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(Dramatic music)
- [Narrator] From his booth, the announcer gazed down
into the darken arena.
The crowd jostled and jeered around the cage in which alone
woman lay on her side in a drug induced sleep.
Slowly, she opened her eyes.
As she looked around, fear bloomed in her face.
Grinning, the announcer gripped his mic and crooned into it.
- [Announcer] Welcome to Fight Night ladies and gentlemen,
before we get to the main event, please remember
that flash photography is not allowed in the arena.
Anyone caught filming the fight will have their phone
confiscated and their intros removed through their nostrils,
and don't forget to purchase a refreshing beverage
from the concession stand.
(laughs loudly)
And now it's time to welcome all you monster phonetics
to another rousing evening of bloodshed and mayhem.
(crowd cheering) (chuckles)
In all the nights I've had the privilege of being
ringside commentator I've never been more excited
for a fight.
Tonight's gonna be a good one folks.
Fair Warning to the first few rows of you, you will get wet.
(chuckles) In the left corner huddled in fear,
I present for your perverse pleasure,
the pile of human filth you see before you, Mary.
- [Narrator] The crowd booed loudly.
Mary got up to her feet just in time to dodge
a half empty can of beer.
It clattered at her feet and rolled off into the dark
inside of the stage.
- [Mary] Please.
- [Narrator] Mary begged the faces pressing in around her.
- [Mary] You've gotta get me out of here before dark.
I'm not safe.
- [Narrator] Up above, the announcer laughed into the mic
and said,
- [Announcer] Mary, let her high school friend die,
during the school play if you can believe it.
She watched backstage as her fellow student hung herself
and Mary did nothing to save her.
- [Narrator] The announcer grinned as he saw a look of guilt
flash across Mary's face.
- [Mary] It wasn't my fault.
- [Narrator] She screamed up at him,
but the crowd just cheered louder.
Something moved in the shadows at the other end of the cage.
Something big it's footsteps shook the ground.
The announcer's fingers waggled over the light switches
on the booth's control panel.
The crowd was seething with energy.
He could only let them dangle in sweet suspense
for a moment longer.
- [Announcer] Onto our main attraction.
- [Narrator] He said.
- [ Announcer] In the far corner, our reigning champion
of carnage, the yellow eyed cyclops, the punisher
of the wicked, weighing in at 500 pounds of pure murderous
metal, the ground literally shakes beneath his feet.
You know his name folks, let me hear it.
- [Narrator] Together in one booming voice,
the crowd yelled the name, Colossus.
The announcer flipped the switch flooding the stadium
with light.
When Mary saw the thing across from her, she let out a blood
curdling scream, it glared with it's one hateful yellow eye
light glinted off both its horn and the polished teeth
of its chainsaw arm.
There was a strange collar wrapped around its neck.
Rather than attack, Colossus turned
and began shaking the cage.
- [Announcer] Come on big guy, will you never learn?
- [Narrator] The announcer chuckled holding up
a remote control.
- [Announcer] Let's give him a little shock
incentive shall we?
- [Narrator] He pressed the button
and purple electricity crackled
around the creature's collar.
Turning toward Mary Colossus prepared to charge,
the chainsaw gave a horrible metal whine.
- [Mary] Let me out.
- [Narrator] Mary screamed, but the crowd only laughed.
Then something else cut through the noise.
The wet slicing sounds of a blade cutting through flesh,
screams, not of joy, but of pain rose up from the crowd.
With a spray of blood, a man on the other side of the cage
was cut in half and behind him stood another monster.
She was gripping her bloody field hockey stick
and smiling savagely beneath her crop of orange hair.
Mary turned and saw the ghoulish face of the new monster
standing before her, through numb lips
she muttered her name.
- [Mary] Shelley.
- [Narrator] Up in the commentator's booth
the announcer spat angrily into the microphone.
- [Announcer] This is highly irregular, that's a violation.
Colossus cut that orange haired brat down, now.
- [Narrator] With a screech of tearing metal,
Shelley peeled back a section of the cage
like it was made of cardboard and stepped into the ring.
The announcer pressed the remote again, and zapped Colossus.
With a huge haul of rage, he jabbed his chainsaw at Shelley,
moving quickly, she blocked it with her stick.
Sparks flew in a dazzling spray as the chainsaw's teeth
graded against Shelley's hockey-stick pushing the saw aside,
Shelley launched herself at Colossus,
stabbing him between his metal chest plate,
digging into the leathery skin beneath,
black blood splattered on the mat.
Roaring with pain Colossus curled his only hand into a fist
and slammed it into Shelley's chin.
The blow sent her flying back into the cage.
She crumpled to the ground as Colossus stomped over
towards Shelley, Mary picked herself up
and ran toward the hole and tumbled out.
When she got up a man and woman faces lined with the slashed
pink of flesh scar tissue stood above her.
The man held another one of the electric collars,
like the one around Colossus neck.
They stepped past her into the cage where Colossus
was stomping over to the slumped body of Shelley.
Wrapping its meaty hand around her neck, he lifted her up
into the air as yellow eyes shimmering like a hellish star,
he raised his saw aiming to split Shelley's skull,
but in a move almost too quick to see,
Shelley brought her hockey stick up in a whirling arc.
There was another spray of absidy and echo
and an agonized haul from Colossus.
Shelley landed lethally on her feet,
Colossus severed arm land next to her,
the fingers twitched convulsively for a few seconds
and then at least still, Colossus fell to his knees.
His eye flickering on and off, Shelley gave an evil smile.
Her braces glinting in the spotlight,
she leapt onto Colossus chest raising her hockey stick
she pointed the bloody edge towards his neck
in a decapitating move.
The announcer sputtered furiously into the mic.
- [Announcer] That's property of Fight Night.
Get a collar on her.
- [Narrator] Running across the mat, the man and woman
snapped a collar around Shelley's neck.
With a growl of anger, she (mumbles) trying to yank
the collar free, but she couldn't.
Shelley got up to her feet, shaking with rage
and advanced towards the two lackeys.
Grinning savagely, the announcer said.
- [Announcer] Not so fast,
you belong to Fight Night now.
- [Narrator] With another breath of the remote,
purple electricity rammed through Shelley's body.
She screamed and collapsed next to Colossus.
Above it all, the announcer smiled then his eyes narrowing,
he scanned the arena.
- [Announcer] Where the hell is our human
contestant, where the hell is Mary?
- [Narrator] He spat.
Mary was gone.
For a moment the announcer frowned, then a sinister smile
spread across his face.
- [Announcer] Very clever Mary,
seems you've brought yourself a reprieve.
(Laughs loudly)
- [Narrator] He laughed.
- Announcer] But it won't be long, Fight Night always takes
the time to plant a tracker on our human tributes,
just in case a situation such as this arises.
It's only a matter of time before our dear friend Mary
is back in the ring.
- [Narrator] As Shelley and Colossus were dragged
off the mat, the announcer turned off his mic
and then the lights faded until there was only darkness.
(slow dramatic music)
- [Man] Subscribe for new scary videos and comment
with your theories on the CRYPT Monster Universe.
Remember it's all connected.
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SHELLEY VS COLOSSUS | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

13 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on June 6, 2020
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