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  • Today I'm making rhubarb soup for Spring. There is always a choice of two soups for

  • dinner here at Audley End House. It is believed that a lighter soup is more suitable for ladies

  • and for the gentleman a darker heavier soup.

  • This is a light soup which I'm going to serve with sippets of bread.

  • For this recipe you will need:

  • Rhubarb.

  • Beef Stock.

  • A small onion.

  • Slices of bread.

  • Seasoning.

  • This is rhubarb from the kitchen gardens. At this time of year it's grown in forcing

  • pots so we have young stalks that are pale and delicate. Later in the year unforced rhubarb

  • is a little courser. So use that for puddings. It's also useful in jam.

  • Rhubarb is usually associated with sweet dishes. But it works very well in soups to provide

  • a citrusy note to the flavour or in place of Tamarind.

  • Today I'm using beef stock that I've added a little bacon and tomato to and then strained

  • it.

  • And now the rhubarb.

  • I'm adding a small onion. Onions aren't very popular at the top table - well it is associated

  • with the poor. But I'm adding it to give a little flavour.

  • Next add two thin slices of bread with the crusts removed to thicken it. You could use

  • cornflour or arrowroot but it won't be as wholesome.

  • A little pepper and salt.

  • As it boils, you will need to remove the scum from the top. The kitchen maids can do that.

  • As this is a light soup I need to remove the bits. So I am going to strain it.

  • Darker soups are often called purees because they are thicker - whether they are made from

  • vegetables or meat.

  • This will be reheated before serving. Now to make the sippets.

  • Sippets are delicately cut little bits of bread which are then toasted or fried. You

  • can serve these on the side with the soup or in the soup. Some people might call them

  • croutons.

  • There we are - rhubarb soup. Perfectly delicious and seasonal.

Today I'm making rhubarb soup for Spring. There is always a choice of two soups for

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How to Make Soup - The Victorian Way

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