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  • Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak with me, Feifei...

  • ...and me, Roy.

  • We may sound a little different. That's

  • because we are not able to record in our

  • normal studios during

  • the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Roy, have you heard about Rob?

  • No, what about Rob?

  • Well, you know that Rob's been wearing

  • a long t-shirt recently.

  • It's because the other night

  • he went out with some friends. Well,

  • he lost a dare and now he's got

  • a tattoo of panda

  • on a skateboard on his arm.

  • Feifei, he's probably really embarrassed

  • about that. You shouldn't gossip.

  • I am not! But, you always love it when

  • I spill the tea!

  • You spilt some tea? While recording!?

  • That's dangerous when we're

  • surrounded by laptops

  • and microphones.

  • No Roy, 'spilling the tea' means 'to gossip'.

  • I'm going to spill the tea some more right

  • after these examples...

  • I shouldn't spill the tea, but have you

  • heard that Bob and Susan are dating?

  • Come on, spill the tea. Tell me what

  • you know about Derek!

  • I'll spill the tea. There's going to be a

  • huge party and no one has invited Peter.

  • This is The English We Speak from

  • BBC Learning English and

  • we're talking about the expression

  • 'spill the tea' which means to 'to gossip'.

  • So come on Feifei, spill the tea. You know

  • everything that happens in the office. How

  • did you know about Rob's tattoo?

  • I will never reveal my sources.

  • Well, OK. It was Neil.

  • I can't believe you told me that!

  • You gave up your source so easily.

  • Well you asked, so I told you!

  • I'm just really honest.

  • Well, Feifei. I have a surprise for you!

  • You know that Neil told you that

  • Rob has a new

  • tattoo?

  • Yes.

  • Well Feifei, Rob hasn't really got

  • a 'panda on a skateboard' tattoo - we

  • created the story

  • to see if you'd spill the tea! Rob would

  • never do something so silly!

  • That's not fair! Bye, Roy.

  • Bye.

Hello and welcome to The English

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What does 'spill the tea' mean? The English We Speak

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