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  • hello Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • today's word is how do I say the word blur which means to make something

  • unclear and blurry which would mean not clear so the spelling is the confusing

  • part today so this is a pretty simple lesson so to say blur think of two parts

  • of the word the BL and we're going to do that by putting the lips together and

  • then when you open the lips quickly move to the L sound remember there's no vowel

  • sound between these so it's not BA ler it's bl bl blur ok so again no vowel

  • between that b and that L sound and then we're going to add the er no u in this

  • word just that er sound again you probably know this by now to make the R sound you

  • have a couple of options tongue tip pointed down or rolled back just make

  • sure you do not touch your teeth and that that r stays still and does not

  • move blur blur blur now to make the word blurry all we're going to do is add that

  • e at the end which is going to be another syllable blurry blurry blurry so

  • we have blur and blurry when I don't wear my glasses

  • I have very blurry vision give it a try I know people are going to notice the

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  • our classes and products and if you have any questions please leave them in the

  • comment section below we love hearing from you thanks so much and I hope to

  • see you soon

hello Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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