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well good morning guys morning welcome to little slice of paradise here in
Argentina where are we we're in La Cumbrecita La Cumbrecita in
the province of Cordoba I'm a little being here I'm not used to the altitude
or all we're also hiking at the moment again yeah we did
so yeah it's O about 1500 meters here were up in the mountains in the valley
of kalamu cheetah yes this is the town where I went to school as a child yeah
so it feels familiar in some ways yet I didn't really explore or do a whole lot
of hiking when I was in this area no and I remember you were saying that the town
is really exploded and yes in terms of development since you were last here
lots of new businesses lots of new people living here today it's got a plan
of action two things we want to do number one hike yep visit a few
different lookout points and get beautiful views of the whole area and
number two food there's a lot of like German Swiss inspired cow and that's
really popular in this area and it seems to be what most restaurants specialize
in yeah so after a bit of hiking we're gonna go get some food honestly today is
a bit of a late start to the day we had breakfast at 10:00 so we need some
exercise or exercise before we work up lunch
so we are now arriving at the lookout point
it's called mirador de cristo chico or lookout little Christ eighty meters off
the main road not too difficult
so one thing to mention here is the beautiful weather on the summer day I
actually checked the weather online before we left and it said the maximum
was gonna be 21 degrees and it's January it's February February just try be area
right now yeah and what's nice as the Sun is peeking through the clouds but
it's also we're getting a lot of cloud cover as well and there's a light breeze
this is perfect for walking I started off with the fleece now your inanity
t-shirt and who knows you might be putting on the fleece again at some
our next stop the cutest little chapel you ever did see it's up there this is
what it looks like
right now we have stopped for a quick break to catch our breaths at blasted us
beyond arrows which means Pioneer Square and they have lots of really cool wood
sculptures all over town and there's one just behind us with two little owls oh
yeah check out the workmanship on this one it's got like these roses and Ivy
carved into the tree trunks pretty cool Sam is very impressed by the tree trunks
you see here kind of mesmerized by them they look ancient ancient looks like
something out of like a haunted movie or something so another really cool thing
about this town is that it's pedestrian only so you may see a few cars in town
but only people who live here are allowed to actually drive them in if
you're visiting you have to leave your car out in this massive parking lot at
the entrance of town and then they bring you in by bus or you can walk down the
hill it's a very short walk well yeah that gives this place a very peaceful
tranquil feel like you can just roam down the dirt roads and walk around for
hours really and there are hardly any vehicles so yeah a beautiful place for
hiking enjoying nature we're just surrounded by trees and forests and
flowers people really take care of their gardens here so you have so many
different flowers in bloom and everything is just perfectly manicured
so yeah we're enjoying this little walk here
so that was the chapel founded in the year 1967
I actually remember coming to church there as a kid a handful of times
sometimes the service was in Spanish sometimes it was elf Deutsch yes it's
really cool to see it they're still standing it really is beautiful from the
exterior and yeah it's very cozy inside you can only fit a few people sometimes
people would stand outside to listen to part of the service
yeah we're continuing our walk through town still panting here I think it's
going to take long words and upwards so take me a few days to get used to this
we've been stuffing ourselves with parrisha pizza with empanadas pakoras up
ahora so you know rudder shape this is exactly what we need burn the belly
the plan today the German food so we have arrived at a restaurant called the
squat Orientis the four winds this is one of the few restaurants that doesn't
have a German name here most of them do have German names and yeah lots of
German dishes we're gonna order two then two German desserts oh yeah yeah German
beers but is the plan and Sam is going to update us on the status of his finger
which he nearly lost the only new family and a very valuable lesson today
oh my gosh guys okay so I was flying the drone
I mean Diaz bringing it back to me I just got a new one it's a really tiny
one called the DJI spark it's this little tiny and cute I was just getting
a little bit cocky I was just like reaching up to grab it I miscalculated
because of the wind it kind of I think it actually came either one above her
down I can't remember because I'm just like in shock that the boy he'd sliced
up with my thumb and that blood was just going everywhere is like flowing like a
river yeah I thought I was gonna need stitches it was a deep cut but not deep
enough for that so yeah I got a really lucky I could've like sliced off my
thumb or something else I don't know it was scary I've never seen so much blood
on the ground and we had to wrap it with stalk Hardy she took off of her foot
which is gross it was the only thing that I could put fresh around it and it
was over 15 or 20 minute walk and there's a little local ambulance and
fortunately there was a really kind nurse who you know disinfected it
wrapped it up in this nice bandage as you can see and yeah that was a
unexpected event and so we're having lunch and three when we had probably
planned on having it at around 1:30 so that's what happened
eventful day with Samuel Jeffrey cheers to say I'm keeping his finger nice to
have a full set of fingers and toes whatever is good we got two beers
artisanal beers burg Roy and mine is the chop which is 350ml yes
I got the honey one yours is called Buda which is a pint
500ml right yeah half a liter and yours is the red yep we also got a little bit
of bread so we have toasted bread on fresh bread with a little dip oh looks
like a garlicky a garlicky butter and heard
try some for us already you've been munching away off-camera those beers
I've been helping myself and it's good I haven't tried any of it as per usual
we are snacking on this until the mains arrive this is really good
bread beer you could honestly be a meal in and of itself
lately carb heavy huh how's that red oh my gosh guys that beer is refreshing and
after my war wound you know I feel like I deserve one maybe I'll even have
another one hole leader of cerveza leader of beer to numb my pain no
actually guys it's not it's not Sur anymore it was sore for like the first
hour and the the medical attendant is such a good job of like wrapping it up
putting applying pressure so I feel totally fine the food is here it is a
feast look at the size of this massive portion this is what they call the the
German dish we call this the German dish not doluma and we have some smoked pork
yeah we have choucroute which is a lot like sauerkraut yeah I'm with like
little bits of ham here it's basically a fermented cabbage it's delicious mhm if
we turn the dish over we have a sausage this one's called a Canuck forest and it
has Kanak in front of it because that's the sound it makes when you bite into it
Connect connect connect connect all the juices yeah this skin gives it a crunch
a thick skin what else in there and we have some sauteed potatoes with parsley
a little bit of pepper and we have some mustard and this all just looks really
wonderful Sam and I are gonna share these dishes and yeah I'm just very
happy seeing this food in front of me I'm so hungry I'm trying oh I've dug in
no problem no problem oh it's wonderful I can tell you already the pork meat is
so tender mm-hmm it just kind of melts in your mouth it's
wonderful with mustard I'm just so good and it's such a
generous piece of me like it's a thick slice big hunk big chunk of ham
basically basically the other thing you have a gigantic sausage - yeah little
bits of bacon in there yep and the sausage this is meat hobbies -
different well look at the juices coming out typical German food here that's what
you find in looking vicita it's also good isn't it I'm gonna save a bit for
you thank you - it is
it's on your plate my gosh it looks good sometimes you get goulash in it's kind
of runny and skimpy little pieces of meat but check out the big chunks it's
hard and it is hard even this is the kind of food you eat after you go home
for a walk for a long time and when you know when you sucks up when your fingers
you do you thing to have makes it all better
well better so the spatula it's um it's like a hand rolled noodle yes it has a
funny little shape there handy needs and I've had them kind of cleaned before
I've had them with cheese mm-hmm and they go really well the goulash it's
like a nice car option that you can have with you with your goulash oh yeah I had
forgotten we've had lots of spatula in Germany and Austria it was like melted
cheese on top guys meat is so tender oh my gosh that warrants another bite how
have you been enjoying the food in this area because we've been in this part of
the court a lot of three days now loving the food here and just in general I'm
getting fat in Argentina and food is ooh good I can't control myself guys oh the
car we love our cards with all the carbs in the world here don't look beer all
right our jury time for you to try the goulash I think you're gonna like this a
lot this is my third plate of goulash that I'm having since we arrived in
Argentina I'm not tired of it yet no I know because every where does it a
little bit differently though I know these two these two things are made for
each other the goulash and the spatula I'm very filling but we want to see a
room for dessert because we saw two different German desserts on the menu
that we really want to try trying to exercise self-control here but it's so
hard like these plates are gonna be empty in a matter of minutes
I know mm-hmm there's gonna be no self-control after all soft control so
cool to be able to share such such a great meal isn't it yeah imagine if you
were traveling solo you wouldn't get to try everything on the menu I know you
have to pick one or the other what a lucky man to be married the benefits of
being married
I'm a foodie in tow so this is like the smoked ham um dip a bit here in the
master I love that make sense let's try this Erica aka that's approved it's
gonna get first swim I was bad so good so juicy dessert time guys we ordered
two beautiful cakes allow me to present to you my goodness are the huge the up
for Corrin yeah which is lemon flavored cake and
then you have some apples and like crumbly bits that are made with butter
and sugar and then you have icing sugar on top the other one this one is called
the commission itten yep which is kind of like a phyllo pastry almost and it
has a custard and then it has a raspberry jam another layer of the
pastry and then like sugary glaze over top look at that
so crumbly so moist got raisins got apples freshly made today this is
actually a new dessert for me I knew the absolute cuckoo but I've
never tried this one before this is really nice and the raspberry jam is
sweet yet tart and then you have the glaze on top gives it a bit of a unique
kick with the raspberry huh yeah it's just a really nice combination
the only thing missing would be like a cup of tea or coffee
but we feel that yes here but yeah this has been a wonderful place if you ever
come to goodness eat them los cuatro Vientos is the name of this restaurant
yeah first time eating here but very very impressed
we'll be back again wonderful wonderful meal
beyond stuff the total for that two massive mains
with lots of miik two beers two desserts it came to 1025 argentine pesos which is
the equivalent of 27 US dollars so all in all I would say not bad because we
really did not need all that food we could have easily shared a main but yeah
it was delicious the service was great and yeah like I said before we would
highly recommend that place
are you cozy pup are you gonna have a siesta muscle it'll mean
so this section of trail were on is called Bosque acetyl bajo which means
lower forest it's a bit of like a little shortcut or like a side street in the
town and it's a lot darker and wetter here like you're covered by trees
there's a lot of ferns growing you have a little stream running by yeah it's a
cute little spot
well guys for a walk that's it from us for today I'm still rotunda in the mood
away for a long walk really look my belly's protruding yeah you know
I'm tired you are too it is time for a siesta it is time for a break so we're
gonna say goodbye for today we hope you enjoyed the video we had a wonderful
walk a delicious meal and we will see you with more tomorrow more adventuring
and luckily deceived us javi goes by
me and meows ease Meow's ease and me chilling on the deck of her cottage this
is the life cat on my lap although he is climbing me a bit he's like making bread
and just sticking in a little too much but he is cute aren't you your
chocolates coloured sweet
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Visiting La Cumbrecita, Cordoba + Eating German Food in Argentina

475 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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