B1 Intermediate 21 Folder Collection
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Alright, we're going to make our own Cup Noodles today!
So, we gotta get our Cup Noodle first.
They're like 'wash your dirty hands!'
Okay, so...
now we can draw our own Cup Noodles.
This is like a sample.
You can make your own design.
Look at this.
It's so terrible.
So bad.
I had to write how bad it was.
CANDY: I like the little circles over here.
CRYSTAL: I just made some random circles.
Makes no sense.
CRYSTAL: Candy's tho... it's pretty good.
Look at that. She's like an artist.
CANDY: Just chillin.
CRYSTAL: So good. Calm Noodle Time!
CRYSTAL: Alright, so next step is we have to go over there.
CRYSTAL: Now we get to choose what soup we want and then what we want to put in there.
CANDY: Oh, it's so warm!
CRYSTAL: We get to take it home. They put it in this special bag so it doesn't get crushed.
CRYSTAL: Alright, now that we've made our own Cup Ramen, we're at the museum now
CRYSTAL: Checking out the history of Cup Ramen.
I like it because they have the actual years of when it started and you can tell that
CANDY: in the beginning there's not a whole lot and then you go through the years and there's a bunch
CANDY: and they start adding different countries too so that's pretty cool.
CRYSTAL: I want a room like this. Decoration of cup ramen everywhere.
CRYSTAL: Space noodles!
CANDY: Look at this old house!
CRYSTAL: It's so cute!
CRYSTAL: Check out my little home.
CRYSTAL: Hello there!
CRYSTAL: Welcome to my laboratory. This is where I make the ramen happen.
CRYSTAL: The noodles are frying right now. Nice and fresh dry noodles.
CRYSTAL: Isn't that cute, that little home?
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Make Your Own Cup Ramen at the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan

21 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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