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  • (upbeat music)

  • - Hi, I'm Lucy Liu, and it is an honor

  • to be on the set of Sesame Street right now.

  • My parents are from China.

  • And I was born in New York City, Queens,

  • not far from here,

  • in the studios of Kaufman Studios.

  • I did not speak English

  • for the beginning part of my life.

  • And my parents worked a lot, they were immigrants,

  • they were both born in China,

  • and they met in New York City.

  • So, I grew up and learned English

  • because of Sesame Street.

  • - A. - Got that.

  • Keep going.

  • - B.

  • C.

  • D.

  • E. - Yeah.

  • - F.

  • G.

  • - So Cookie Monster, the Count,

  • Big Bird, Snuffleupagus.

  • All of these wonderful family members

  • were part of my life.

  • So this is an extremely huge honor for me

  • to be here on the set

  • and to say, congratulations on 50 years

  • of absolute excellence,

  • and to be in everybody's hearts

  • from the age of three months and up.

  • I'm speechless, this is a dream come true.

  • I send all my love to all of the viewers

  • and to the crew, and the cast,

  • and the writers, Jim Henson.

  • I can die happy. (chuckles)

  • Thank you.

  • (upbeat music)

  • (upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

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