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  • Having the discovery visit here actually on the site where the battle took place is

  • such a privilege. They get the feeling of what it might have been like back on the day.

  • I booked a discovery visit because I think it's important for the children to

  • actually live the history. Chalk and talk is great for certain things but actually

  • living it and standing where a battle took place actually brings it home to

  • the children in a huge way... makes my life much easier.

  • We get them dressed up, doing a bit of the costume and talking about what happened

  • at the run up of the Battle of Hastings and then we look at the weapons, which is

  • wonderful as you take that cloth off of the table and it's [gasp]...wonderful stuff.

  • We take them to the terrace where we're actually overlooking the battlefield

  • and we describe in some detail what it might have felt like for the soldiers going

  • out onto that field.

  • We're at Battle Abbey and we've been learning about the Battle of Hastings.

  • I think it's nice to be in the same place that the event

  • happened because you learn more about it.

  • I think my favourite thing was trying on

  • the helmet even though it got caught on my hair it was really fun. I learnt that to

  • be in the Norman army you have to be able to hold your armour above your head in

  • one hand otherwise you're not strong enough to join it.

  • I liked re-enacting the battle because it was fun to pretend to be battling and

  • it was just really fun, I just really liked it.

  • As a teacher there's nothing better than having an expert teach your children and they're brilliant here.

  • Their enthusiasm and their excitement really brings it all to life

  • for the children, taking part doing the battles

  • it just helps them remember this really important key part of history.

  • It's worth a visit every time.

Having the discovery visit here actually on the site where the battle took place is

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