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she sells seashells by the seashore she sells seashells by the seashore good
morning good morning guys greetings from the pack of my parents car yes are doing
a little road trip today yeah it's actually one of the hottest days of the
year there's a bit of a heatwave going on and it's meant to be like 40 degrees
today yeah so Sam's parents friends invited us to come to st. Martin's a
little seaside village that we've never been to before yeah it's on the Bay of
Fundy yeah this is cute little town there's a number of different things you
can do here I believe there's caves there's a there's a beach you can go for
a walk Fundy Trail Parkway on the trail and we might even partake in some of the delicious
looks cool there's chowder we know this lobster rolls yeah I mean
it's gonna be great we're just coming here to have a nice chill day that's
basically just a day trip with my parents with some family friends and
yeah we're gonna have a great time so let's see what we get up to you so
we're driving through the town out and we're visiting I had a bit of a special
time because it's we all town we always oh thanks all we I
guess basically the premise is that for anyone who's moved away it's a chance to
come back reconnect with the small town here from uh-huh and it seems like
almost I'd say like over half of the homes here are having garage sales this
weekend oh yeah so I mean you have people out and about like grabbing
different things like clothes old books furniture antiques I mean we might even
stop by a place if we have time but it's fascinating it it feels like you know
first Saturday morning at 10:00 in the morning it's a very lively and vibrant
community so far yeah and some beautiful homes as well so the first little pit
stop that I had was actually in a general store basically like a small
grocery stop and inside of this place you had all kinds of food you had
souvenirs some local products but what was really fascinating is that the store
was built in 1889 and according to our friend Joan it's only had three owners
over the years and from the outside I thought it was a church yeah like the
building looks like a church yeah the architecture is really neat and yeah
such a cool store so much character inside
well guys we have arrived at our very first stop of the day slippery boar at
the sea caves here in Saint Martins and we got very lucky because we did not
check the times for high tide low tide but we just happened to get here during
low tide which means we can walk into the caves we can walk on what's normally
covered by water and so much cooler here like in Fredericton today we're
expecting temperatures close to 40 degrees with the humidity and here it
must be like low to mid-20s there's just like a natural cool breeze blowing
through like air conditioning nature's air conditioning and so yeah we're just
gonna have a little look around here this is probably my main attraction in
this town it's a place that someone had recommended to me on Twitter as well so
thank you
there comes Sam Oh a pit stop we've got the group waiting for us yes so we
should get going okay all right definitely impressive and apparently I
mean obviously when the water comes in you can come and visit these caves and
the kayak yeah different experience I like the hopewell rocks yeah exactly
time for a much-needed update we have just entered into fundy trail I drove
around for a while a beautiful Drive oh my gosh it's I think it's almost even
more beautiful than the fundy National Park oh there was no traffic I mean it's
totally serpentine roads up and down you're going through forests and then
every once in a while you'd peacoat along the coast yeah beautiful and I
have to say the surprising thing is that we're the only ones here it's the middle
of summer a beautiful sunny day yeah I think more people would be like having a
picnic or swimming or road-tripping but it's just us and we pulled into Long
Beach it's a super long it's just the tide has started coming in now so like
half of it is underwater but it's still big even like with it
being half covered so yeah really impressive everyone's going down there
to have a little walk and then we're gonna do a picnic yeah I'm gonna have a
picnic lunch here and so far the only people here guys wow there's a lot of
space here in Canada especially New Brunswick
she sells sea shells by the sea sells seashells by the seashore there we go
she sells seashells by the seashore she sells seashells by the seashore
what is it today you found it for me and of course joining us on this trip
George and my father how you enjoying things so far
life's a beach life's a beach a little chilly to go in first time oh yeah oh
yeah are you gonna go in no way even though I can't swim anyway so I swim
like a rock I'm not gonna go in do you want to think like it's thrown in there
I love walking on the beach the beach is great and there's hardly anyone here I
think it's just awesome I saw two other people now something like that just
drove down but then they took off is well we're gonna eat here so yeah we're
just gonna take off our sandals walk around soak up the Sun and the beach so
this is Long Beach right now half underwater but still you can see
it's very wide lots of sand and there's also kind of like this cool fog rolling
in over the sand I'm not sure if you can really see that behind me but kind of
look moody and mysterious
ready for lunch Oh walk in the woods walk in the woods I
think we're going to the lookout and now a nice little picnic with some
rather impressive views just wait till you see this lunch is served
we have three wonderful salads one is kale with is it roasted walnuts in maple
maple syrup cranberry is so good we also have a sweet potato and egg mash a nice
cold salad mmm a lovely Caesar lots of sandwiches cookie this beautiful view so
well I am now wandering alone because I somehow lost our group
I lost family oh my gosh honestly I turned around to snap photos
for like two minutes and next thing I go next thing I know
everyone's gone what is this on the hanging bridge lots of people swimming
in the river lots of dogs cooling down as well but yeah maximum of 10 people at
a time you got to keep moving gotta keep moving
first you should tell the world how you lost your wife
no we need to explain how Audrey wandered off from the group there's a
loss a big group of us here's one in a hard way
Audrey took off to go hiking and everyone had no idea where she was my
mom checked in the bathroom I looked around the interpretive Center we
wandered off we're gonna have to keep what uh what are those a brace what do
you call those ankle bracelets that way you don't wander off here in the woods
but you know now we're just walking here in the shade it's so nice the
temperatures like well five degrees cooler we had such a big lunch so any
kind of walking we can do is to work it off it's very much needed I think they
said we're headed to the the salmon pools I believe they're called
yeah which are like swimming holes uh-huh and yeah it's a really nice trail
because we have lots of shade lots of coverage just be careful here Sam it's
like super wet and muddy so one thing to mention this year we're making more of
an effort to really explore our home countries yeah specifically we've been
focusing on New Brunswick because let me say I've been coming to Fredericton ever
since I met you once a year sometimes twice a year but like we've never done
this much sightseeing we've never really done any same thing we've done yeah
covered Fredericton pretty well yeah a couple day trips that's it you know what
for me I've been coming to this province since I was like this Paul wee wee boy
every summer to visit my grandparents we did a little bit of travel but most of
this province has been totally uncharted for me as well so they get an
opportunity to go and see a few different areas and Fundy yeah so go to
st. Andrews I mean there's even more places to visit this problem has a lot
to offer yeah yeah and like I mean just in the last two weeks we did a big trip
with my parents and Sam's dad where we did what we started in Fredericton we
did sing Andrews keep and rage funding National Park the hopewell rocks yeah
now we're doing this fun little adventure to st. Martin's and like the
sir rounding area so yeah there's lots to
see here and the beauty of this province is that there's hardly any worse it's
more a lot there's a lot more there's a lot more nature than people yeah get out
of the cities and into the into the parks yeah add to the forest you really
feel like you're exploring you're not yeah other places in Canada or around
the world for that matter when you go for a hike in a famous place just you
know there's so many people here you have so much breathing room so much
legroom and you really feel like you're out in the woods I feel like here in New
Brunswick like locals know about these cool spots but people in neighboring
provinces haven't discovered them yet guys New Brunswick check it out
all right guys our last stop was fuller Falls yep HUD nice little peek at them
snap some photos yeah beautiful little Falls I had such a cool I'm such a cool
descent to get down there yeah it was a very rustic trail yeah so now while we
Hawk back in the car and drove to st. Martin's maybe just like a 15-minute
drive yeah and the great debate now is chowder or ice cream gonna be here this
is where we get it yeah you gotta walk inside and order it yeah chowder ahh
we are now taking you guys on a little tour of st. Martin's covered bridges
there are two of them two guys yeah these are these are real heritage
bridges because I mean obviously they're not being built anymore and now that
there are more floods per year some of them have been destroyed so there's less
and less in the province I didn't know that and further to have to live here
it's pretty special also fun fact these were known as kissing bridges because
couples could sneak a little pack without anyone seeing them are you
riding like a little horse and buggy a little carriage
Oh Joan's house
so the place we were originally planning to go to for ice cream and chowder is so
popular and there was such a long line that we were like no way driving yeah we
kept moving on I don't actually know what this place is called one sign says
st. Martin's ice cream parlor yeah it just says fresh lobster rolls
yes stop forcing so so it sounds like they do a bit of everything Sam and I
have ordered one chowder a medium shout yeah share and we're gonna get ice cream
ice cream afterwards I get it now because it'll melt by the time we're
done the cheese yeah now we're just waiting in the only
shade there is vehicle ice cream for Sam cooling down with someone campfire
smores and peanut butter chocolate fudge you doin mine
Wow ultimate and decadent chocolate and peanut butter Sam's favorite combo is
the all-time winning combo
and now Red Rock can you guys see how it gets its name apparently this is a bit
of a secret beach because it's not really super easy to access like it's
not off a main road or anything you kind of have to detour down these little side
streets and then go on a bit of a trek but yeah when you get here you kind of
have this place all to yourself I mean it's our group and then one guy
who just came down to the beach but aside from that there's no one else and
we just really lucked out as well being able to visit during low tide again low
tide again so we can actually walk on what would normally be underwater
well guys we made it back by the look on our faces what is it we're tired
extremely yes we need to thank our family friends Joan and Garry they
planned everything for inviting us or biting us organising all the activities
providing an incredible meal they're like three delicious salads oh my gosh
of other things yeah yeah what a day and some really nice Cuban friends joined us
as well eight of us all together you have us we
had a little gang and honestly before this trip like I didn't really know
anything about st. Martin's I had heard the name hmm but like I didn't know what
to go back and it was such a nice little place to visit and so much access to
nature essentially I heard my parents referring to it as the hidden jewel of
New Brunswick oh well there you go guys you find it up here I think for me the
the take-home message from this trip is that there's adventure nearby you know
I've been to New Brunswick I don't even know how many times worried yeah almost
every year since I was a kid and I mean I've been to a few places but most of
the time is just like family gatherings and hanging out at home and this
province has so much to offer I'm just discovering this you know many
decades later mm-hmm and because we're here in the summer and
we still have a bit of time left in the province we're gonna try and do a few
more trips and show you guys around here so stay tuned for that we'll see what's
next a team for that I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a
thumbs up comment below and we'll see you with some more food and travel
videos from New Brunswick soon tata
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Day Trip to St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada: Visiting the Sea Caves + Fundy Trail Parkway

41 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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