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  • hey everybody Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • today's question is how do I pronounce anxiety security and university we're

  • going to tackle this question by looking at the suffix I T y so here's the suffix

  • ity and we are going to pronounce that suffix ADEE we're actually going to say

  • the schwa sound here and make this actually a schwa syllable when you're

  • making its own separate beat in the word UH and then we're going to add that D so to

  • make the D you're going to make sure that your voice box is on and vibrating

  • and then end with a nice long e often times I hear people say e t something

  • like that because most of my clients will say e for the letter I because

  • oftentimes that's a one-to-one translation from your language so again

  • we're going to make this an uh and then end with Adee Adee again nice and short

  • relaxed schwa sound here and then we're going to move to the D and make sure you

  • say that nice and long so we have the word

  • anxious anxiety secure security universe university another thing to

  • keep in mind is that the syllable stress is always before the uh sound so it's

  • before the I T Y angz zi Adi secure Adi universe ADEE so anxiety security

  • university so anxious anxiety secure security universe university let's give

  • those all a try again anxious secur universe anxiety security

  • university so again to summarize the stress is always going to become right

  • before that schwa sound the uh syllable and then we are going to end with D with a D

  • sound and a nice long e so super short and then long but the longest loudest

  • and highest pitch syllable will be the syllable right before the uh so one more

  • time anxious anxiety secure security universe

  • university so the anxious student had anxiety about taking the test on the

  • universe at the university because the university had implemented security

  • measures to secure the testing room give it a try

  • try I know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

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  • you again next week thanks so much everybody of

hey everybody Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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B1 anxiety university security universe suffix anxious

WORD STRESS ity Suffix - How to Pronounce ANXIETY, SECURITY, UNIVERSITY - English Pronunciation

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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