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well good morning good morning guys day two here in La Cumbrecita eat that
how are you liking it loving it here it's like just it's wonderful I mean
nature escape it's quiet it's peaceful loving like just being out in the forest
yes sitting all the mountains very rivers it's just been incredible so far
and the weather today is very mild middle of summer once again and the high
is going to be 19 degrees yeah feels more like spring or autumn like yeah
today I've got a light jacket but you know what it's really perfect for
walking around because you don't get tired you don't get hot so today we're
gonna be doing more hiking yeah we're gonna be visiting waterfalls which is
called the la cascada la cascada yeah and we're going to a watering hole which
is called la Olla yes and you told me it something like a pot full of water yes
now or that it literally means like a pot that you cook food in because it's
like a round swimming hole yeah exactly so these are probably the two main hikes
that are in La Cumbrecita yeah and then after that we're gonna go for afternoon
tea which is called locally and Argentina merienda and that's gonna be
your date so we're hoping to do a lot and yeah
so we are now on our way to the waterfall it's very busy there's a lot
of people on the trail but yeah I mean it's the middle of summer it's a weekend
so lots of people on the trail if you want this place to yourself I think you
need to get started pretty early in the morning well it got hot really really
fast now that we're out from the cover of the trees oh man
Sun is hitting us I'm glad we put on sunscreen because we were thinking
should be today yeah it was so cloudy like from the time we woke up we woke up
at like 6:00 in the morning wait until like 1:00 p.m. and then that cloud
lifted this is typical mountain weather though I mean it is you have to prepare
for everything and anything exactly so yeah one thing that I tend to forget
about this altitude is that the mornings are always kind of like cloudy misty it
looks like it's gonna be a wet day but then the Sun comes out and takes all of
that away and now wow I actually wish I'd put on a bathing suit because I was
thinking there is no way I'm swimming today another thing to mention is that
it's really worth wearing some trekking boots hiking boots along this trail
because you have a lot of slippery rocks and like roots and just generally uneven
terrain here so yeah I wore sandals today because I haven't been doing my
laundry and I'm out of socks and I don't like wearing hiking boots with no socks
but sandals were not a great idea because it is a bit slippery so learn
from my mistakes
oh man so much more the cool temperatures as soon as we got near the
waterfall and we just got blasted with Sun and yeah I'm sweating profusely at
the moment it's a beautiful spot it'd be great if we had bathing suits yeah
and if it weren't so crowded learn learn from us guys come early in the morning
or later in the afternoon or in the middle of the week just a Saturday or
Sunday yeah but worth visiting it is a massive waterfall I would say it's like
really tall so hope you enjoyed getting to see it up close
so our second stop of the day was Lucia exactly yeah that one was a lot easier
to access it's always easier like three minutes yeah that one is three minutes
off of the road whereas the waterfall is like 25 to 30 and you have to scramble
over rocks yeah so yeah it was funny we saw a few people swimming in there and
apparently it's ice-cold I you just you just dip your foot into the water I
called you said it was like Finland a lake in Finland yeah it felt like ice
cubes on my body but yeah on my foot I think it's on my foot if you can't swim
like right now there would be no good time no because this is this is the this
is the dead of summer in Argentina yeah yeah
it is the moment we've all been waiting for
well the moment Sam and I have been waiting for it's time for tea and cake
we have come to confit Vidya Lisbet they open for just a few hours from 3:30 in
the afternoon until 7 p.m. so you've got a small window to get in here and eat
their delicious cakes but they have a massive selection you can get chocolate
cake walnut cake lemon pie apple pie there's different cheesecakes there's
plum cakes there's probably like 12 different cakes on their menu so yeah
we're super happy to be here we've actually ordered four different cakes so
we can really sample their offering plus we didn't eat lunch so I don't feel
guilty at all about having two slices of cake or my meal exactly it's gonna be a
fun afternoon yes Sam and I take our food very seriously
so we're each going to sample the four cakes and rank them and see which one
our favorite is so this one is black forest cake I love black fours this is a
chocolate cake with cream cherries
that's delicious and that is really really good I love the chocolate not
overly sweet really nice cream a lemon pie this is another favorite of mine
very nice the tart a little bit tart also very sweet I've had lemon pie with
like a whole lot of meringue on top yeah this one isn't that loaded but it is
delicious has more lemon more lemon than meringue this one is the apple apple pie
apple pie oh my that's a little bit okay a little bit of icing sugar on top my
friend the dog has reappeared oh he's leaving us another one you first ordered
the coconut I also ordered the coconut I'm such a lucky girl to get to eat all
the cakes first you are lucky have you had time thank you it's so hard to make
a decision okay thank him I do love chocolate I'm gonna go black
forest first then coconut then lemon then apple Wow but honestly they're all
good for apple pie he still comes just for that I feel like I need to come back
here another time to try the rest of the menu so they have a whole lot of other
tarts and pies and cakes this is just a something example a ton oh my gosh so
hard to wait wow that's a white half of the cakes are gone let's try them in a
bowl beautiful I think this one was more than a nibble
this one was a nibble this one not so much
yeah I'm you do them in the same order you had so Black Forest first oh man you
tell this is dense thick there look there's a big area cherry mm-hmm
oh wow the quality really comes to doesn't happen oh yeah
the slices aren't huge but I was really dense mm-hmm really delicious
I love the cream and the cherry yeah it contrasts nicely with the with the
chocolate moving on hi hmm oh yeah you really taste the
lemon first part of the bite you get the meringue so you're like oh it's actually
not that strong then once you get to the layer of lemon it's so good oh good okay
coconut coconut pie mmm that one tastes better the more you roll
it around in your mouth the apple pie mmm huge chunk of a pond there
I love the dusting of icing sugar it's a really nice Apple all right your
favorite it's like picking your favorite kid my order will be a little bit
different the Black Forest is first second though is apple pie I love that
third is the lemon and fourth is coconut really real my number two so the only
thing that was the same was was was number one the Black Forest is just
unbelievably good so if you're good if you're coming here to order a bunch of
cakes like we are try black horse the only other Black Forest
out vetoes in
all right guys that was wonderful I love the eating cake anytime I can and
I mean getting to sample four different slices it was just delicious and the
price I thought was pretty reasonable - we paid five hundred pesos which is
about 13 US dollars for four slices of cake four coffees and it was just great
it was a beautiful place to sit down and rest after a lot of hiking around town
and yeah just a lovely setting so tranquil meseta the place is called
confit idea Elizabeth but remember they're only open for like three and a
half hours in the afternoon from 3:30 to 7:00 so keep that in mind also they're
only open from Thursday to Sunday so your chances to visit are limited
bluffing in the background but yeah come for the cake stay for the views
okay don't oh my god there goes the cat so we are back at her cottage after a
long day of sightseeing we hope you guys enjoyed the video that you'd like tour
of the town we had a really fun day walking around and just eating delicious
cakes so now we're gonna relax for their friend Meow's ease it just jump the
grill just jumped off on this someone must have cooked some delicious meat on
there look at this is the guy who comes and watches Netflix with us on her bed
he does he's the best we need to give him a name but we haven't yet figured
that out yeah I'm sure he has a name yes don't know it so he's it meows east to
us yeah yes that's all for today I will see you guys tomorrow
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Travel around La Cumbrecita, Cordoba, Argentina | Waterfall Hike + Delicious Afternoon Tea and Cakes

73 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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