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- Condition any dog in the world.
(high energy music)
Exercise first, that dog is going to be hungry,
don't feed him yet.
Now come and meet my pack!
(dog barking)
- YouTube family, my goal this time in this video is
to make sure that we understand how to be more proactive
in Fourth of July, how to make sure that we understand
why dogs develop flight or fear or even panic,
and why many dogs often escape from their homes.
Fourth of July is one of those stressful days in America
even though it means Independence Day.
It's a very proud day for American people.
I'm proud to be an American.
It's something that I understand, and I'm very proud of it.
But, at the same time, I heard how many dogs escape
from their homes and I also see
how many sad pet parents feel right after that day.
So Fourth of July is 243 years old.
And so my goal is to make sure that we prepare
for Fourth of July.
That we make sure that we embrace Fourth of July.
That we make sure the whole family embraces
and agrees how to be proactive with a dog,
so all dogs in America, every single dog around the world,
understand how to be around firecrackers.
Because humans, we like to celebrate with that,
and it's something that we want them to eventually enjoy.
Some dogs do get to enjoy it.
Some dogs get to understand that the human likes that stuff.
And so they will learn to sleep right next to you
just like watching a basketball game with you
or some kind of sport.
You know, dogs don't understand that is a basketball game.
What they know is you like it, you enjoy it,
and sometimes you scream when your team loses.
So I think we put a really nice piece of content
for you guys, especially for your dogs,
and for once and for all, to understand how to prevent,
how to be more proactive on Fourth of July,
and how to make sure that all dogs in America learn
and enjoy a Fourth of July with us.
Because, after all, they are family members,
and we're very happy for them to be with us.
We want to make sure they enjoy everything we celebrate.
And honestly, Fourth of July without a dog
is not too American for me.
Dog learns symbolically these flags on Fourth of July
means this is about to happen.
- [Peter] So they hate Fourth of July?
- They don't hate Fourth of July,
it's because the human doesn't understand firecrackers
to a dog is the same thing as missiles to a human.
See no one will try to feel okay when a missile
just passed by your house.
And then the explosion.
- [Peter] So they pick up, let's say the owner enjoys
the fireworks, does the dog pick up on that or no?
- Yes.
-The energy of us?
Okay, so it's more normal, it's more normal
Peter, that the dog have flight in the presence
of something he doesn't know.
He doesn't know firecrackers.
Even though you like them, you still have to introduce
the fact of flight is not an option.
- [Peter] Oh I see. - You understand?
It's almost like saying, "Peter,"
"if a missile comes right here, don't run!"
So a dog has an ingrain reaction to something
they don't know, such as fire and loud sounds.
(mimics explosion) is fire, you understand?
So the eyes is like "how do I?"
(mimics explosion)
And it's really loud, or really (mimics screaming firework).
So you gotta get to the point if you wanna enjoy
Fourth of July that a dog feels about those sounds
"happy go lucky" or "calm surrender."
So that is the destination.
Any other brain outside that is gonna have trouble,
because it's gonna be fight, flight, and avoid.
It's like if you see a meteor,
and it's coming (mimics explosions).
Yeah, you're not gonna be like "Ah."
-They did it again! (laughs)
- You know what I mean?
So you have to understand how animals look
at Fourth of July.
Cats, you're never gonna find cats anywhere,
but they go and hide.
Everybody knows that cat is gonna go in somewhere.
And there's no cats like "Oh my god,
it's Fourth of July again."
You learn something?
- That's it right? (laughs)
- Well, Peter, documents everything I did.
You never had a dog.
This is the first time you work with someone like me, right?
- [Peter] Yeah.
- There's not too many of me anywhere.
- [Peter] Only one.
- [Cesar] It's the truth, that's the truth here.
I can't hide that.
Listen, but what do you learn right now
about Fourth of July and dogs?
- You learn that they learn and see things
differently than we do.
And we need to prepare for that.
- Yeah, I mean everybody, even our culture changes
the way we see things.
You see, we have to be respectful of,
not just the animal in you, the human in you,
but the race in you, right?
So we have to respect race, how you Filipinos see life,
and how we Mexicans see life.
We have to understand that part.
So if we know that about ourselves,
we should know that about human to dog.
How does a dog experience Fourth of July?
This is instincts.
This is conditioning.
So a name is a sound that they learn
that conditions them to know that
that gives them food, water,
going somewhere, affection, you understand?
It's outside learned experience.
This is inside programming.
The data is already here.
You get it?
So animal dog breed is first before name.
You're not introducing Fourth of July
to the name of the dog.
You're introducing Fourth of July to animal, dog, breed.
And so, if you wanna do something perfect,
focus on the animal.
This whole animal will fight, flight, avoid, surrender.
A chicken will fight, flight, avoid, surrender.
All of them, they will do fight, flight, avoid, surrender.
It's not the species, so if you don't wanna focus on
the rest, just take care of the animal.
Keep the animal calm.
So if the animal in them is calm, the species
in them is calm, the breed in them is calm.
If you understand instincts are calm,
the human in you is calm,
the Filipino in you is calm,
and the Peter name is calm.
You understand, your instincts are calm.
So you have to make a separation of the intellectual world
and just keep a dog instinctual, emotional, and spiritual.
The intellectual is human.
That's rational.
Satellites, what you have on your shoulder,
and the backpack, my bracelet, this glasses,
that's an intellectual creation.
Dogs will never make glasses for another dog.
You see what I'm saying?
So you can't use intellectual to connect
or teach the instinctual, emotional, spiritual.
It won't work.
- [Peter] They Google what a firework is.
- The can't Google (mumbles)
How do you condition any dog in world to be okay
with Fourth of July?
Exercise first.
That dog is gonna be hungry.
Don't feed him there.
Wait until the sound and see what reaction that he chooses.
Fight, flight, avoid is which one, right?
If it's in that state and then you wave the smell,
because he's gonna be hungry, and he's gonna be tired.
That's the first day.
You wanna make sure the body's tired and the mind is hungry.
So if fight, flight, avoid comes into the picture,
you can wave a piece of liver, a piece of,
something that's really freaking primal,
you know what I mean?
It's like something like--
- [Mesa] Like a smell they can't resist.
- Flight with food.
So how do you do it?
If the body's tired, the mind is hungry.
Don't bring boxed things, you know.
Crappy kind of treats, those are later
when the anxiety or the fear is not as high.
So what you want to do when a dog is focusing on fight,
flight, avoidance is redirect to something
that can take to "happy go lucky/calm surrender."
So yeah, because 60% of the brain is controlled
by the nose, so never go after the eyes or the ears.
Eyes is 15, ears is 25.
Why would you go after the lowest thing on the planet?
For me it's "Okay tire, hungry, nose.
Tire, hungry, nose.
Tire, hungry, nose."
Then what?
Happy go lucky, calm surrender then I give them the food.
So then that sound is ignored
because he's gonna get food
for being happy go lucky, calm surrender.
At a certain time, you play the music, you know what I mean?
So at a certain time you bring the smell.
So what you're playing is with environment.
You are the director of that imprint.
So that day has to be Spielberg, you know, perfection.
- [Peter] Can it take every owner a day? To put an imprint,
you would say, or longer?
- I would say it would take about an hour.
- [Peter] An hour? - Yeah.
It takes about an hour.
Listen what is gonna take long is the walk
you're about to do.
Okay, so that walk, okay, so most people walk 15-30 minutes,
very few one hour.
But if that day before the Fourth of July,
okay before Fourth of July, you go for,
at least, 2-3 hours walk.
Watch what happens the Fourth of July.
You know what I mean, because normally
he doesn't have the stamina, the strength.
So you gonna take him farther than their usual,
so by the time he comes home, his body is gonna say
"Hey, go to rehab. Go to restore."
And he's just gonna go.
So by the time he hears Fourth of July,
the body is not gonna let him get up, you understand?
The tired is gonna be so heavy, so if he gets a little bit,
you bring a little food, he's gonna go do this.
So the preparation is easy.
The thing is can you make the time,
because your friend needs more than 30 minutes?
Fourth of July is about to show up.
And we all knew it, but nobody planned for the dog.
So dog has to go out to drain energy,
come back, and now you expose him to things
that are more likely for him not to be natural,
not to feel natural.
Which is Fourth of July.
No other species in the world uses missiles.
- [Kim] So let me ask you this,
if I don't have 3 hours to walk my dog,
can I introduce him to, if I never take him swimming,
can I take him on a different path
that he's never on that will change his energy level?
Because he's excited to be on an hour long hike
or he's swimming for the first time for 45 minutes?
Is it the same thing?
- [Cesar] Well if anything new is going to challenge
the mind more than ever, obviously.
So if the dog never swim in his life,
50 minutes of trying to survive in the water,
because that's what they're gonna do,
you know what I mean?
When they swim they go through that process of
I've never swam, I've never swam.
A good way to use the brain is when you challenge them
into new things where the brain is gonna go through
fight, flight, avoidance and recover, you understand?
So in gymnastics, right, so you go, you train,
and you get to a point where it's like "I wanna quit."
Right? "I wanna quit."
"You can't quit. Give me another tumble."
So that part is more draining that 4 hours at the gym.
And that's what makes that kid better.
Get it, so challenge is healthy especially Fourth of July.
That's my point.
If you're not gonna challenge the dog the rest of his year,
Fourth of July has to be the most fulfilling week
of his life.
His body is gonna be taken care of,
his mind is gonna be taken care of,
and his heart is gonna be taken care of.
He's gonna go to sleep like a baby everyday.
And he's gonna hear firecrackers before he goes to sleep.
So that way he's like "Damn, Fourth of July feels so special."
My humans take a vacation, so I can do exercise, discipline, affection
and go to different parts of L.A.
or America."
That's how you change the frame of mind of anybody.
Because a week before, he's getting the best time
of his life, because throughout the year,
the human walks him 15 minutes a day.
He's comes back home super tired, depressed,
anxious, angry, frustrated.
So that human is not gonna want to do anything.
He's just gonna wanna give him a cookie,
a toy, open the backyard throw the ball a hundred time,
come back.
Boring, boring, boring.
And then, get ready for Fourth of July.
"I can't! I can't, we haven't done anything!"
(upbeat music)
- So very important, if you gonna use this kind of tool,
which is the thunder shirt.
Yeah, to be introduced, you know, before Fourth of July,
they have to learn to wear this tool, this foreign stuff.
It's normal for them to be playful,
that means you did it right.
It's normal for them to try to take it off, it's normal.
So what it does is it tightens around the ribs
which it makes the breathing slower.
This is a nice side effect.
This is really good because she's playing with it
and she's actually digesting it.
You can see how she's "How do I feel about this?"
"How does this make me feel?"
So the whole point of the thunder shirt,
that's what we want.
The whole point of the thunder shirt is to help
your dog breathe slower.
So if you exercise your dog, you're dog is gonna go
into a tired state, so it's gonna be easier
for you to introduce this tool.
Especially when it's the first time,
because it's not gonna have so much physical energy
to try to remove it.
So he's gonna enter quicker into resting.
Because the whole point of this tool, this thunder shirt,
is to breathe slower.
And when you breathe slower, your heart rate goes down,
you go to sleep.
You have to lower your heart rate for you to go to sleep.
But you will have a good sleep if you exercise
and accomplish something that day and you love someone.
Now you can go into a resting state.
So what we want dog to identify with a thunder shirt is
two state of mind, resting state or sleeping state.
Then the shirt is doing its job.
So the tools that human invent, pass me a backpack, Jaimito.
So this is more outdoor tool, okay.
So the thunder shirt is for indoor tool.
So that means you already went for a long walk
and, thank you, come here, we need to sell backpacks.
Come on, come on, Junior, good boy.
So this, the backpack, is gonna serve the purpose.
So if you're the kind of human who only has walk
for thirty minutes a day, this is gonna give you access
for making those thirty minutes to one hour.
Of course we're preparing for Fourth of July.
We want to make sure, at least, two hours on that walk.
So one cool, awesome way to do good long walk is
when a member of your family drops you guys off
two hours away from your house.
So the, not the project.
Yeah, the project is that you and your dog are dropped off
two hours away from home and you walk to have
to come back home.
That is super exciting to a dog.
Talk about explore, talk about adventure, you know,
talk about you taking the time
and also being creative to make sure
that your dog is prepared for Fourth of July.
So imagine two hours with the backpack on to come back home.
The dog is gonna say "Wow, somebody drop us off in
the wrong place, but we managed to come back."
"Thanks to both of us!"
But because you're going to give those two hours
an extra challenge, by the time the dog gets home,
he's gonna be tired.
So again, it's how to be creative, how to understand
how these tools were meant for, you know.
Why humans invented backpacks, why humans invented,
you know, thunder shirts, why humans invented CBDs...
CBD yeah?
Yeah, why humans invented CBD,
or why human invented anything?
Anything that's "invention" is outside.
First you have to go spirit, heart,
instincts, body, mind, right?
And so that way the preparation is well done,
and the outcome is exactly what you're looking for
which is a dog that understand that
this is the whole point, to feel safe.
Thank you Junior, you were a great model.
So they're doing an activity right,
that has nothing to do with this.
I'm gonna capture the nose so that she can come to me,
so I can put a leash on her.
(dogs bark)
So what I did right now, as she was passing by,
I waved the smell and I redirected her.
So instead of her keep going with her,
her nose is coming to me.
So after I got Sofia, Stella comes in.
Sofia was creating that whole commotion.
(dogs pant)
- Yeah, so now we have Sofia on the leash.
- Watch now that we have the source of excitement
in my personal space.
So when you have a pack of dogs
one of them is gonna become the strongest energy.
It can be fear, it can be anxiety,
it can be excitement in this case.
So that's the one you put a leash on,
but before you put a leash on
make sure the nose comes to you.
So once the nose came to you,
now they're in a willing state of mind.
Nose, eyes, ears, then you put the leash.
Make sure the leash and the brain is calm and attentive.
Then that leash becomes that, as you can see,
right now, her state of mind is still happy go lucky.
But is this happy go lucky next to me
versus happy go lucky away from me.
She is still maintaining that state of mind
but now she's practicing next to me.
In order for us to do the activity that we want to do
which is everybody quiet before we bring sounds.
(wind blowing on speaker)
- I'm gonna begin with some sounds
that most people don't get nervous or anxious.
(calm music)
- Now we're gonna put on firecrackers.
(fireworks explode)
- So here, Mika is telling everybody else
just by the way she's looking at the speakers
that it's a sound that is making her feel uncomfortable.
So if we don't address that, if we don't realize that
right away, she's gonna tell the whole entire family of dogs
that it's something to be concerned about.
So it's very important to introduce the sounds
at this level, my iPhone volume is all the way,
so that's the biggest volume I can provide right now.
So can you imagine on Fourth of July with a sound
and the lights at a higher, higher, higher intensity?
If they're not conditioned before that,
they're not gonna know how to respond in a calm way.
Let's go back to this sound.
(calming music)
- So this sound keeps the brain that way.
(firework explodes)
- Let's go play again and see.
(calming music)
- See this sound makes everybody chill and relax.
That's what I'm saying.
That's what I'm saying, use a sound that is
more likely to have an effect on you prior
to practicing this.
So most people in their lives have listened to sounds
or music or radio station that is for relaxation purposes.
So that is already ingrained inside of you,
you already know how to take it,
you already know what to do with it.
So it's important that you do it with them,
you do it with them, so they also feel
some kind of guiding of how to react to sounds.
So YouTube family, I'm always going to ask you,
what did you learn?
I just want to know exactly how much you absorbed,
how much you learn, how much it healed you
all the information, you know.
Make sure everybody around you,
even people who don't have dogs, watch the channel.
So subscribe.
Make sure young generations watches the channel.
Make sure everybody around your family watches this episode.
It's very important that even your neighbors
understand how to help your dog.
It really takes a village to raise a child.
It takes the whole community to help a dog
that might have the developed the wrong reaction
to Fourth of July.
But at the same time, if we all unite, you know,
if all global citizens of the world unite,
to help dogs, we will know what to do.
So we will all be more proactive as a community
helping a dog, we will all be walking
doing pack walks together before Fourth of July.
Introducing sounds, you saw the different ways
I introduce Fourth of July sounds versus
the relaxation sounds versus dancing sounds.
And you saw how they vibe with me.
You saw how they were able to connect with me.
So that kind of connection is something
that we have to do before the real Fourth of July happens.
So instead of them taking direction
from Fourth of July sounds,
they're taking directions of how do we feel.
And then they learn to imitate how we feel.
And that's the safest, most peaceful,
most loving way to introduce any dog around the world
with you.
The dog have to know how to feel,
and you have to be the teacher on those feelings.
So I hope you enjoyed this episode.
I think that is going to clarify a lot of things.
Thank you Rio for being so awesome
on Fourth of July YouTube channel.
Tell people to subscribe.
If they have birds, they can subscribe.
They have rodents, they can subscribe.
If they have lizards, they can subscribe.
If they have guinea pigs, they can subscribe.
If they have ferrets, they can subscribe.
If they have spiders, they can subscribe.
If they have snakes, they can subscribe.
If they have squirrels, they can subscribe.
They can pretty much subscribe for everything.
- This is an animal channel, people.
Energy is about animals.
Energy is the currency of all species around the world.
Energy is our currency but what's your energy?
My energy is calm, confident, love, and joy.
My formula is exercise, discipline, and affection.
I love structure.
I think a beautiful place with structure
and clean is the ideal home, you know.
I think having the right formula
and the right rituals and the right symbols,
it allows you to stay focused.
So my goal for everybody around the world,
no matter what species you have,
that we all develop the same trust,
respect, and love with all animals.
And eventually humans.
Because my goal in life is better humans, better planet.
(upbeat music)
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How to Prepare Your Dog for Fireworks

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