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  • I said... let's have a big wank!

  • Communal masturbation. The old circle jerk

  • You're invisible!

  • I had a strange tingling sensation in my anus

  • Oh

  • who's your daddy?

  • i'm your daddy! I'm big daddy!

  • Oh yeah you like that

  • You're very cute. You not so much but there's always room for a little one

  • I tied a rope to my feet

  • and tried to yank them over my head

  • And I've got like, six pillows

  • I nearly broke my neck

  • I was so close

  • An inch feels like a mile

  • I appear to have shat myself

  • Let's get the wind flying through your hair

  • Let's get that wind flying through your scalp c'mon

  • So being Santa sucks a big fat cock

  • Two pints of lager please barmaid

  • Are you gonna pay for them?

  • No

  • - Nick cock man - Fuck off

  • Names were never my strong point but I think the whole French thing sold it

  • Sorry mate

  • Nice cardigan

  • You're creeping out of your weird little shell, I get that. Good for you.

  • But let's get one thing straight

  • I'm the funny guy around here

  • Didn't you say you wanted to piss on her tits?

  • probably best to keep that kinda anything between you and your internet service provider

  • The strange tingling sensation in my anus has spread through my body and now

  • I can't feel my legs

  • You should see the looks on your faces

  • Classic

  • Classic!

I said... let's have a big wank!

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