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hey guys Sam here with another India travel video this time trying a South
Indian Thali for the first time this was our final meal in Hyderabad before
flying onwards to our next destination of what a way to say goodbye once again
we had our two friends Silas and Rakesh showing us around and they were kind
enough to teach us how to eat a South Indian Thali the proper way using our
hands use your thumb ok the food into your mouth
my technique is not so good but I have to say it was easier said than done and
I'm probably going to need a lot more practice but that didn't stop me from
enjoying the food now let's go enjoy that Thali set good afternoon good
afternoon guys from Hyderabad India and we have a special episode for you today
because we are gonna be trying South Indian thali and I've tried North Indian
thali but never South Indian Thali so I have my good friend Sailesh and you can
explain the difference between the two yes alright now we are in the hotel
called Taj Mahal so this is almost a 63 year old hotel and the main difference
between the North Indian thali in the south thali in North India
people prefer bread and in South India we like rice so you find a lot of rice
variety over here and all the curries in sambar and Russian which go well with
rice wonderful so exciting and you're gonna teach us how to eat it
authentically which is what way yes we are gonna eat it with our hands so
unlike the North Indian Thali yeah we actually got our use our hands to eat it
it sounds like a lot of fun yeah let's go do it
okay guys we're now on the restaurant and I'm joining us my good friend Rakesh
who's going to teach me how to eat a South Indian Thali so the South
Indian Thali has a different kind of curries altogether from the North Indian parts
okay North Indian Thalis have more of butter and on but South Indian Thali
have a lot of ghee so this is the dahle lnd curry and this
is a sneak guard this is the portalguard curry this is carried along with beans
and this one is flavored rice this is the raita it's diluted curd with some
veggies and this is yogurt and this is a sweet here we have small curries to
accompany our dish rice is the most centric part in a South Indian thali
along with some powders that we can mix along in the rice so one of the most
exciting aspects about this meal for me is that I'm gonna get to use my hands to
try eating the calories a real authentic way that you guys do it yeah so why do
you guys use your hands and how can they do it so this form of eating field is
way before there was any crockery and cutlery out there so the primary purpose
of eating food with hand is to give you a whole sensory exploration of the food
that you eat you can feel the food the texture you can also know how much
amount of food you are having in your hand so you can smell the food you can
see the food you can hear the food actually snapping through and also you
can feel the food so we'll start with the Puri first okay with the Puri oh
this is a flatbread fried in oil okay so you snap open the Puri
okay you have three careers here with you yes you can choose whatever you like
okay put the pudding inside put the put in sides pinch it pinch it
grab some courier with it okay it looks somehow like this and then there you go
you first bite good night sweet dreams crispy and all it's better you keep your
size and the number of servings of food a less because you have a lot of place
here we have so much rice yeah do I will try one more with this yeah definitely
okay but some other curry maybe sure which one would be good I think we'll go
with the carrot and the pains okay carried in the be included again
Wow this is usually dry it has no baby right but the old other 335i and this is
a driest one yes that one was really good I had up you know nice spices and
it really nice to get some vegetables them so should we try some rice now yeah
so the next thing is we need to clean up our plate was okay so unclutter them by
putting up dishes that you would end up eating in the last right so these are
more the dessert ones so the desert and the cards go okay so I'm gonna put my
Puri aside as well meet Jim I like it but it's time for us we take rice first
interview some rice thank you several scoops I suppose so once we put the rice
in okay we usually separate the amount of rice that we would like to have with
the powder right now oh okay so just put it over to the side like this put it
over on the side okay just take the amount of price that you would like to
have with the powder is that this a lock about right yes okay so here we have two
powders made out of lentils different spices crushed together in the pestle
and mortar okay so you can choose whatever you would like
I'll try this one first which is this one this this is a little Milo more okay
no that's okay just like that now I go with this one okay
now using your four fingers four fingers
with your thumb okay you're gonna mix it first okay and you can also press the
rice okay that the powder actually indulges with the rice all right
so you actually use the flavoured with it I use the flavor so the more you mix
it the better basically yes Oh wonderful you should find a uniform color all
across the food I could tell that it's becoming like mine's yellow I can tell
mine's becoming more yellow the more I mix it around with my fingers and thumbs
after you mix it this is how it's gonna do okay and then you take a scoop of
rice a scoop and mold it like this about this much yes
okay little more maybe maybe a little more molded together move it together
using all your fingers all the way fingers okay within this region
okay the scoop and go for it and whenever you like all that's good so
that is how you start your main course with yeah and when you're actually
having a food with hands right use your thumb
okay the food into your mouth also it's kind of like it just pushes it in like
that it's like wow if you can see this action weird lashing the food into your
mouth like this so that's how you need to run your practice my technique is not
so good try another bite good for the first time though
so you I remember you were mentioning off-camera that if you're eating it
correctly it should only come about here within these spoons yeah
if you have food all of your hand that's not properly repeating of something
yummy then you're eating it like me the next thing is just a little more ice
into your okay we are going for the doll okay with the doll doll is nothing but
protein yup so you can directly go so you mix it mix it and all your
fingers at me again fingers and thumb technique friends device press the rice
so that it absorbs all the big grip okay oh that's looking good it's uh with this
one it's a little bit soupy isn't it yes it is I probably probably put a little
bit too much of it but it looks good though you'll put the roll
take a spoon take this go okay you have to push your thumb inward to your goal
so that the food gets in your mouth gets into the mouth if you like them I feel
like the food tastes more delicious when you're using your hands exactly up the
face to the pit yeah I like this Oh like this okay I see
much easier oh my god by putting in the wrong gate with the Racal now I think I
got it that's a little bit better oh it's so tasty so usually after the
age of seven to eight a PRT I mean our parents teachers how to eat food by
hands yeah so that is how we struggle to this pill
so that's how you master and out of all the meals you eat in a typical day how
many of them would you have with your hands all of them including the booty
okay suddenly you spoons yeah you be usually
your spoons to serve food that's all so we add a little more rice yeah it sounds
great so there is a systematic way of eating a South Indian thoroughly so be
there first started off by using the powder right and then we went on to the
dal okay then we go for a curry right now curry we have three curry okay you
can choose any one that you like that's a bodyguard train I'm not gonna
make the same mistake twice I put too much last time mix it in and you know
you know it's done mixing when it's an even consistency even color all even
totally makes sense good to go I'm going to try again
tastes so good with the curry Wow try again
so the courage that we have for this meal are they very typical of what you
have yourself a South Indian Telly yes the 4000 minute there are lot of
vegetables that are not available in the best okay I saw something Lily in
indigenized 4nf bread so just like the portalguard and the snake garden all
yeah so these pearls are made of cocoa yeah
and then not to forget we have play with rice here as well yeah so this is so
this is moving out of tamarind paste okay and rice together oh wow
so yeah we can take some serving of the spice okay you can find chilies oh I
found a cashew as well - ooh and then Phoenix as well move the Chili's around
yep you're gonna actually put them of it or put them away
otherwise it's too spicy right yeah okay transport in words here I love the front
of the car - let's write down a lot of flavor - delicious go into some more
somebody found all of the pork oh it's absolutely delicious I love the variety
it's great that it's a vegetarian meal - no it's my first time to try a lot of
these different okay so we can do another one I suppose
we have someone here let's do a Samba so once the Cuddy's over B go to the samba
okay you take the song but pour it in just a little bit just a little bit this
time I'm watching you partner is to smash the rice so that it soaks in all
the liquid okay so you actually put pressure on it this time yes by the
thumb while thumb okay so I'm actually smooshing as it's kind of hard as I can
so if you see it smooth liquidy and brawny nature
yeah it's all in the same state okay I like I'm having so much fun doing it you
need to go get all the rice in between okay mix it evenly mix it evenly yes
pull the rice in between and I have a very so much spam I'm still I'm still
trying to remember the technique whenever I do it properly it goes a lot
better so now that we've finished that we have a couple other options as well
one of them that they brought to the table is actually North Indian because
they weren't sure that we'd have enough of the blurry but we have this one over
here so this is a popper puppet yep this is crispy and
this week yep so you can snap it example I love I love the crunchies down so this
is a basic condiment for your awesome or somewhere okay so after you mix in the
rasa massamba yeah you can have a small bite have a
bite and then carry on eating with the sambar awesome I have a bite of this
curry and rice okay in the rice
so this adds a little texture and crunch to the god statue at once and a little
bit of saltiness still here you know what
so for I think I'm doing okay look my hand is only only covered on the fingers
I haven't got on my palms yeah good performance so just make sure that
you're cleaning off your plate first no they're the rice from the previous
serving right and once you are done with that we are going for the next one okay
so we have the hibbe-dah wigger you know this is a confectionery savory toner
okay so that is put up in a diluted top okay so this card is flavored with
ginger ginger and coriander and a few more spices oh wow
coriander lots of places look so you can see you have that paprika we're the
Freaker yeah the red powder okay oh do I use this with the spoons you're right
it's ready with the spoon okay cut it in half just make sure you have little
liquid on it okay and then once you're done here you can never buy awesome
oh I mean the word abortion really labor really absorbs them
please didn't need and buy a liquid for a long time before I deserved it reminds
me a bit of a sponge just soaked with everything up yeah
so you take the dry curry okay put it in your side put a bit on the side here a
little bit you take small serving of the rice mix it up mix it up and then
we've been eating the meal for a bit and we trying something a little bit
different we're putting the curd on the right at the end of the column you saw
some rice and then add some yogurt to it mix it up and then take any curry as a
condiment and then serve it along with your eyes okay and why is it done at the
end of the meal so you know I mean you are having a lot of different curries we
have different masala different spice levels you're trying to soothe and
comfort your stomach by having occurred in the stoolie logic loss the atole
makes it neutralizes the acidic influence in your stomach all right all
right either
that's good because it a bit of sourness yeah this solid Kirk you know this is
amazing while southern Indian thali is so different from other Natale and we
have to just jump into the foody Coody get after it guys get after it dip it
into this one this one was the vegetable curry yeah
vegetable curry yeah so you guys have been having it for a while do you have
any particular favorite so far I think this one's my favorite
yeah maybe the mango but it was a little spicy this is awesome amazing huh
nothing like southern India nothing so we are moving on to dessert this is an
exciting moment what do we have here we have a rice pudding rice pudding with
cold pie isn't okay so it has a few dry dried fruits and what gives it the brown
colors they use jaggery okay it's a source Raj dose of sugar okay so when
you are jaggery becomes little brown in color okay so we are
oh that's so sweet slick Pig oh I love this mmm my taste ah
yeah damn you should remove the spoon and
just drink it I'm gonna drink that that's so good that okay you got allowed
absolutely delicious I love that dessert what a great sweet way to end things off
that was an absolutely wonderful authentic South Indian thali thank you
so much for explaining everything was my question
it was an absolute amazing meal if you come here you definitely have to try it
so if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe to all of our
channels Samuel and Audrey David's been here and our two friends Instagram
channels which I'll link in the description box below that's it for now
we'll see you with more food and travel videos in India very soon bye bye
that's a wrap from Hyderabad we hope you enjoy that delicious South Indian Thali
set then the next episode will be hopping on a plane and traveling on
words to our next destination and we start so join us for that adventure
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FOREIGNERS Try South Indian THALI for the FIRST TIME ?? [Learning How to Eat Thali With Hands]

99 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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