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Hello and welcome to The English
We Speak with me, Feifei...
...and me, Roy.
We may sound a little different - that's
because we are not able to record
in our normal studios
during the coronavirus outbreak. Roy!
I saw the photo you sent
to the text group this
morning! I didn't know you had
a fancy sports car, a mansion
and a swimming pool. Roy, you
need to stop flexing!
What do you mean 'flexing'? I'm not
exercising my muscles at all, right now!
Not flexing your muscles, Roy.
You're showing off! This is our
word for this programme - 'flexing'
- which means to show off!
I'm not showing off. I just want everyone
to be aware of my amazing lifestyle.
I'm thinking about getting some dolphins
to go in my pool!
Roy! Now you're just inventing things!
I don't think you have a mansion,
a swimming pool
or a fancy sports car. Not only do I think
you're flexing, but you're
totally exaggerating
just to impress people!
Are you impressed?
No, not at all. Anyway, let's listen
to these examples...
He's always flexing on social media, -
showing these glamorous
pictures of his holidays!
People who flex are so annoying!
It's just showing off.
She can't stop flexing about her new
house, but it's actually not that nice.
This is The English We Speak from BBC
Learning English and we're
talking about the word 'flexing',
which means showing-off. When you're
showing off about something strange,
or tacky, some
people say 'weird flex, but OK'.
Well, I'm sorry if you think I was
showing off. I just want people
to think I'm cool!
That's all.
You don't need to flex for people
to like you! Everyone already
does think you're cool!
It's because you're an amazing person
like me. But, talking about
amazing things: have
you seen my new phone?
Weird flex, but OK.
What? I didn't flex! Plus, why is it weird?
Well, it's not a cool phone - I've never even
heard of the brand, and
the colours look like
someone vomited rainbows.
Well, I like it. Wait, what are those car
keys on your desk? Do you really
have a sportscar?
Of course I do - and a mansion and
a pool. The only reason I shared
that photo was
because I wanted to invite people
to my house party!
Really? Can I come to the party?
Sure, as long as you don't flex about
that horrible phone.
OK, I won't talk about my amazing phone.
Bye, Roy.
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What does 'flexing' mean? Learn in The English We Speak

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on June 5, 2020
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