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good morning good morning guys I keep saying from sunny Busan South Korea not
today pouring rain outside apparently it's
gonna rain all day so we're gonna be doing mostly indoor activities we're
gonna be going up to some Korean breakfast hopefully a nice large feast
sent it around some stew and some meat and then we're going to be going to
Shinsegae centum city (신세계 센텀시티) which is the largest department store in the world at
least according to get a Guinness World Records so that's pretty impressive we
wandered around for a little while trying to find breakfast until we came
to a place called Hopakgol so this is named after a pumpkin and yeah let's
go inside and see what you find in there guys it's time for a Korean breakfast
extravaganza so back-to-back days where we're just going to town with the food
like there's so much food I'm just gonna dig in cool thing here did you pull your
cutlery from the side so you've got your spoons your metal chopsticks and your
your napkins which are called hugie and I think the chopsticks are called
Tolkien art let me give you to her before I eat of what we're having so
we've got over here we've got like the spongy fish cakes and a spicy sauce I
believe this is doenjang paste chili bean paste and you can mix that with
rice we've got the classic kimchi the fermented Korean cabbage spicy Korean
cabbage I believe if we have some greens here with some sesame and like some
gochujang sauce it looks like a red pepper paste over here we have it's like
an egg souffle and Korean that's called kaeran it's delicious oh man I can't
wait to have some egg again we have some more veggies over here some greens and
then the star of the show here is doenjang gook to share basically a soy bean
soup and if I stir it around for you guys you're gonna notice the different
ingredients so lots of tofu look at that all the tofu it's got some seafood in
there you can see the actual soybeans it's got mushrooms
it also has various kinds of seafood onions lots of good stuff going on in
there then we have I believe this is a jaeyuk bokkeum it's a way Gogi it's basically
pork dish and it looks like there's a gochujang sauce on it it looks a little
red it's got some decorations going and then of course for the meat
whenever you're served cream they bring you various kinds of lettuce
and other greens that you can wrap it up in so this is a complete breakfast feast
complete Korean breakfast I can't wait to dig in enough rambling let's try it
I'm gonna try all the side dishes first before I get to the mains so we'll start
off with the fish cake mmm oh yeah nice and spongy more of a sweet and oily
sauce to be honest and spicy it's actually not spicy at all mmm
super tasty okay now let's go on to the kimchi so I'm gonna take that kimchi put
it into the rice just like that nice big bite oh my god
empty is still good this one is really sour and spicy I'm holding a bowl gimchi
is that everywhere you go every restaurant you try it it's different
everyone has it all my kind of recipe so like no two places serve kimchi quite
the same way every time it's a bit different from one another so now I'm
gonna go in for some soybean paste I believe is this it's grabbing it here
with my chopsticks and take that into the rice they're having a bit of rice in
your mouth mmm oh my gosh that is so rich and potent mmm it is to paste
exactly what I thought oh never I grabbed a little bit too much it's
really salty super intense flavors delicious oh I love that was actually my
favorite side dish so far my favorite Korean banchan now we're gonna move
on to some I think what I believe are some veggies moving that to the rice mmm
spicy and sweet red pepper sauce don't have to chew that really well she's got
a bit of a moody texture and one of my favorite things
the Korean souffle big gate on taking like this always good to have a bit of
rice with it Oh No super moist and juicy actually
like this juice is gonna play out of the egg it has a little bit of a consistency
like a scrambled egg but with more moisture let's try the greens with that
again in the race not one's a bit more plan about taste really healthy we have
tried all of the batch and now is trying to move on to the start of the show soup
and the meat so we're gonna try the doenjangguk the soybean paste soup I'm
gonna grab my first bite with lots of broth piece of tofu
we'll have to cool it down a bit oh yeah I love this salty - rich and I love the
tofu the textures are so nice for the moment if I'm in stir that around for
you guys so I can show you the ingredients a little bit better so all
the vegetables we got so my next bite is gonna be more
veggies so let's grab get some onions if some seafood here it looks like a little
little bit of mushroom look at all that guys little face to you mmm oh there's a
pepper in there oh my gosh I was not expecting that
so guys in South Korean breakfast probably the most popular soup that you
can have as well more soybean paste that doing John
like this so it's really tasty very familiar thing to have a breakfast and
yeah so done that moving on we've got the meat its way to go eat so I'm just
gonna move that around a bit show you look so nice and succulent a little bit
greasy spicy - Wow look at that guy's so what I'm gonna do guys and we tried
directly then I'm gonna show you how you do it with the with the lettuce wrap
around for this so look at this you can see the fat on the other sides it
looks like it kind of like a bacon almost mmm oh oh so tender greasy it's
actually not that spicy it's more it's more sweet mmm oh man three important
they know what they're doing and this country pork is one of the most
delicious meats they just really know how to cook it well
season it it's so tasty so now we're gonna move on to eating it more
authentically so what you're gonna do soon a crab a lettuce piece of lettuce
like this right in your hand we take some of the meat so AG Gogi put it just
like that then you're gonna wrap it up to a wall and it is a one-one biter take
it just like this mmm oh yeah so why this tastes so good the
lettuce helps cut the greasy mess a little bit it gives you some freshness a
little bit more juice in there film mmm obviously it's healthier to eat it with
lettuce - that is the Korean breakfast Ihram complete through breakfast tons of
side dishes one two three four five six bon chance
let us meet soup and rice what more could you ask for to start the day here
in South Korea lovingness this meal is really epic I can't believe
it's how people in Korea I mean for breakfast having all these delicious
vegetables having some spicy and the Congress of flavors and just super
healthy you know so what I want to do is I want to show you how delicious this
pork is right and with the office stem it's not only that's them gonna grab
some pork and this pork is real huh I can eat this pork all day every day
there's a nice spicy body all right there see oh I really wanted
to try this leaf it's a little different right right a little bit of base its
throughout all right so wrap it fold it up with a little taco right this one's
bigger so harder to wrap but there you go
mmm it's butter its mouth full mmm the soybean paste which is the spicy pork is
just so good I love how they mix it with the lettuce this lettuce is a little
different right I said so it's in a drier lettuce keeps everything in
perfectly intact no I'm mad some more of this the gives you sorry yeah just too
good then it starts a soybean base yeah it's amazing
and dude you can buy that in department stores you can get it in containers it's
not really inexpensive you can maybe take them with at home okay I'm gonna
have to because that yeah I mean I'm sure it's cheap right yeah that's our
concept and the other thing that you like the Samsung the one that's red you
can also get it there right beside each other in the same aisle so you can bring
back two containers
all right because it's raining so bad outside we went down the stairs into the
metro system and is actually entrance right here I didn't know about that so
we're gonna like pop up yeah yeah look entrance right here underground entrance
let's go inside the biggest department store in the world
so as we first walked into the mall we kind of her in the department store
section and there's a food court a place that was selling like breaded items it
looks so good there's like hotdogs and things like that as we keep walking by
it looks like there may be making rice cakes over here it was all full a
section but it's perfume and sunglasses so a little bit of everything going on
there are so many tempting little treats to eat we just walked by a bakery that
appeared to be selling sweet and savory buns I mean my gosh I kind of wish we
didn't have such a big breakfast I'd be be feasting over here
so we just had a very brief visit to the Shinseki department store it's very
impressive obviously it's set a world record for
its lies it's huge I don't even know how many levels there I think there's over
nine plus there's basement levels it's crazy big so basically you have all
the luxury brands that you find anywhere in the world you have lots of there's
food court areas lots of like high-end restaurants
you also have we noticed a skating rink a VR room I think there was a small end
I didn't we didn't actually go to that part but overall yeah very impressive
mall very clean inside I'm not a mall person never happened never will be and
so yeah that's I'm not gonna spend a lot of time in there just a very brief
overview of it but anyways Korean breakfast was outstanding guys Wow if
you can ever get one of those kind of like Cheung chic type breakfast where
you have the additional band Chan along with your meat in your soup highly
recommend it was delicious and yeah I mean what a great way to spend a day on
a rainy day Busan that's actually the only reason we went to the malls because
it's so wet outside there's not much we can do in terms of sightseeing but
that's gonna be the episode and if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a
thumbs up leave it a comment below subscribe to both of our channels and we
will see you with more Korea food adventures and travel adventures very
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Full Korean Breakfast + World's Biggest Department Store in Busan, Korea

205 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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