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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question the

  • question today is how do I pronounce ruler which is the wooden or plastic

  • instrument that we use to measure to make this lesson a little easier I'm

  • actually going to teach how to say the word rule first and then we're going to

  • move to ruler I know this causes anxiety for a lot of you out there because

  • there's an R and an L but hang in there we will get through it okay so let's

  • start with the first word rule which is our root word here so we're gonna start

  • with the R sound rrrr to do this think about having square tense lips okay this is

  • gonna limit where your tongue can go in your mouth and then where should your

  • tongue go your tongue can either point down into the bottom of your mouth with

  • the back pulled up or the tip of your tongue that part right there can flip

  • back towards the back of the mouth either is acceptable it's whichever

  • works for you but the key is do not touch your teeth that's probably the

  • mistake that I hear most often is people touch their teeth and then it sounds

  • like a D sound or an L sound and I also hear a lot of people moving the r and we

  • don't do that in english in english as you know the r is very static so we are

  • just going to keep that tongue in the same place not moving rrr next you're

  • going to round your lips to move to the ew vowel and then touch the tip of your

  • tongue to the back of your top front teeth for the llll okay let's put that all

  • together rule

  • rule rule rule rule now we need to add the R at the end of the word the vowelized

  • r here and we need to add that to say ruler so the way I do it is my

  • tongue tip is in the bottom of my mouth for this R I touch my teeth for the L

  • and then I let my tongue come back down for that so it's ruler now if

  • you flip your tongue back you just need to think about keeping the tongue back

  • ruler and then flip it back so take it slowly at first and then we will go up

  • to speed and again the key is for this R is don't touch your teeth and that's

  • very difficult because you have the L here where you do touch your teeth so we

  • have again rule and ruler now if this is really difficult for you think about

  • breaking this word into two parts rooo rooo rooo and then try the ler ler

  • ler and then put them together ruler ruler ruler ruler so let's try those

  • both rule rule rule ruler ruler ruler is there a rule for how we should measure

  • with a ruler give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference if

  • you found this helpful as always we'd love a like a share and subscribe if you

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  • our class options on Tarle speech dot comm thanks so much I hope to see you again

  • soon

hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question the

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