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  • [ GINZA ]

  • Hello everyone~!!

  • Today we're at a special restaurant

  • to see Alice in Wonderland!!


  • Welcome to Alice in Labyrinth,

  • a little fantasy escape in Ginza!

  • Here's the menu book!

  • This spot is one of the newest restaurants

  • that's gone bilingual through the digital menu service

  • called MyOrder

  • Last time I checked out a restaurants through myOrder

  • it turned out to (ACTUALLY!) have really good food

  • so I picked out this spot to try out next.

  • See this mad hatter menu???

  • All the drinks are written in Japanese

  • so like, "Abunai.... ????????? dodo ???"

  • But I'm going to check the actual name...

  • For those of you missed my last video

  • here's a quick rundown of how myorder works.

  • First you scan the menu

  • then you pick what you want to eat, in English

  • hit translate...

  • and turn it back into Japanese to show your server!

  • All you have to do next is enjoy your food.

  • So, here's my personal rating on the restaurant itself.

  • For Design, I give it an A+

  • Obviously~~~ it's so CUTE! Look at all of this!

  • and for food? It was actually really good!

  • Thick cut bacon here, and then roast beef here!

  • ( Oh no, the shrinking soup!)

  • As for Price, it was a little bit pricier

  • but you're also paying for the experience on top of the food

  • but it was really tasty

  • and I have to bring one of my favorite girlfriends here next!

  • Can I sing a quick little song for you?

  • Thanks for clapping along!!

  • Now that it's mixed well,

  • here's the clock-face salad!


  • Let's EAT!

  • Here's the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat Parfait!

  • I definitely recommend this spot

  • not only for the food, but because it's really fun

  • but if you're ever nearby in Tokyo

  • make sure to check it out using the link below!


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Night Out in Tokyo with Alice in Wonderland // Alice in Labyrinth

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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