming.
Could I survive this tour?
I started off with the thought that I wanted to show how much I've grown.
'Wow, these guys are amazing performers'
'They are really talented singers', I had a goal that I wanted to hear those comments as well.
'We have passion, and we will share it with you' was something that I really wanted to show our audience.
Because our members have such high energy,
'This is the beginning!', 'Let's show them', 'Let's tear the stage apart'
So I'm very thankful for that.
I saw a video of our 2016 concert.
So much has changed!
I became curious about what I would feel
When I re-watch this tour 10 years from now,
And I just really wanted to do well.
We've raced as a team together, looking at the same goal,
And we will continue to do so.
SEVENTEEN is just my life,
It's the members' lives,
And it's everything to me, SEVENTEEN, it's my life.
I haven't ever spent this much time with my family, even.
It's like energy from my closest friends, family,
...And myself?
Sometimes, they're like close friends,
Sometimes like family, sometimes like my brothers.
I don't know, our members are all such versatile beings.
I think they are a really big, essential part of my being.
Standing next to them without even saying anything, I feel proud.
They're like that to me, SEVENTEEN.
Looking back, even the times we fought and argued, I treasure them too.
So I really want to tell my members that I'm so thankful. Telling them that I love them is a bit cringy for me.
I love them.
There's still seven more to go!
Go easy on me!
Do I even have to say it?
Of course they're the most precious, closest people to me,
Like without them, I'd be really down and struggling.
I have twelve brothers, really.
What more is there to say?
They're very precious to me.
One, two three!
One, two three!
Last one! One, two three!
S.COUPS, how have you been?
Guys, let's smile big like S.COUPS.
One, two three!
One, two three!
When I was taking time off sick, seeing that my members did that for me,
I was so happy to see that that they feel I'm always with them, as much as I do.
But also a bit sad that I didn't get to share those memories with them.
One, two, three!
Last one! One, two, three!
First of all, I wanted to thank them for coming to watch our performance.
It's not easy to come out yourself and cheer for us,
As time goes by, I become more and more grateful for that.
And we should work harder to repay that love.
I hope that we are like friends
Who build up fond memories together during this time of growth.
I just hope that when we watch this clip in the far future,
Everyone who we shared this moment with, will be content in life.
That's what ODE TO YOU feels like. 'Something for you'.
Music that's just for you.
I believe we all wanted to touch people's hearts
Beyond just enjoying the songs and having fun.
- How's Dino? - He went to the emergency room at about 2.
Because he got so ill?
Because we're in an unfamiliar environment, and performing itself takes up a lot of energy,
There are a lot of times we get hurt or sick.
We can hurt our shoulders,
Or sprain our ankle doing a move.
To be honest, those incidents are really common.
I feel really sorry to the members.
Like, morale?
The team's energy does fall slightly.
Listening to this song always warms up my heart.
Shall we sing it together?
Above all, I'm happy.
It kind of feels like we're being comforted for going through such hard times,
And I feel good because they also leave with our positive energy,
And that again gives us strength,
I'm just very thankful.
What more could I say?
I always feel like performing isn't enough to
Really feel 100% of what our fans feel.
What would it feel like to meet them one by one, albeit short, and talk to them?
I really wanted to tell them that if they enjoyed this tour, our next one will be even better.
And that if they keep at it until the end, they can eventually achieve their dreams like we did.
There are so many things that I want to show them.
I'll work hard.
Literally, it was an unfinished tour
But it was such a meaningful experience to us.
It's our goal to come back next time with even more growth
Thank you for everyone who's supported us
As well as the CARATs we didn't get to meet,
I want to tell them that I've overcome it really well.
Our fans really are amazing.
Because I've never dedicated years liking someone myself.
So, the love they give us is so thankful and amazing.
I want to give back the love we've received, and become a positive influence
That's what I'm thinking about these days.
[Until the day we sing together again,]
[This road to you will never end]
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19 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 10, 2020
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