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  • So maybe you're hanging out with your friends, and suddenly people start talking about the 16 personalities.

  • Myers-Briggs, MBTI.

  • They start saying weird stuff like, "I'm an INFJ."

  • "I'm an ENTP."

  • And you're like, "What?"

  • Are we supposed to just all act like everybody knows what this gobbledygook means?

  • What do the letters mean?

  • The four letters, when people are talking about these personality types, I'm gonna explain it to you like you're five.

  • Okay, maybe not like you're five, but maybe like a smart ten year old.

  • The four letters that make up a personality type are just preferences, that's all, no big deal.

  • It's how you observe the world, and how you make decisions.

  • Each Myers-Briggs personality type has four letters in it, each of those letters has two options, that's two times two times two times two.

  • That's 16, boom.

  • Honors Pre-calculus in 11th grade, yo.

  • The first letter is I or E.

  • That stands for "introvert" or "extravert," easy enough, right?

  • Well, don't get too comfortable, 'cause that's the easiest one.

  • The next letter is S or N, which stands for "sensing" or "intuition."

  • I know, intuition starts with an "i," but the symbol is "N," it's confusing but just roll with it.

  • Sensing and intuition are the ways that we make observations of the world around us.

  • Sensing is pretty easy, how do we observe the world with our five senses?

  • What are the facts?

  • What are the numbers?

  • Intuition is about what are the patterns at work here?

  • What are the higher-level concepts?

  • Everybody uses both sensing and intuition.

  • You couldn't make yourself a ham sandwich for lunch without both.

  • Could you... ah... maybe.

  • But you do have a preference at least 51 percent of the time of one over the other.

  • The third letter in the type is F or T, which stands for Feeling and Thinking, which are the two ways that we make decisions.

  • Feeling is not so much emotion, but value.

  • What value do I give something, is it good or bad?

  • Do I like it or not like it?

  • Making a decision based on feeling is like I'm gonna do this because I like it, or because other people like it.

  • Thinking, on the other hand, is logical, rational.

  • Does it make sense?

  • Does it work, is it true?

  • Making a decision with thinking is:

  • "I'm gonna do this because it just makes sense, it just works."

  • We all do both everyday, and the personality type isn't meant to put you in a box.

  • It's just meant to say a majority of the time, what do you prefer?

  • The fourth letter is J or P.

  • Do you prefer John or Paul as your favorite Beatle?

  • Ha, ha, ha... just kidding.

  • No, J verses P is really "judging versus perceiving."

  • And to be honest with you, this letter is like the least precise in its meaning, but let me try to give you a little bit of what it's going for.

  • So the P and J stand for perceiving and judging.

  • Perceiving meaning observations, judging meaning decisions.

  • So, when you have a P type, generally when they're making decisions, they're looking at themselves first and foremost.

  • What do I think is the right decision here?

  • I'm gonna go with that.

  • P types also, when they're making observations, wanna gather as many as possible.

  • They don't wanna limit it, and they don't really wanna organize it either.

  • The J types, on the other hand, when they're making decisions, they wanna look around, and get a good cross-section of what everyone else thinks is the right decision to make here, and then they'll make it based off of that.

  • When making observations, the J types don't wanna take in a crap ton of observations, like the P types, they wanna limit it, and just chew on a few choice observations for awhile, organize them over and over.

  • And this is why the J types, generally to the outside world, can look a bit more organized, and the P types can look like crazy, disorganized, their life is a mess.

  • But they're having fun.

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  • Now, if you wanna learn a bit more about what the flavor of each type is, check out these videos, which have funny stereotypes of each of the 16 personalities.

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  • Thanks so much for watching, I appreciate you.

  • Until next time, stay cool and attractive.

So maybe you're hanging out with your friends, and suddenly people start talking about the 16 personalities.

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16 Personalities: What do the Letters Mean? (MBTI, Myers Briggs)

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