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  • Hey. Hi. How's it going? Welcome Eat Sleep Dreamers to another English lesson with Tom.

  • Today we're looking at a piece of grammar that my family make mistakes with. My friends

  • make mistakes with. Even I sometimes make mistakes with this.

  • That's right we're looking at less versus fewer today. Now the number one thing that you need to know right now

  • is the difference between countable nouns and uncountable nouns. Countable nouns are

  • things that you can count so for example one book, two books, three books. Books are countable,

  • we can count them. Other things that are countable are apples, cars, Facebook friends, Instagram

  • followers you get the idea. Uncountable nouns are things that you can't count for example

  • sleep, fun, time, money and lots of food items so milk, sugar, wine things like that.

  • But hold on! We can make uncountable nouns countable. For example, wine it's an uncountable

  • word, uncountable noun. If we want to make it countable we could say glasses of wine.

  • So 'I've had two glasses of wine'. So now it becomes countable. Another example information

  • is uncountable. To make that countable we might say pieces of information so 'I have

  • two pieces of information for you today'. Now it becomes countable. So when do we use

  • fewer? Well we use fewer with countable nouns. So for example 'I've got fewer Facebook friends

  • than you do'. And as you see there Facebook friends countable noun so we are using fewer.

  • Therefore we use less with uncountable nouns for example 'I'm trying to eat less sugar.'

  • As you can see there sugar is uncountable so we use less. Let's look at a word that

  • can be both countable and uncountable. Let's take water. Ok, so when we use it in an uncountable

  • way we might say 'I used to drink less water.' Water there is uncountable. If it's countable

  • I might say glasses of water so for example 'I used to drink fewer glasses of water' and

  • glasses makes it countable. Ok we're going to do a little test for you guys at home.

  • Now you have got to decide is the missing word fewer or less? And remember you have

  • to think is the noun countable or uncountable. Ok are you ready? Here we go!

  • Guys, if you have found this useful please help me by sharing it with friends your family,

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  • language videos check out my website which is Eat Sleep Dream English dot com. Alright

  • guys thank you so much for hanging out with me. This is Tom the English Hipster saying

  • goodbye.

Hey. Hi. How's it going? Welcome Eat Sleep Dreamers to another English lesson with Tom.

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