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good morning good morning guys from rainy wet and windy Vancouver Island
here in Comox I guess we are checking out of our Airbnb bright and early and
today we are continuing to our final destination
we are heading down to Victoria for two days
yes exciting we're basically trading in the wilderness and the small communities
for the we're gonna be seeing the two biggest cities today we're driving by Nanaimo and then our final destination is Victoria which is the biggest city on
the island yeah and we've got my dad in the driver's seat he's gonna get us
there I'm gonna go there but it is raining all night and I'm very winded
today yeah a lot of wind so well guys it's not gonna get any better
unfortunately I don't think I was checking like Nanaimo and a few other
places it looks like it's gonna be rain all day but even with that in mind we're
gonna be making a few stops probably visiting a couple places along
the coast and of course eating Nanaimo bars to choose ourselves up about the
weather will play try the traditional one and then we're gonna try some
contemporary twists on it we found one nanaimo bar that had maple bacon and also dulce de
leche fat restaurants open with bacon I mean okay we're in Canada but that's
overdoing it no it's overkill with maple and all of that that's right I know on
our way we're on our way anyways yeah we got a long day of driving we are heading
south we're basically right now in Comox we're midway up the island and we're
heading to the far south of the island so a busy day so guys our first stop of
the day was that Fanny Bay oh my gosh it's still raining really hard it's
super windy so what I did was I just walked out basically on this tiny little
trail that led out to the coast it's just like rough rough waters wind
rain not a soul in sight and yeah so that's basically our first stop we're
just back in the car and now we're going to be driving on the way to Nanaimo so
we have made our well I'm calling this our first stop of the day P first
official stop one was Fanny Bay and it was so windy and so rainy and Fanny Bay
is so small that we really didn't see much I'm the only one at stormy waters
yeah that's all that's all it was so now we're at Arbutus Grove Provincial Park our beautiful park yep
we've come to see the Arbutus it's known as at Adonis in Spanish and we saw lots
of those when we were in Patagonia yeah but Google Maps kind of led us astray
and then we got here and there was a group of German tourists who are also
kind of lost and they're looking for the Arbutus yeah so we don't know if we're
in the right place we do see two there's two beautiful orange trees the two
beautiful ones but there should be more yeah look that might go into the woods a
bit or that might also be the dead end too
well we kind of found a few trees in the forest I did for your viewing pleasure
they're like a different variety from the same tree that we have in Argentina
it's not the same one yeah like it still has that red bark is a
different tree in order to access there's no trail in the forest variety I
think we're gonna have lunch and then try a different access point this is
obviously not and it looks like we kind of just walked through someone's
backyard even though we didn't but but we are snacking at least I am on some
blackberries these are nice this is bear food
so we've arrived in the city of Nanaimo and that means that it's time to eat a
Nanaimo bar not just any here a word starting with a fancy one so first let
me tell you what the classic Nanaimo bar should have so this is a Canadian
dessert and there is no baking involved it has three layers the bottom layer
typically has wafer and a coconut crumb base then you have your custard with
butter icing and chocolate ganache on top this one instead of putting coconut
into it they've put crushed pretzels and then the custard also has dulce de leche
mixed in and then on top it's a white chocolate instead of a dark chocolate
and it has bacon bits so I feel like it's extra Canadian with the bacon how
do you feel about eating a dessert with bacon my dad feels a little bit like
it's supposed to be a sweet it's got dulce de leche does the Argentinian
typical caramel yeah the heck you're gonna put bacon up here yeah I think
they screwed up with this one I don't know I'm gonna try you know there's some
places that do donuts with bacon on top so it's it's kind of a trend
apparently it's meant to be delicious all right why don't you guys take your
first bite don't take my bite I think it's really good and I like the bacon I
have to say just a little bit of added saltiness after eating one of these but
you have to walk at least 25 kilometers bring it down it's heavy heavy yeah
thanks good but he's heavy well thanks to what this is called smoking George's
smoking George's and yeah they're really friendly staff inside they also
specialize in I think pulled pork sandwiches yeah if we hadn't had lunch
already they probably wouldn't go something
savory too and I think we're gonna hit up one more place Sam had mentioned Reds
bakery they also do Nanaimo bars and they have classic bars but also
contemporary Bart bars with a bit of a twist yeah we will show you a classic
and we're also gonna won't be our last Nanaimo bar no we're obviously gonna
save some of it the whole bar angle by how much were the early three or two or
three bucks each hand over my car okay I thought I'd noticed three seventy-five
but for that side okay where are we guys we can only be in one place we're at the
world's largest hockey stick here and Duncan and this thing is gigantic I mean
look at it look look at it look at how small those
little cards look next to it and you said you played hockey here yeah I
played hockey here before and they already had this this is like a famous
landmark in the city to see the biggest park apparel ventures - in the old days
with the puck there they all lost their I called the hockey so I remember oh
yeah I first came to Canada all the hockey players and all the kids in the
streets a lot of them didn't have any more on teeth theses are where this is
no wear helmets nothing they didn't have protectors either and they didn't have
the mouth guards they didn't have the visor is no helmet it was wild it was
wild man but the goalies apparently they had fractures in their faces and the jaw
and yeah after each game that was teaching them up like oh yeah yeah and
they did there was no knowledge of concussions back then so is this like
you're gonna puck to the head go back home play
yeah there's fighting right fighting I think when we came here to play our team
ended up fighting so it's kind of funny but anyways the biggest hockey stick
guys if you come to if you're driving the say between Victoria Nanaimo
stop here for a photo it's pretty cool hello Victoria
we made it oh my gosh what a long day of driving in the rain and wind oh my I
think we had Sun for 15 minutes yeah and we ended up making
fewer stops because we had planned a few hikes and provincial parks but it was
just pouring rain like there was no way we could be outside it's not like it was
sprinkling like it was just a torrential downpour and it just yeah it's the kind
of it's the kind of weather that's not pleasant for being out yes so we checked
into our Airbnb a little bit early and now we are preparing dinner it's almost
five o'clock what's on the menu today we got pepper beef burgers Oh pepper beef
burgers I don't know what it took so long that would be fun pepper corn beef
burgers yeah and then we're gonna work boiling some potatoes which we plan and
which we plan to pan roast yellow and we've got BC wine yeah Okanagan I should
mention well we were in an I vote we also stopped at Reds bakery another
really famous place for a Nanaimo bars and we picked up two kinds for yes the
classic one and then another one with peanut butter yeah yeah we're gonna be
trying both of those I don't make it three and I'm a bar one day I have to
say the first one was really good the moment was adolescent bacon me Wow and
sea salt I would eat that again for sure yeah I mean it's super decadent but so
tasty anyways we'll sit down with wine and food soon hmm
dinner is served dinner is served soif this is a
delicious meal prepared by Audrey's dad thank you thank you we've got a
peppercorn steamed with cheese humbug uh amber gasps hmm and we also
have a pan-roasted potatoes olive oil a little bit fried yeah you got the wine
another wine mmm it's pretty decent it's uh it's from its local wine throw what I
mean by locals from the province of British Columbia
it's from the Okanagan Valley in BC the most famous area and the province for
for growing wine and we got a Cabernet Merlot from 2016 5 vineyards by Mission
Hill mm-hmm yeah it's a decent table wine it's nothing no it's for everyday
it's a wine that you can have with your meals no problem whatsoever with this
wine it's not the same category is the 25 year old Spanish well no like I
always say that this this area in Canada they're shed beginning you know it's not
that they have a centuries of experience to doing wine it's not like other
countries that you have five six seven eight hundred years it's a new industry
you know and they are doing pretty good and also considering that here they have
to deal with a lot of problems are the climate they know they keep improving
year after year after year so yeah they came up with a really good wine here
yeah it's it's a it's a nice emerging industry here in Canada and if you have
a chance to try the Canadians do so because every province sells their own
unique wines yeah yeah and so the food's good and what we're gonna do is have
nama bars in a bit steak and for that
all right the third time this is their time we've already dug into the Nanaimo
bars Red's bakery mm-hmm my dad's halfway done his but what do you guys
think opinion we've got a classic and a peanut butter peanut butter one now this
one is peanut butter yeah you can really taste the peanut butter the creamy
peanut butter the center here it's a lot of butter when you have it in your mouth
it feels like you have a little small piece of butter that is melting rapidly
in your in your mouth you know I mean it's a good dessert but you need a you
need to have a specific palette for it like maybe people that were grew up here
eating these since they were small yeah like me I like it yeah they will go
crazy for it but for the ones that were showing it for the first time I brought
up in Latin America like us we kind of need something a little bit more I don't
know you know this is the typical North American dessert it kind of the United
States you know that a lot of people will find them beautiful-looking when
you you see them from outside but then you need a you need to have a special
palate for it you know like I mean it's not your average dessert I think you
prefer baked goods like cakes and pies and tarts things like that and this is
just like a refrigerated sugary dessert okay no but it's good but and if you
have to choose your favorite out of the three Nanaimo bars you've had today I'll
think I'll go with the peanut butter one peanut butter one you know what the
peanut butter one reminds me of a Reese's Peanut water
I don't hide my under yeah I'll go then a better one and taking into account
that I do not like peanut butter okay I very seldom eat that because I mean it
is like a paste of a peanut you know miyamura dulce de leche type you know I
think the one with the peanut butter is a little bit softer in taste no you ask
them to try it let's see were full-blown Canadian here yeah he grew up eating
these I did he grew up in it is this is a Vancouver Island food regional
Vancouver Island food so a little bit of coffee first yeah I'm gonna try the
classic and guys something to remember about this keep it refrigerated oh yeah
it starts to melt otherwise like the butter cream it just starts to oh yeah
dissolve I thought oh my gosh good quality thank you definitely the closet
that's the kind of I mean I was most used to have any on the island mmm-hmm
yeah my mom would make it wouldn't eat this all the time but like it's
definitely served a couple times a year you know peanut butter but you are the
peanut butter fan peanut butter monster mmm yes awesome
peanut butter for the win for sure so if you had to choose your favorite out of
all three no yes I actually really like the the other experimental one yeah I
would choose the first one we had but I would swap the pretzels yeah in the
coconut but I also I also like the classic one just cuz it's a familiar
taste from my childhood so I mean like all three of em good yeah I don't think
I've ever had three different when Milo bars in the same day so it's breaking a
new record here yeah just we made the most of a rainy day tomorrow guys the
weather's looking better we have a full day in Victoria
we've got afternoon tea plan we're gonna go visit the Parliament building go
along the harbour garden Butchart Gardens I mean Victoria is
beautiful it is the big city of the island and we're gonna show it to you
tomorrow so we'll see you then
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Trying NANAIMO BARS (Canadian Dessert ??) + The BIGGEST HOCKEY STICK in the World! ?

92 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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