B1 Intermediate 9 Folder Collection
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- [Cookie] It's Monster Meditation.
- [Andy] With Cookie Monster and me, Andy.
- Ha ha.
(timer ticking)
- [Andy] Hello Cookie Monster.
- Huh?
Oh, it me friend, Andy.
Hi Andy.
- [Andy] I see you're baking some cookies.
Mm, smells good.
- Yeah, but they not ready.
Why cookies take so long to bake?
- [Andy] Yeah, it can be hard to wait
for something you really, really want.
Hey, you wanna play a fun monster meditation while we wait?
- Oh, what meditation?
- [Andy] So it's an activity that can make waiting more fun.
- Oh boy!
Follow along and do monster meditation with me and Andy.
- [Andy] Great, so we're gonna play I-Sense,
a game of I Spy but with our five senses.
- Oh, me know those.
(sniffs) Sense of smell.
(upbeat music) Hearing.
And sight.
- [Andy] Exactly.
Now can you spy something with your sense of smell?
- Me smell with me little nose, cookies.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
- [Andy] Wait, Cookie Monster.
The cookies still aren't ready.
Let's pass the time by playing this game.
But before we do, we're gonna focus ourselves
by doing some belly breaths.
So put your hands on your belly.
Now take a slow deep breath in.
And slowly breath out.
Great job.
Now that we've focused, can you spy
something with your sense of smell?
- Me smell with me little nose, strawberries.
- [Andy] Strawberries?
- Yeah, it me strawberry monster shampoo.
Me had bubble bath today.
- [Andy] So with that smell in your nose
can you spy something with your sense of touch?
- Hey, me fur.
It's soft and fluffy.
- [Andy] Now with that softness in your mind,
Cookie Monster, can you spy something with your eyes?
- Me spy with me little eye, you!
Me friends at home.
- [Andy] Wonderful.
Now while focusing on your friends,
can you spy something with your sense of hearing?
- Me hear, uh me hear...
(timer ringing)
Loud ringing.
Andy, can you answer your phone please,
me trying to monster meditate.
- [Andy] Um, Cookie Monster?
That's the timer.
Your cookies are ready.
- Cookies!
Oh boy, me almost forgot.
- [Andy] See, by focusing on your senses
you forgot all about waiting for your cookies to bake.
And you still have one sense left.
- Me do?
- [Andy] Yes.
Your sense of taste.
(gasps) - Cookie!
(Cookie Monster chomping)
Meditation fun.
And delicious.
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Sesame Street Monster Meditation #1: I-Sense with Cookie Monster and Headspace

9 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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